Saturday, January 14, 2017


Section 14 Public Order Act 1986 ​

In order to prevent serious disruption to the life of the community, the following condition has been placed upon the event due to take place on the highway:

  1. A static assembly must only take place within the roads inside the area of (and not including) West of King William Street, West of Gracechurch Street, South of London Wall, East of St Martin’s Le Grand, East of New Change, East of Friday Street, East of Lambeth Hill, North of Upper Thames Street
  2. Any assembly may only take place for a maximum of 90 minutes from 1500hrs.

If you take part in the public assembly today you must adhere to this condition. Failure to do so may lead to arrest and prosecution.

The condition may be subject to change by the Senior Officer present – if in doubt please consult a Police Officer.​

As far as we can see, this sec14 only covers Monday 16th

Press release from the Independent Taxi Allience (ITA) 

On Monday if the police order us to move. We move.
We are entitled to work in the City of London; so after moving off, we are entitled to return to ply our trade.
If a policeman tell us to head off up Cornhill, we will.
And once we have complied, we may go to the area we feel we can best earn our living.

If we do not exercise our right to ply our trade in the City, that trade will be stolen from us, with the aid of the Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, Transport for London and the Corporation of the City of London.
We must make sure we ply now or forever lose that right!

Policemen who are also Taxi drivers have warned us to keep your cameras rolling. And report any officer who is not displaying identification.

Some of these City of London officials who want us out and buses in, belong to the same lodge as the Commissioner. So do not expect fairness.

If the City plays dirty, we will have to change tactics. We may go on foot protests, or choose another venue within the Square Mile.
If we feel threatened, we will lock our taxis up and leave them where they stand.

Remember Ian Tomlinson, the innocent newspaper vendor who was killed by police.

So the bottom line is do what the police tell you to do. But you have every right to return to find work.


Anonymous said...

Flash demos at roundabouts at multiple locations every day is the only way.
Hit a roundabout and then disperse. Hogarth . Waterloo etc. Things are going to get messy
Call for a Public Inquiry and the media to report .
Yesterdays protest got no coverage and had no effect.

Anonymous said...

The battle is not against the City of London its against corruption.
The call needs to be for the Government to take action immediately with a Public Inquiry

Rob said...

Sir,regarding this and any further demos. Can we stop advertising to all the relevant Authorities that we intend to take such action. It's as predictable and not dissimilar to ww1 trench warfare. They know we are coming,where to, for how long and so on and so forth. Every driver has a mobile phone. So many are on social media twitter etc. Can our 'leaders' in future take full advantage of the element of surprise. The dispute at the moment concerns Bank junction. The drivers know this . Let the trade org's gather as many drivers mobile numbers as possible . At a predetermined moment can you just send a simple text 'Bank now ',we know the time will be between ,let's say ,five and seven o'clock. Furthermore, I think now the time has come to deliver an 18 inch gun' broadside' to Khan and his lickspittles. If all negotiations come to nothing as they seem to be re a whole host of issues too long for me to detail here you issue an ultimatum. Pick four or five points in London north, south ,east and west. Some spring instantly to mind,Trafalgar Square Parliament square _ natural traffic jams in their own right! Blackfriars bridge, Bank junction Kings Cross etc. You give notice to drivers of this intention to co -ordinate such a strike. Furthermore you inform the drivers to make their way to the location most convenient to them on the day of action. Send out the clarion call on the chosen day via text _'Now'. I'm sure drivers would participate and it would avoid some being dissuaded by having to run to one location. So many times in the past the trade keeps giving away the element of surprise. If ten or twelve thousand drivers (50%) of the trade would just take part in a co-ordinated attack it might,just might give Khan and the devils own spawn ,TFL something to mull over. It would need prodigious organisation and news outlets to be briefed etc. I think we should allow the trade orgs to make one huge effort(3 months) at negotiating some of that wish list we heard so much about and that McNamara trumpeted/heralded as being a new dawn. We're still waiting for the rays of sunshine to give as some comfort. Frankly I don't see it coming . Pidgeon and Shawcross have used the trade as real patsy. Seeing Pidgeon in an electric cab and eulogising over it made me dispair. She is so ignorant of the economics in this trade. We need a victory of some sort. Who is going to be the Montgomeryesque figure to give us an Alamien. Let's be honest to date we have had nothing but failures.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Rob 3.33
"The dispute at the moment concerns Bank Junction."

Why do you refuse to listen or understand common sense?

The issue is corruption and if you make it about Bank Junction you will just distract attention away from the corruption which is exactly what they want you to do. You have fallen for their ruse hook line and sinker.
Lets presume you continue to ignore this advice and call for access to Bank Junction.
Maybe you spend a month or so trying to get this. Then what ?
In the meantime TFL have issued thousands more PH licenses and probably come up with another distraction for a those stupid enough to fall for it.
There needs to be a single focussed message. A call for the media exposure of the corruption and a Public Inquiry. See the taxileaks article about Checkmate

The Bank decision came from coŕuption. That is what must be challenged . Not the decision itself
If you ignore the big picture and refuse to understand this then you lose. Game over

Anonymous said...

All these organisations have to do is send each member a text saying work at bank junction Oxford Circus Whitehall etc than you go to your nearest location. After damage is done they text you saying no work there. So you go back to work. You do that a few times a day big impact. Nothing illegal. Tell people it's about TfL congestion cycle lanes etc. Most people know roads of London are bad so you'll get there sympathy. Just say you want a public enquiry into TfL. Mention the tube

martyn oakley said...

perhaps the city of london police should look at the chaos thats going to be caused when they close the junction to other traffic

Brian Wigley said...

Evening standard news paper,block for a day.stop it getting out for a day,then it will print cab news Brian wigley

Anonymous said...

PHV rich says if(when) they renew uber in a few months we have a nationwide one day strike , taxis and minicabs, the media can't ignore that, it could be done , there about three months to get it sorted,

Rob said...

Sir,ref anonymous contribution, The main thrust of my post seems to have been lost on this contributor. It's the methodolgy of the demos that take place which I find irksome and nonsensical. Stop giving prior warning. Make the message one of exposing corruption by all means but for heavens sake stop being so 'gentlemanly' about it.

Anonymous said...

The point I am makijg is that a protest about the closure of bank junction is pointleess which is why its not supported by all drivers.
There was no media management which is why it wasnt reported.
I agree with most of what you say but protests need a clear message and objective. To expose the corruption not to change one single corrupt decision.
The closure of Bank was a tactic to divert drivers attention and its worked.
By protesting about this all attention about a Public Inquiry is diverted which is what tfl want.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious the anonymous replies to Rob are from someone not an actual cabdriver.
The demoat the bank was exactly that, a demo against the CoL corporation who are set to exclude us from this Junction.
It's imperative to the survival of our trade that we stop this exclusion from happening.
If we allow this to go through we will be victims at other junctions and main thoroughfares such as Oxford Street and Tottenham Court road

We've had to break away from our fight against corruption in TfL to deal with this matter, but will be returning very shortly to our original targets.

As for publicising the fact that we are coming we have no alternative as if these protests weren't advertised on social media, no one would know and no one would turn up. Word of mouth is too unreliable.

Anonymous said...

I'm fed up with these anon Napoleons who keep saying we're doing it all wrong.
Put your name up and take the lead
Organise your own demo/ org or what ever you want
But don't expect a free ride on our backs.

Dads Defending Daughters said...

"Flash Demos" do work. But 'advertising' them is for the public, as well as uninformed drivers.
Flash Demos will be brought to bare on 'events' in the City.

DDD did indeed demo outside Evening Standard awards in Tobacco Dock. It was a resounding success. If you have not noticed, the ES are slightly less bias, and report on Taxi matters. They have advertisers who do not wish to be tarred with Uber's brush, since the DDD educated them.

The ITA and DDD do their best, with no Org or Union support. In fact they have had Orgs go out of their way to scupper demos and protests.

Onwards and upwards!

Anonymous said...

I quote Lenny Etheridge " In fact, they have had Orgs go out of their way to scupper demos and protests "

See what I mean ? DDD are actually referring to OUR OWN, when they say "Orgs".
Our very own London Taxi Driver Mates ! This is what is happening.
And I myself have the absolute gall and affront to stand on my soapbox and accuse Parliament, MP's and the Establishment of being untrustworthy !


Crazy, nutty, strange breed we are, aren't we ?

Keep punching Len, God willing the madness might all become clear one day !


Dads Defending Daughters said...

Thanks mate.
Coming from you, means a lot ✊🏻