Wednesday, January 11, 2017

BBC News Criminals Are Dodging Council Ban And Driving For Uber In Southend

Tony Cox, Southend councillor for Transport, says Sadiq Khan should imediatly suspend Uber’s operating licence over banned driver claims.

And a quick word from our regulator


Federal regulators criticized several Wall Street banks over the handling of a $1.15 billion loan they helped arrange for Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] this past summer, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Led by Morgan Stanley, the banks helped the ride-sharing network tap the leveraged loan market in July for the first time, persuading institutional investors to focus on its lofty valuation and established markets rather than its losses in countries such as China and India.

The Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which are trying to reign in risky lending across Wall Street, took issue with the way in which the banks carved out Uber's more mature operations from the rest of the business, the people said, declining to be named because talks with the regulators are private.

This so-called "ring-fencing" of certain markets makes companies appear a safer bet because it strips out the parts of their business that are loss-making.

Scrutiny of the Uber loan by regulators was not a surprise because it is rare for young, unprofitable technology firms to tap the leveraged loan market which is traditionally restricted to companies with long histories of generating cash.

Regulators have said that loans with more than six times leverage may receive a closer look. Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Barclays PLC and Citigroup also helped arranged Uber's loan. Representatives of the banks declined to comment. Uber was immediately not available to comment. 

Representatives for the Federal Reserve and the OCC declined to comment.

Uber does not disclose its financials but Chief Executive Travis Kalanick has said that the company is profitable in its most developed markets in the United States and Europe. The company is losing money in regions such as China, where it has been locked in a battle with rival Didi Chuxing. Last August, Uber said it would sell its China operations to Didi.

Uber spends millions of dollars to attract riders and drivers and lost more than $800 million in the third quarter, according to Bloomberg. But Uber proved a popular draw for investors because of their familiarity with its business and because it had recently closed a $3.5 billion round of financing from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, giving it a valuation of $62.5 billion, dwarfing that of blue-chip companies such as General Motors Company.

Debt investors usually focus on a company's ability to generate cash, or EBITDA, relative to its debt when they are deciding whether to lend money. Uber, however, was analyzed on a loan-to-value metric, which focused on its equity valuation relative to its debt, investors said. This is not the first time that regulators have scrutinized Wall Street banks for leveraged loan transactions. Regulators have been clamping down on risky lending in the wake of the financial crisis.

Last year, regulators cautioned Goldman over risks involved in two loans totaling $1.8 billion that backed a $4 billion buyout of Ultimate Fighting Championship. Regulators had focused on accounting adjustments that inflated the mixed martial arts group's future profitability.

So far, these warnings have not resulted in any fines but banks may avoid riskier lending in the future to avoid the possibility of any punishment from regulators.

"Increased scrutiny from the federal regulators could certainly prompt banks to reduce the supply of credit in the leveraged loan markets," said Shawn Thomas, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh's business school who has written about leveraged lending.

Banks are often willing to help raise debt for high profile companies, even if the deal risks regulatory scrutiny, because they hope to land a role in their eventual initial public offerings.

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Anonymous said...

Transport For London have a lot to answer for over all this. Using their London status, these imposters are working the length of the country peddling their illegal menace and taking the money from the pockets of our proper trade.
Something nasty and bad will happen regarding this turnout soon. TFL will scream like rats blaming each other when it does. You watch.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up !!! When is this shower of shit TFL going to come under investigation for TOTAL MALPRACTICE will it take someone to be Raped or Murdered???? Unbelievable 2017? And TFL are beyond approach and accountability ?????

Rodney said...

Enough is enough TfL have to act otherwise people at TfL will be boarding under HMP very soon

Chrissy43 said...

Sadiq Khan needs to prioritise an investigation into TFL and their lax regulation of uber without delay. Not only is London almost at a standstill because of TfL's road management, private hire drivers are being licensed at a rate of about 600 per week, contributing to congestion, pollution and accidents on London's roads. These drivers are not properly vetted so the danger to the public is unquantifiable. We know this will lead to an incident of serious proportions but our warnings go unheeded. Mrs May has been made aware of the problem so we will see if she acts responsibly to protect the public.

Anonymous said...

You've got to question why have a union representative when the orgs are doing jack to protect our trade? Get your finger out and protect your members! Good god you've got enough rope to take TFL to task? UBER liscense is up for renawal atleast put the question to TFL about ubers complete refusal to uphold the law and totally disregard to liscencing authorities

Anonymous said...

People have already been raped and killed and the sooner that the senior management of TFL are in prison , the better it will be for all of us. They totally sicken me.

Anonymous said...

The end of the BBC report suggested that they are waiting for the Mayor of London to take action.

Wake me up when he does please. zzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

The only time the mayor will take action is when he wants a vote just like the rest of them all talk

Anonymous said...

lovely uber driver licenced by tfl

from the Southend on Sea, main Evening Echo newspaper:

The teenager, who did not want to be named, said: “We got in the cab and he said to us it would cost £50 to get home and he wanted cash.

“We obviously refused and that’s when he locked the doors and started hurling abuse at us.

“It was really scary because we didn’t know what he was going to do. Eventually when we started kicking the doors he let us out. I would never use an Uber again.”