Friday, October 14, 2016

Will TfL Put Stops On Uber's Recalled Prius's As They Did With TX4's....LOL.


Have you ever thought, how come so many Uber drivers are causing so much damage to themselves, pedestrians and other motorists on London's streets?

Apart from the fact there are 3,365 Private Hire drivers licensed by TfL who -as of September 2916- don't hold a current UK licence (probably why so many are driving the wrong way down oneway streets) and in light of the Suns' investigation showing that thousands of PH drivers haven't had proper's now emerged that a faulty break part could see the vehicle suddenly and without warning lunge forward. 

Take a look at this news story posted on Apple News: 


If you purchased a 2016 or 2017 Toyota Prius, you'll probably want to heed the company's latest announcement. 

Toyota has issued a recall for over 300,000 Prius vehicles due to faulty brakes. In total, 212,000 of the vehicles are in Japan, while 94,000 are in the United States. 

Thousands of the cars in Europe and Australia have already been recalled.

In a statement, the company said: 

A Toyota spokesman confirmed that the faulty cars were produced at the company's Tsutsumi Plant in Japan. Additionally, no other models are affected. 

The spokesman declined to discuss any accidents that were caused due to the issue, saying, "Alleged crashes, injuries, and fatalities are reported in many ways to many different organizations."

The spokesman added, with regards to any accidents caused by the issue, "Based on a diligent but not exhaustive review of available data, we are not aware of any reports of crashes, injuries or fatalities related to this condition as of October 3, 2016."  

The spokesman added that the company is still "urging customers to have this repair completed when parts become available." 

The company plans to contact all known owners of the affected cars starting in November.


A few years ago the London Taxi trade had a problem with TX4 which were catching fire. In what seem to be no time at all, TfL stepped in and put full stop notices on a 1,100 vehicle batch, posting their chassis numbers online. 

Over the last year, we have seen Prius's spontaneously combust but no such action from their regulator. 

Now we have news that over 340,000 Prius's have faulty breaks which could very well provide the reason behind the increasing amount of Prius RTAs. 

With the news that over last weekend there were an alleged 15 recorded road accidents involving Uber Prius's in which the emergency services were called out, the question is will TfL step in and put stop notes on these faulty vehicles? 

So far....TfL haven't said one word about this situation.  

Should anyone be killed, maimed or injured by a London licenced private hire drive who is found to be one of those who submitted a false document to gain their licence, then TfL, as the licencing authority in London who issued that licence, should be sued, as they have a duty of care regarding the residents and visitors of London.

What are the Mayor, Sadiq Khan and his deputy Transport Mayor, Val Shawcross thoughts on this? 

Why not email them and ask!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Taxi Drivers Protest Over Corrupt Medicals For Private Hire Driver Jim Thomas.

Over 300 irate Taxi drivers, turned out to protest over the inaction from TfL over the latest scandalous news revealed in an undercover operation by the Sun newspaper, that Private hire drivers have been buying their medical passes from bent doctors. 

TfL admit there could be thousands of such cases, but refuse to take any action against the drivers who have been given medical passes by the doctors involved.

At a meeting with the regulator yesterday, the chairman of the LCDC Grant Davis, was told TfL intend to take no action over the bought medicals and will leave the public at risk to getting into a car with possible schizophrenics for epileptics. 

TfL say they will wait until the drivers licenses run out after 3 years, then ask them to take new medicals.

TfL are still refusing to publish the latest minicab sexual assault(including rapes) statistics ask for by freedom of information request by a member of the Mayfair Mob. 

We resently had statistics released by the Met Police, but these results only covered 6 of the 32 London Boroughs. 

This just isn't good enough, surely the public deserve better protection. Another sign that TfL are bending over backwards to facilitate this company. 

We need a public inquiry into TfL
And we need it now. 

Well done to all the drivers who took time off work to take part in today's protest.


German Lawmakers Vote To Ban All Combustion-Engine Cars By 2030

German politicians have voted to ban combustion-engine cars by 2030 in an effort to meet emissions targets outlined in the Paris agreement.

The Bundesrat, the federal council of all 16 German states, has passed a resolution to only permit zero-emission vehicles on EU roads.

The EU will need to adopt the resolution for it to come into effect in 14 years time, but Forbes reports that German regulation traditionally shapes European law. 

Green party lawmaker Oliver Krischer told Der Spiegel: “If the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions is to be taken seriously, no new combustion engine cars should be allowed on roads after 2030.”

The weekly magazine reports that the resolution calls on the EU Commission to “review the current practices of taxation and dues with regard to a stimulation of emission-free mobility.”

The German car industry, which invented the internal combustion engine, is the fourth largest in the world and is one of the biggest contributors to the German economy.

Reuters reports that a switch to sales of zero-emission cars would put thousands of jobs at risk as electric car manufacturing requires a tenth of the staff needed to build combustion-engine cars. 

In June, Norwegian politicians paved the way for an electric-only future by voting to ban all petrol and diesel powered cars by 2025. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enough Is Enough...Drivers From All Trade Orgs To Support Demo In Blackfriars.

Tribalism has to stop...Its not the colour of the lanyard that matters, it's the badge that hangs from it that should be uniting the trade.

Enough is enough! 

It's alleged that TFL still have people in place from the John Mason regime, people like Leon Daniels and Gareth Emerson. They may have been moved sideways, but you can bet your bottom dollar they are still actively involved in TfL's agenda to cause our trade as many heartaches as possible. We've heard today from the LCDC Twitter feed that they are now ready to take their evidence to the serious fraud squad and the press.

Under the new Mayor's promises, things are not improving as fast as they should be. The new Mayoral team do not appear to understand fully how we as a trade feel right now. 
 • Drivers leaving on masse.
 • Drivers losing their homes, 
 • Drivers have lost their family as relationships break up. 
 • Drivers suffering huge mental health problems caused by stress bought about by this organisation called TFL. 

Reading through the LTDA's paper Taxi, you could be forgiven for thinking that everything is rosy! 

Well it's not.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and tomorrow (13th) the trade will gather outside 230 Blackfriars Road at 12:30pm, to stand shoulder to should, in a protest against all the corrupt practices which have come to light in recent months. 
Flyers have been printed and will be distributed to the public 

Uber Claim To Be Paying The Correct Tax.

Our friends Uber today assured the public they are in fact paying all its taxes due in the UK. This comes after heavy criticism over its multi-national arrangements.

Uber London Ltd have published accounts showing the UK's company’s turnover increased to £23m last year and paid £411k tax on a total profit of £1.8m.

However, accounts for Uber’s hub in Amsterdam showed commission from drivers in London and other UK cities heavily increasing. 

The UK turnover submitted in their accounts equates to less than £4K per each of their 25k drivers. Barely enough to cover four months of Prius rental fees. The £23m turnover also means an average £2.30 is spent annually by each of their alleged 1m sized customer database.

A spokesperson from the tech come transport app refused claims that it was channelling incomethrough Holland to avoid UK taxes. A spokesman said via The Evening Standard: “While we recorded a profit here (in the UK) last year, globally we make a loss as we are a young company that is still expanding and investing heavily. 

“The vast majority of the revenue generated by our technology goes straight into the pockets of drivers who use our app and so stays in the local economy.” 

The tax set up has however caused concerns.

Labour MEP and tax campaigner Anneliese Dodds said: “Compared to the way you pay for ordinary taxis, this kind of structure is ridiculous.”

Meg Hillier, chairman of the Commons public accounts committee also added: “The more transparency about what profits are made and taxes are due, the better.”

Source TaxiPoint 

>Get the App, Click Here<

Editorial Comment:

We've just been informed that Uber are to start trials of their new Bus and Minibus ride sharing app.

Should be interesting to see who they will pick to head this new job for Daniels perhaps???

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Portuguese Taxi Drivers Confronted By Armed Police At Mass Demo In Lisbon.

A massive demonstration by Taxi drivers against Uber and the unfair help the Portuguese government have been giving to Uber. 

Thousands of Portuguese cab drivers blocked access to Lisbon international airport on Monday to protest government plans to regulate alternative ride-hailing services like Uber, and vowed to maintain their blockade until their demands are met.

Travelers arriving in Lisbon queued for hours to buy metro tickets to the city center as protesters kept competitors from U.S.-based Uber and its Spanish rival Cabify from getting to the airport, attacking those who tried to pick up or drop off passengers with stones. Several cars were badly damaged.

At one point, protesters scuffled with police, who used tear gas, fired blanks and arrested three taxi drivers.

Violence subsided when representatives of the drivers' unions were summoned for talks with Environment Minister Joao Pedro Fernandes.

But Carlos Ramos, head of the Portuguese Taxi Federation, told reporters after the meeting all the unions got from the government was "a fistful of nothing" and said protesters will not leave the area of the airport.

The minister said that although the meeting was productive, "deep divergences remained" over cab drivers' demands to impose limits on the number of cars not identified as cabs, which would give taxis an upper hand. He would not say when and if a next meeting would be scheduled. 

After a court in June overturned a previous ruling that had banned Uber in Portugal, Prime Minister Antonio Costa has said he wants to regulate the app-based services, introducing compulsory training for drivers, shorter than that required for normal taxis, and making them pay insurance for passengers.

Taxi Leaks has also been sent this communication 

Just to let you all know that in my home country, Portugal, today its happening a major demonstration by the taxi trade in Lisbon against our biggest enemy and the government for allowing them into the market.

This started early in the morning, there has been a lot of violence against the police and also uber cars (not incentivising violence in any way ).

The outcome my friends is that the government had arranged an emergency meeting with the taxi trade.

 Hopefully good news shall arise from that meeting.

Editorial Comment:
Is this what TfL want to see on the streets on London?

The Bullshit mayor said on LBC he would run Uber out of town and revoke their licence should they committed any contravention.

We've had contravention after contravention and the evidence is piling up. The Bullshit mayor has done nothing. 

A static demo has been called for Thursday outside 230 Blackfriars Road starting at 12:30pm, just found the corner from the Bulkshit mayor's office. Let's hope he comes along to explain himself to us Taxi drivers.

Another mass 4 hour "Ply For Hire" has been called by another group for Monday 17th

Our trade is now at breaking point and the time for waiting is over.

Monday, October 10, 2016

LCDC Call Demo, Thursday 13th Oct 12:30pm, 230 Blackfriars Road. Time To Stand Up And Be Counted

We all knew the PHV Map Test centres would be bent! 
And thanks to the Sun News paper, we have some proof

Applicants for the Topographical test given the answers for extra £50! 
Or even worse, just turn up and have the pass certificate printed out without taking the test!

In the latest undercover video, the Sun has shown us that hooky doctors are selling medicals passes without carrying out full tests onapplicants.
Look at this undercover video's frightening.

Dr Ashraful Mirza fills in the medical questionnaire without first doing eye test, urine test or taking the aplicants blood pressure. 
He also signs a declaration stating he has had full access to the applicants medical records, which he has never seen...

 • Surgery likened to a conveyor belt 
 • No urine/diabetes test
 • Applicants blood pressure not taken
 • No eye test even though the applicant says he gets blurred vision when tired.
• 2nd Doctor explains how to get round the issue of not using your own local GP. 

Fake medical tests at £50-80 a pop!

This is an utter disgrace. These doctors should be suspended immediately and ultimately struck off for putting public lives at risk by passing as fit, unfit applicants. 

Topographical testing should only be done by TfL in house as it is with the knowledge of London examinations. These two bit back street minicab set ups can not be trusted. 

TfL should immediately suspend the licence of every applicant seen by these 'bent' doctors. Every one of the applicants should be banned from re applying for a PHV in future. After all, who is going to go to the trouble of seeking out a bent doctor, if you are fit and healthy?

It would seem that most of our orgs and unions have stayed pretty quiet on this when they should be up at Palestra and Windsor House every day, shouting the roof off. 

Only one org has called for a demo over this latest issue !!!
The London Cab Drivers Club will be outside 230 Blackfriars Road this coming Thursday 13th Oct from 12:30pm, on foot (with the new traffic system in place a drive past would be misinterpreted as just heavy traffic). 

It's time to stand up and make our voice heard above the bias and obvious corruption
This isn't a recruitment drive, this is a protest of drivers who have had enough of TfL giving Uber an easy ride.

It's not about the colour of your lanyard, it's about the badge that hangs from it. 

Has this trade learned nothing as TfL took over and started to roll out PHVs at an unprecedented rate of 600 every week ?  

The fate of your job is in your own hands.
Are you just going to sit back and watch TfL destroy the London Taxi Trade?

This is one demo every driver should attend....take some time off, leave the cab at home and come down to Blackfriars and make a stand. 

A few months ago, the minicab related rape and sexual assault statistics were released. 
154 reported attacks on passengers from Feb15 to Feb16. 

We then found the Met's statistics were reports from just 6 inner London boroughs. 
So another FOI request was made to TfL, asking for the statistics of attacks in the whole of the Greater London Metropolitan Police District. This was promised by TfL to be released by September 20th. TfL have failed to honour this request. 

Are the figures so shocking they feel it may stop the public using minicab services?

Are TfLTPH trying to camouflage and dilute the true facts?

Again the majority of our orgs and unions have said virtually nothing about this. 


Letter to Taxi Leaks : Plying For Hire Does Not Need Laurence Green.

Plying for hire does not need defining. 

There’s a plethora of case law where high court judges have made rulings citing Plying for Hire when summing up.
F.G.Clarke is just one example.

Plying for Hire laws are as good today as they were in 1871 when a horse drawn carriage entered Cannon Street Station forecourt looking to be immediately hired.

Khan and Shawcross are going to attempt to legitimise Uber through Parliament. 

It’s what the driver is doing with their vehicle.

This is why the St Pancras Station set down video was of vital importance – it proved Uber drivers were plying for hire through the app.

TFL claim the Uber drivers using the set down point were not Plying for Hire. !!!

I have been in correspondence with TFL for months asking them how they arrived at their legal opinion and what case law if any was used to form their opinion.

I am still waiting for a reply.
Hence Khan wanting Plying for Hire to be defined in Statute.

Khan and Shawcross are going to attempt to legitimise Uber through Parliament. FACT!

Khan obviously doesn’t want to use existing case law as it doesn’t suit TFL’s agenda.

He doesn’t want to act on the Law as it is today; he wants to act on the law when it has been changed by Statute when the law suits the cause.

Khan is trying to circumnavigate around repealing laws to accommodate Uber by requesting central government define Plying for Hire in Statute... 
Which means defining Plying for Hire in Statute will legitimise "Instant Hailing apps" and Uber overnight and make existing case law redundant.

For those who don't know, a statute is an Act of Parliament.

After legislation has been proposed it begins life as a bill, passes various readings in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords before receiving Royal Assent and becoming law. 

As with cases, acts can be found in both printed and electronic form.

By summer next year there will be well over 115,000 PH drivers licensed by TFL.

Logistically it will be a mammoth task to set up and put 115,000 PH drivers through an advanced driving test including Highway Code.

Khan has a track record on going back on his word. He Khan’t be trusted.
Can the cab trade trust politicians ? NO!

Anyone that want’s to put our future in the hands of politicians need their brains examined.

Constant pressure needs to be ladled on the mayor, Shawcross and TFL, the cracks will spread rapidly if the pressure is maintained.

Editorial Comment : 
Why not use democracy to be your point across.
Tweet your MP, copy them in to every tweet you make to TfLTPH.

Don't know your MP's Twitter address ?

Try this link