Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bank Junction Blockade, Day 2 Another Resounding Success.... By Jim Thomas

After the success of Mondays protest, the City Police decided to try to scupper the moral of demonstrators by making a new caveat to the section 14 and reduced the time allowed to just 30 minutes. 

But instead of breaking the spirit of the drivers, it had the opposite affect making them more determined to put the message across. 

Police had no liaison with the organisers who were getting the message to the drivers by word of mouth. As the demonstrators were ordered to disperse, another venue was given out and the protest became a rolling ply for hire moving on up to Old Street round-about. 

Traffic was light but the area soon came to a complete standstill as thousands of Taxis changed destination. 

By 5 o/c traffic police had turned up on motorbikes and imediatly directed cabs away from the round-about. It soon became clear to the police that a third and forth venues had gone out to the troops. 

Those who could, made their way back to the Bank, while others made their way to the London Wall Rotunda. 

Well done to the drivers who again have answered the call, fighting the fight for the trade to retain access to the Junction at the Bank. 

Before the drivers dispersed, organisers gave out details for tomorrow, with nothing put out on social media, the police left in the dark. 

Amazing turn out today with larger numbers expected tomorrow 

"A spokesperson for the ITA said:
Today has been a great success inspite of the attempt by old bill to scupper the protest. 

"Today has been a major success for the ITA, our biggest and best demo so far. We expect even more drivers to attend tomorrow and are confident in getting the message across to the Corporation of London.

"Also we would like to make it perfectly clear that the ITA is completely independent of all the trade orgs and that no org or union committee members have anything to do with our actions today."

It's now 6pm and just been told the drivers have been informed to go back to work. 
Mission accomplished. 

One thing that's come to light during these protests at the bank is the ease in which the traffic has been cleared when the demo starts to disburse. The phasing of traffic lights has been altered to aid traffic flow.

We believe this is evidence that TfL and the Corparation of London have been artificially adding to the chaos on London's streets to push forward their own agendas. 

Are TfL responsible for corporate manslaughter with thousands of extra needless and  preventable deaths cause by the pollution from the congestion they are causing to further their own agendas ?

Once again TV news media blanked the Taxi protest.
Fake news stories have already started surfaced in advertorial publications, trying to lead the story down other avenues, in a bid to big up major advertisers.

Eventually agendas will be exposed and the whole truth will comes out. Hopefully in court.


Chrissy43 said...

Well done everyone for pulling together and devising strategies to exercise your rights to an effective protest. I love the unity that this cause has promoted. Better together!

Anonymous said...

The non-attributive Proactive ITA movement, is a response to disingenuous policies that rely on everyone else obeying the rules

Anonymous said...

Now is not the time to relax. Alternative methods need to be ready immediately. Keeping the pressure on is the only way. It's strange how the police can react immediately to a taxi protest but not to illegal touting? How unexpected.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the same drivers who know the moment the HEATHROW express goes down, never know that there's been a demo called

Matt said...

Also, as a member, I found the UCG tweets trying to big up their demo from last week as the biggest demo ever (not true) while drivers were attending a demo called by the ITA, embarrassing and ill timed.
Left a Sour grapes taste in my mouth and I will now have to reconsider my membership.