Saturday, November 19, 2016

Good Business Sense, Or A Race To The Bottom? .... By Gerald Coba.

Last year Uber, a global company with a valuation of $65 billion, paid the same amount of tax in the UK as four (yes four) London taxi drivers. 

Their 'employees' are paid less than the minimum wage with majority working excessive, unsafe  hours. Many sleeping in their vehicles. It's an all too common sight to see their Uber Eats 'employees' sleeping rough on the streets of London. 
This company has been securely ring fenced by Her Majesties Government, who have instructed successive London Mayors to leave this company alone.

Many in the taxi trade want to slash our prices to try to compete with this company....but be warned!!!

M&S, were renowned for quality, which their customers were happy to pay a little extra for. 
In a bid to increase profits, they decided to change most of their suppliers get stock from the Far East, made in sweatshops by children. 

They soon found, inspite of the quality drop to lower prices, therefore maximising profit, they couldn't compete on the high street with retailers such as Sports Direct and Primark.

The quality of most M&S garments has deteriorated and people, no longer willing to pay the premium for their goods, are shopping else where. 

Now M&S have announced it is to change many smaller branches over to food only stores. 

It was always going to be a race to the bottom.
People will pay for a premium, but must receive a premium service in return. Once the service deteriorates, they will shop elsewhere. 

Maths is a wonderful leveller, so they say.

We're told we need to spend £205 billion renewing trident, so that 30,000 people won't lose their jobs. 

So, why not give each of these people a million pounds each to retire!
That way, the country will save £175 billion 

Every year, UK tax payers meet an unemployment budget of around £3 billion, and yet Hugh Grosvenor Duke of Westminster has just avoided inheritance tax bill of £4 billion

Since moving its headquarters to Switzerland, Boots have avoided paying £1.2 billion in tax.
That's money which should have been spent on the NHS, Schools, Fire service, Police etc.

This money now has to be found by extra austerity cuts. 

We've just had another highly successful BBC children in need appeal, where tax dodging billionaires ask the poor to give what they can, till it hurts. 

If these disgusting people paid their tax, there would be no need to have these appeals.


Want to get an Uber in Copenhagen or Toronto? Too bad – it’s illegal now


A high court has ruled that Uber is now illegal in Denmark.

Judges upheld the conviction of one of the app’s drivers for violating taxi laws.

The Danish Uber driver, a male student, had been found guilty in July of failing to meet legal requirements for driving a taxi.

He had claimed he was only taking part in car-pooling and appealed the decision, but the High Court disagreed and said he lacked a permit to drive as an occupation and his car was not registered or licensed as a taxi.

The ruling has effectively rendered Uber illegal in the country

‘We have great respect for the Danish system of justice, but are of course deeply disappointed in the verdict,’ an Uber spokesman said.

‘There is a growing recognition of the positive effects of car-pooling, and it is encouraging that modern legislation is being considered in the (Danish) parliament.’

Despite the various operating challenges since launching in 2009, including other country bans and court action, the company is still valued at $62.5 billion (£50billion)

The Uber driver in Denmark was also fined 6,000 Danish crowns (£690




Friday, November 18, 2016

Another broken promise from Khan, on the scale of Nick Clegg and tuition fees.

Sadiq Khan, blatantly lied to the Taxi trade before he was elected, saying he would run Uber out of town. He said  "Uber are operating illegally and I will revoke their operating licence". 

Now the bullshit Mayor is getting positive headlines after confirming today he would “freeze fares across the Transport for London network”, he says its in line with his manifesto promise:

He promised Londoners won’t pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today".

Fares are not being frozen for travel cards and daily and weekly caps, which are expected to rise. 

Commuters, the people who use the tube most, are the ones Khan was targeting with his manifesto pledge to freeze fares. 

They use travel cards so their fares will not be frozen. Remember, Khan told Londoners they would “not pay a penny more” if he won. That is demonstrably untrue. 

And where did he make his misleading announcement?

In CityAM of course, Uber's bough and paid for advertorial. 

His announcement today, is a shamelessly misleading distortion of the truth. 

Make no mistake, this is a broken promise on the scale of Nick Clegg and tuition fees.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Harry Wall on how and why TFL can keep from releasing sexual assault figures FOI request

We're all trying to understand how and why TFL can keep from releasing FOI requests, also the latest rape/sexual assault figures. 

I think I've tumbled it thanks to a very clued up friend of mine.

Search for FOI exemption guidance and although it's a bit of a minefield for non legal people it's not hard to find some similarities to the situation we find ourselves in with respect to TFL's refusal to answer our requests for clarity on most subjects. See the pics below and you'll see for yourself.

There are two exemptions that can stop an FOI request.
Briefly, a Qualified Exemption is applied if the information would be contrary to public interest e.g. National security.

An Absolute Exemption is applied if the information would result in an adverse effect to a firm/company's commercial interests.

I'd say TFL has used the absolute version. We all know those figures would embarrass TFL and,please God, finally educate the country as to how dangerous Uber drivers are. But it also highlights that damage could be done to a licensing authority from certain information released.

Therefore, not only is it in Uber's interests for these figures to be withheld for commercial interest reasons but TFL's interests also because of the damage to their authority that will be inflicted should these figures be released. 

What they fail to realise is that when they are released, in my view after Uber's been relicensed, not only will hundreds if not thousands more potential rapists have been licensed but a similar number of women may have been added to the rape list.

I've often said TFL are using the law to navigate their way around every obstacle that's placed in front of them and this is proof as far as I'm concerned. But to ignore the chance to protect someone's wife, sister, girlfriend or daughter from being victim of a dreadful crime like rape or sexual assault and place the "commercial interest" of Uber first. Its despicable and illustrates the state of our society today. 

Also don't forget this is part of the "Gig Economy" that the IEA's Sophie Sandor was banging on about on her video, post court ruling.

I may have read it all wrong, I'm a cab driver not a lawyer but it tells me what I've always thought which is however many legal routes we take, it really won't matter. The rats have the upper hand and they'll use the laws they've created, complete with carefully placed loopholes, to win through regardless. 

Even if it means ignoring rape. 

Money is king, especially in the hands of the establishment and they don't care where or how it reaches their grubby little hands so long as it gets there. 

And don't forget the dogs who help them along the way. The lawyers who facilitate the wrangling around those loopholes treading on the rape victims as they escalate there own career without a second thought except for what chambers they'll be in five years from now.

I know I keep banging on about this but we must mobilise in a way never seen before. 
Time in running out and so is our window of opportunity, we MUST act now! 

Bridges, pinch-points, airports, all must be subject to demo on a regular basis starting now. 

I know Christmas is looming but worry about next Christmas, and the following ones. Or better still, worry about the wives, girlfriends and daughters whose Christmas will be ruined by a rapist in a minicab this year, and next year. 

If I'd known about these exemptions earlier I'd have mentioned it on London Taxi Radio as Jamie Owens kindly invited me on the show last Monday, but I had a chance to air my views and if I'm invited on again I'll certainly bring it up.

Please don't think about next week, think about next year.
The clocks ticking.
Be lucky. 

Sadiq Khan threatened crackdown on Uber, saying allowing its "taxis" was a ‘mistake’...We are still waiting Sadiq!

Pre Mayoral election, back in March, Sadiq Khan tells James O'Brien on LBC: 
"The iconic Black Taxi is at risk. There are 100,000 private hire vehicles, black taxis are down to 23,000 and for the first time in a generation there are fewer people doing the knowledge".

He went on to say the mistake was made by TfL when they allowed Uber "Taxis" to come on stream. 

"Let me tell you what I will do" he said
"I will make sure we have proper regulation around PHVs
I want a cap on PHVs
I will bring about the renaissance of the black taxi
I don't want the black taxi to go the way of the red telephone box".


Now fast forward to Mayors Question time 16th November 2016, Khan, is questioned by David Kurten.
What happened to khan's one hit and your out policy.
What happened to, I will be the Mayor who runs Uber out of town. 

After the expose' by the Sun newspaper, we now know that hundreds if not thousands of Uber drivers held/hold fake medicals and topographical test passes. 

The recent stop and check operation by the Met in Camden over the weekend, shows that up to 22% of Uber drivers still do not have hire and reward insurance 

After Khan became Mayor, TfL removed certain parts of the PHV act 1998 to make it look as if Uber comply with all operator regulations -the need for an operator to have a landline for pre bookings- it's seems Khan has now done a complete U-turn.


We now know where we stand with the bullshit Mayor.

This from Twitter:

Uber license due to be reissued in May 2017, Google are now mates of Mayor Khan and who do Google 
fund ? .

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Police shoot dead 'serial killer'.... in chance encounter over unpaid taxi fare

Police may have unwittingly solved the mystery of a suspected serial killer after shooting dead a man who opened fire at officers in a chance encounter over an unpaid taxi fare.

James Dale Ritchie's weapon, recovered from the scene of the shooting in Anchorage, Alaska, has been linked to at least five murders in the city this year.

The drama reportedly unfolded in the early hours on Saturday, when officers approached the 40-year-old in the street after responding to a report that a man in the area had refused to pay a taxi fare and walked away from the vehicle.

When they asked him to stop, Ritchie is said to have "unloaded" his gun multiple times on Anchorage police officer Arn Salao, who returned fire along with colleague Sergeant Marc Patzke.

Once the situation was under control the officers made attempts to save him, but he died at the scene.

It was only when ballistics tests were run on the weapon that the police department linked it to the series of murders.

In a news conference, police chief Chris Tolley described both officers as heroes.

He said Mr Salao remained in hospital after two emergency operations, but is out of intensive care and "recovering".

Mr Tolley praised the officers, saying they had "made sure that this individual will not hurt any one of you or any one of the citizens in Anchorage".

Ritchie's gun, a Colt Python .357 revolver, was used in two double murders and in a fifth killing in the city this year, Mr Tolley said.

The bodies of the four victims of the double murders were reportedly all found along bike trails, while the fifth victim's bicycle was stolen by his killer.

At least four other people are said to have been killed under similar circumstances this year - bringing the number of related murders in the city to nine.

Anchorage is said to average about 12 murders a year, but has already seen 25 so far in 2016.

Prior to the discovery of Ritchie's gun, authorities had remained tight-lipped about the high number of unsolved murders, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

This was despite the involvement of the FBI, a warning to residents to steer clear of isolated area and widespread rumours a serial killer was on the loose, it added.

Police have stressed the investigation is still in its early stages and that they have not definitively linked Ritchie to any of the deaths, NBC reported.

However, they said his driving licence picture closely resembled a composite sketch of the suspect in at least one of the earlier murders.

Taxi booking app tie-up between Hailo and SMRT exits Singapore

SINGAPORE - Another taxi-booking app has bitten the dust in Singapore.

After two years in the market, the London-based Hailo stopped operations here on Tuesday (Nov 15), The Straits Times has learnt.

The app was introduced in Singapore in October 2014, under a joint partnership between Hailo and SMRT Roads, pitting itself against rivals such as Uber and Grab, which made their debut earlier.
In a joint statement shared with The Straits Times, SMRT and Hailo confirmed that taxi bookings via the app ceased on Tuesday.

The firms said that Hailo had recently completed a merger with another taxi app, My Taxi, and the new joint venture will focus on expanding its presence in Europe.

My Taxi is owned by auto giant Daimler, which purchased a 60 per cent share in Hailo, it was announced in July. My Taxi itself was acquired by Daimler two years ago.

In Singapore, Hailo faced stiff competition from apps such as Grab, Uber and the now-defunct Easy Taxi, when it entered the market two years ago.

But the company said then that it was confident of marking its mark. Besides offering cashless payments, the company also touted its app's "allocation algorithm".

Through it, the Hailo app determines which driver is the nearest to the passenger and assigns him the job. In contrast, other apps used a bidding system in which the first driver to accept a passenger's booking request gets the job.

The exit of Hailo from Singapore follows the winding up of another player, Karhoo, last week. The start-up, which had a presence in London, New York, Singapore and Tel Aviv, shut down its operations worldwide, after it ran into financial difficulties.

In Singapore, there are three taxi apps left in the market - Grab, Uber and MoobiTaxi.

Croydon tram crash: Funeral costs offer from Transport for London: Is this an admission of liability

Transport for London (TfL) has offered to pay for the funerals of the seven victims of the Croydon tram crash.

Six men and one woman died, and more than 50 people were injured, when a tram overturned on 9 November.

TfL has pledged to do "everything we can to support the families and all those affected".

An interim report into the crash is due to be published on Wednesday, but it could take "many months" to produce a final report, investigators warned. 

Announcing the offer of assistance to victims' families, London's Transport Commissioner Mike Brown said: "The TfL Sarah Hope line is available 24 hours a day to provide advice on a whole range of matters and immediate financial and other support.

"This includes covering funeral costs and travel expenses for relatives."


Meanwhile, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has conducted preliminary analysis and downloaded information from the tram's "black box" data recorder. 

Previously it said the vehicle had exceeded the speed limit on the bend.

The RAIB said last week the two-carriage tram had been travelling "significantly" faster than the permitted 12mph (19km/h) as it entered a tight bend near the Sandilands stop.

Trade body UK Tram said tram accidents were incredibly rare and has cautioned against hastily imposed precautions as a knee-jerk reaction.

This from ITN news Blog


The Croydon tram was travelling three times the speed limit when it derailed, a report has revealed.

It was was travelling at 43.5 mph on a curve with a speed limit of 12.5mph, the Rail Accident Investigation Branch said in its interim report into the crash. 

Transport for London has imposed Temporary speed restrictions on the area of track near the Croydon tram crash.

Update from TfL 

TfL: Temporary speed restrictions on Croydon tram

Transport for London has imposed temporary speed restrictions on the area of track near the Croydon tram crash

Our engineers have now repaired all track and other equipment and have run trams over the repaired section.

We will follow the RAIB’s advice and, before service is resumed, will implement additional temporary speed restrictions and associated signage near Sandilands to supplement existing safety arrangements.

We are continuing to carry out a thorough safety assessment and are taking the advice of an independent panel of tram experts. We will only resume services for the local community once that rigorous assurance process has been completed.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

York Businessman Speaks Out In Support Local Taxis, As He Implores People Not To Use Uber.

Standing outside his Micklegate nightclub, Andrew Whitney saw several Uber drivers picking up fares – but none of the cars was registered in York.

It prompted Andrew to livestream an impassioned plea for residents to boycott US-based Uber and use the city’s long-established taxi firms.

Andrew, who owns the Mansion club on Micklegate, as well as the Whippet Inn restaurant on North Street, told YorkMix: “The taxi system in York has never failed us. It didn’t fail us during Royal Ascot at York. It didn’t fail us during the Tour de France.

“The Uber drivers are only appearing en masse on a Friday or Saturday night. All they’re doing is coming over and taking the cream from the people that support us seven nights a week".


Andrew said "if people use Uber it’ll lead to taxi firms laying off call takers as well as drivers. Half the people who view the video will probably know a taxi driver who lives on their street".

Meanwhile the Uber drivers from out of town don’t have the local knowledge: in the comments under Andrew’s video people reported seeing drivers going the wrong way down one-way streets.

Andrew claimed that £3 of every £10 Uber fare goes to the global company which doesn't pay proper taxi or VAT in this country and the rest is going out of York to the drivers from other cities.

His video sparked a debate, with some residents saying they found Uber convenient and cost-effective. But others agreed with him.

Steve Sholder posted on FaceBook: 

“Answer this, would you rather your daughter got a local York taxi home or get a uber car where the driver lives 60 miles away and hasn’t got a clue where he is in York

An extra 60 Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell taxis for Paris

A taxi fleet of five Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell electric taxis run by Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien is about to grow by 60 and will soon reach hundreds.

Hyundai’s latest pitch for ‘Green’ motoring has focussed around the new Ioniq and its choice of Hybrid, plug-in hybrid or BEV powertrains.

But even if it looks like Hyundai are playing the BEV game, despite eschewing it back in 2011, that’s because they really have no choice but to pursue what others are pursuing, even if the core belief in BEVs is missing. A bit like Toyota, really.

But alongside the Ioniq BEV and hybrids, Hyundai are still producing the world’s first mass-produced, commercially available hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle in the Hyundai ix35 FCEV, and we’re about to see a chunk more on the roads of Paris.

The world’s largest FCEV taxi fleet currently consist of five ix35 FCEVs run by Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien (STEP ) in Paris, but at the opening of a new hydrogen refuelling centre at Hyundai’s European HQ in Germany an MOU has been signed to deliver a further 60 ix35 FCEVs as Paris taxis.

Thomas A. Schmid, Hyundai’s COO in Europe, said:

STEP and Hyundai Motor have committed to bring 60 additional ix35 Fuel Cell taxis to the streets of Paris. Not only will the fuel cell taxis provide a clean transportation solution for the city, they are also a practical, comfortable and reliable choice for drivers and passengers.

It’s a drop in the ocean of replacing the 17,000 predominantly diesel taxis roaming Paris streets in search of a fare, but even if you’re sceptical about the amount of damage CO2 does, you can’t deny it’s good to get rid of particulates from the atmosphere in cities produced by diesel-engined transport.

Paradoxically, despite long believing hydrogen power is the future, we’ve long believed the best place for BEVs is as taxis in city environments.

Editorial Comment, From Gerald Coba

So, is this a vehicle that could save the Taxi trade?

No wheelchair accommodation ! 
But then, TfLs two wheelchair using board members seem to be quit happy to see no considerate wheelchair access to a fully pedestrianised Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. 

Dr Alice Maynard CBE and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE.

In fact, when Taxi Leaks asked , Tanni Grey-Thompson to support a campaign against pedestrianisation, she said "well I have no trouble getting about Westfield and don't need to be dropped right outside each shop entrance". Nice words, from an ex-Paralympian Tanni ! Unfortunately not every wheelchair user is a Paralympic athlete. 

Only holds 4 passengers....hasn't put people off getting in a Prius !

No 25ft turning circle but with more and more no U-turn signs going up, perhaps the fact we could turn on a sixpence should be consigned to the past.

Having a hydrogen fuel cell zero emission vehicle has the added advantage of not having to queue up to connect to one of TfL board member Michael Liebreich's fast charging stations. 

It's may not be an iconic shape, but having an iconic shape is currently doing us no favours. 

We are a dying trade, and our iconic Taxi is not saving us, as passengers are deserting us in huge numbers for Prius'

They don't care about icons
They don't care about personal safety 
They don't care that the driver has no clue where he's going
They don't care about background checks 
They don't care about drivers mental health 
They don't care about the horrendous number of passenger sexual assaults and rapes. 

How much is it?

Price £53,105 OTR (Less government and EU green subsidies); Engine 100kW fuel cell stack & 24kW hybrid battery; Power 100kW (134bhp); Torque 221lb ft; 0-62mph 12.5sec; Top speed 100mph; Range 369 miles; Gearbox single-speed automatic; Kerb weight 1830kg; CO2 zero.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : Harry Wall Points Out TfL Board Members Conflicts Of Interest.

   Top row Kahn, Kalifa, bottom row, Sloman Liebreich

Jamie Hawes works out of Heathrow and recently discovered the credit card machines TFL have approved for cabs were supplied by Worldpay, whose vice chairman happens to be a Ron Kalifa. 

This man is also a newly drafted in member of the TFL board.

Obviously, he and Worldpay stand to earn a considerable chunk of money from this but, for some reason, TFL failed to mention it when they announced plans to force this on us.

This got me thinking so I decided to do some digging myself.
I looked at TFL's board members including their registered interests and found some interesting stuff.

Sadiq Khan is Chair. 
His brother Arif works for Hays Recruitment and has been assigned to TFL as an infrastructure engineer.

He's brother-in-law, Tahir Ahmad is director of Project Leaders LTD, a management consultancy with Network Rail.
Ron Kalifa, as stated above is vice chairman of Worldpay.

This is a card payment company that TFL has approved for use in cabs. What I discovered was that he has an interest in the growth of contactless payments and pre-pay cards, something TFL have been keen to promote.

Third: Dr. Lynn Sloman.
She's founder and director of Transport for Quality of Life and specialises in all things green. 

Amongst her company's clients are Department of Transplant UK, London Borough of Southwark and curiously ASLEF, RMT, TSSA and Unite.

She's also a board member of cycling England.

Michael Liebreich.
Chairman of Bloomberg Advisory Board of New Energy Finance. 

He's also a director of Pearlshare, a travel app but more interesting is that he's a director of Chargepoint Inc.

This is a company based in US and supplies charging stations for electric vehicles, it's one of the largest vehicle charging networks in the world.
Any alarm bells ringing??

In plan sight, see all the TfL board members and links to conflicts of interests. >CLICK HERE <

Add to this lot in pic number three, paragraph 3.4 you'll notice that Bob Oddy and Steve Wright have been removed and are no longer on the board of TFL. They have not been replaced with anyone from the Taxi trade. 

So in summary, in-spite of his promise to save the cab trade, Sadiq Khan has 
• Sorted his family out, brought a man in to force in the CC issue and fleece us of thousands 
• Bought in a woman who is obviously green mad and bent on making London a cyclists paradise whilst strangling it to death.
• Appointed another who's destined to make millions from installing charging stations that we'll be paying for to power up the cabs we're being forced to buy. 

And all of this is happening without any representation from our trade being allowed on the TFL board.

Now, in light of what you've just read can anyone honestly feel that Sadiq is still our man?
The right people are being menouvered into the right positions in order to slam shut any possibility of a return to the trade we remember.

The media once again slammed us for disrupting people's lives last Tuesday, with never a mention of the shattered wreckage of our lives left from the wake of 16 failed TFL years. 

I don't believe Tuesday's demo was the success it hailed to be.

The police controlled it from start to finish with great effect. Those in Whitehall were naturally jubilant at their efforts, especially delivering a letter to no.10 as they should be but London was not locked up as it should've been and in that respect I was disappointed as were others.

Add to that the drivers (scabs) that were working despite a demo state being obvious and I think a new approach needs to be put into motion.

It's plain to see TFL, Khan and co. have no interest in us whatsoever. 

As with all politicians, his promises were obviously made just for the campaign and in reality complete bullshit, there's no other explanation. 

TfL are still churning out an extra 600+ PH per week, still Uber accidents each day, etc, etc. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED.!!

Christmas is looming which will be closely followed by January, eventually followed by May with Uber's license renewal date. I'd say if we carry on with the current plan of being good, predictable little cabbie chappies that renewal is cut and dried. 

We need to change tack, take back control of demos, control of our ranks and control of our future. 

The orgs are bound by procedures, due process, rules, regulations and time, they do their best. But time is a luxury we don't have. 
We must make what little we have left count. 
It's clear to so many people that we need to bring London's corporate giant down to a fair fighting level, one where the odds and laws are not stacked in their favour. 

A fair level playing field with everyone playing to the same rules, that's all we want. Up to now we tried to use the law to fight our corner but it's failed and I think we've been duped into the trick of misdirection. 

While we've gone down the legal route, our enemies have been laying the groundwork for their future in our trade, e.g., Worldpay and Chargepoint Inc.

I was recently described as an angry man, I am.
I'm angry at TFL, Uber, the general publics desertion of us, the orgs, those within our trade who've not proved as genuine as they should....But most of all I'm ashamed at the cab trade for allowing this to happen. 

The trade's full of fairly hard men who stand for no nonsense at all yet as a trade, with the obvious exception of the demonstration faithful, we really are gutless. Much to TFL's joy.

As a New Years resolution can we all do something that I've never seen in 23 years and actually come together, stand up and fight for something we all earned the right to do on the Knowledge. 

Show some bulldog spirit and take our future back from those greedy, vile, thieving bastards who suck the lifeblood from the working class because nobody says no.

If we all say no and stand firm 2017 could be a good year instead of just being insignificant like last year, and the year before that. 

The orgs will say great strives have been made and to some degree that's true, but it's not enough because we're still struggling.

As I've said many times before, we have no friends in high places so it's all down to us. 

On Sunday we had the remembrance services in Whitehall, a day of pride and remembrance and as usual hundreds of cabbies gave up their time to ferry old soldiers round London free of charge, but you won't see that in City AM. 

You will see the disruption we caused on Tuesday though because that's what we're up against, the power of misdirection illustrated right there.

The media have that power but if we create so much disruption, in much greater numbers they can't ignore us when we try and get our points across. 

The damage we could inflict on London could be so severe the public would demand an in depth explanation, therefore giving all media outlets no option but to allow us to speak unhindered.

Perhaps I'm talking crap but we're no further forward than we were this time last year, so what have we got to lose?
Drive safe and be lucky

Harry Wall.

A Safer Solution, To Traveling With A Small Child In A Taxi.... From @beltupbaby

Taxi Leaks recently received this letter from Juliette Whiting, a young mother of two small children. 
As a regular Taxi user, she was dismayed to find the only solution to traveling in a Taxi, or on public transport with a small child (should you find yourself without a child seat) is to sit with the child on your lap.

She tried to find a safer option on the market, but there appeared to be nothing suitable. So Juliette along with friend Sharon Cave, decided to design their own solution. 

Please take a minute or two to read her letter and visit the website.

Letter To Editor:

My name is Juliette Whiting and I am a mother of two. I have travelled many times in a Taxi with nowhere but my lap to hold my young one.

As a responsible parent I always tried to take a car seat with me however, I regularly found myself in circumstances where this simply wasn’t feasible. 

I was often abroad and using a taxi to explore the local attractions or simply go shopping, knowing that it would be physically impossible to lug a car seat around with me, especially having a hundred and one other things to contend with! I was convinced that there had to be something on the market that would resolve this problem.  

However, after thorough searching to my surprise, there was nothing. I turned to my husband Charlie, who with his many years experience of developing safety systems in Formula 1, came up with an initial design.

I showed this to my friend Sharon who told me that she had also found herself in similar situations and, from there, we embarked on the Belt up Baby project and this is where our journey began.

We started by making a prototype on my kitchen table which, over time, was followed by some field trials, some initial sled testing and then full scale crash tests.


The tests were all carried out at TRL, the leading UK laboratory for child restraint system research.

We now have a product that has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of injury and can help save the lives of the ones most precious to us.


Belt up Baby are looking for 5 volunteers to try out the child restraint system. 
If you are interested, please contact them on their email account:
or through their Twitter account @beltupbaby.