Thursday, January 12, 2017


It was encouraging to see the taxi Orgs and others coming together to debate on London Taxi Radio on Monday.

It would be a shame to lose this momentum at such an early stage and lose the opportunity to unite us all initially under one practical banner to take our trade forward.

We in the MM consider that the only practical way forward at this time is to fully back the Mayor and TFL'S Action Plan.

This is a published, tangible document with which to hold to account those in immediate control of our trade.

We will be able to check off stated aims one at a time as they are achieved and to demand explanations when they are not.

We do not offer this as a solution to all of the Taxi Trade's problems but as a solid base with which to advance our cause as a coherent, united trade. 

We hope all drivers, regardless of trade allegiances, will join us in supporting the Action Plan in the spirit of unity.

Thank you,

              The Mayfair Mob.


Anonymous said...

If he (Khan) was honest and could be trusted he would of enforced the existing rules. If the rules needed changed he could of done that immediately, just as has been done for the new kids on the block. On the other hand he could keep dishing out vague statements that try to please everyone, while behind the scenes money buys influence with the dishonest.

Anonymous said...

It's ashame we can't just have one united org

Anonymous said...

Step in the right direction but still not right.
1. Definitely don't want CO's issuing fines. Why? Because we will get them all particularly when they become a target as everything does in civil service land. We are the soft target - scabs will threaten to stab them.
2. Nothing about restricting numbers of private hires or taxis - taxis are important for the burbs.

Anonymous said...

There as much a radio station as a person with a selfie stick is a photographer. You can hear this stuff live every day at tea stalls. It's just an excuse for the drama queens and dress up artists to make themselves feel important... They're all fiddling while Romes burning.

Anonymous said...

There would still be infighting even if you had one org.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, one big useless trade org;instead of half a dozen useless ones. Brainstorming idea, priceless!

Anonymous said...

It's the only thing on the table. There's gonna be things that people don't like but on the whole it benefits the trade. If we all put pressure on the Mayor to deliver it helps. Nothing stopping us still fighting for access to all the junctions that they seem he'll bent on excluding us from.

Anonymous said...

just STALLING us & buying them time - time for uber to get stronger & us to continue our slow death