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Woeful Incompetence From TfLTPH, Over Credit Card Acceptance Mandate .... By Jim Thomas.

I woke up to the sound of the postman banging on my door. It seems I had a very large package that wouldn't go through my letter box. Inside were the new stickers TfL is expecting me to put up all over my Taxi. Also included were covering letters explaining where these stickers must be placed.

They are expecting me to comply, or face getting a stop note from their new army of over 300 compliance officers, taken on not to make sure Private Hire are complying with their PHV act 1998, but to ensure we are carrying out Helen Chapman's and their financially interested third parties wishes.

What happened to Apple Pay Helen?
Have you left them off because they don't support your partners ?

Brushing aside the obvious safety compromising issues, in their infinite wisdom, TfL insist from 1st Jan 2017 every taxi must have a fixed CC reader in the rear of the vehicle.

I have been taking credit cards quite happily for many years with no problem or complaint from customers. TfLTPH are now informing my passengers to complain if they experience any problem with me and not only that, they even supply a " special phone number* " ... Just incase passengers have any difficulty getting drivers to accept Contactless payments. 

We can't even get a special phone number to complain about drivers waiting on licence renewals. 

Now look carefully at the 
" special phone number* "

Believe it or not, it carries a service charge !!!

Also, if you have a problem with your licence renewal, you can ring this help line
tel:03000 200 190 but beware, if you are on T-Mobile for instance, it will cost you 30p per minute service charge!

How come they can charge service charges and we can't ?
Why haven't they used freephone numbers ?

One rule for TfL to charge a service charge, but another rule forcing us to absorb all transaction charges.

Taxi Leaks would like to take this opotunity to say that nowhere in the covering letter, does it stipulate that drivers 'must' accept card payments of any kind. They may have mandated this using an act passed in the nineteenth century, but have failed to inform the 25,000 Hackney carriage Taxi drivers living in the 21st century.

Talking of ancient legislation, didn't TfL once say they couldn't enforce against Uber's virtual plying for hire through their app, as the technology didn't exist when the act of 1998 was written. 

Can Helen Chapman please show me an illustration of a credit card reader from around 1847 ?

While we're on the subject of new technology, not all drivers are on Twitter, not every driver reads trade publications. Not one word on the legallity of TfL's mandate in the covering letters.

They may have posted on Twitter and it may be on their website, but not every driver has a smart phone or computer. 

Twitter just doesn't cover it Ms Chapman, you need to write to every Taxi driver, laying out in detail, how TfL can mandate payment and insist on rear fitment of equipment. Also we need to know the legislation that gives TfL the right to insist we take un-guaranteed contactless card payments. 

And, as if this wasn't bad enough....wait till you see the media campaign LTPH are putting together.

You only have to look at the mess they made of the Cabwise campaign. 

Should we be demanding all private hire vehicles display this sticker on a rear passenger window....after all, the public's safety is paramount Helen ?

Plus, this one could be displayed on the other passenger window


As I write this message thousands of drivers will be receiving a large pack of instructions and stickers from TFL with threatening ultimatums but ironically paid for through our license fees....what a waste of our hard earned money eh?, I have not yet received mine but I do have a post office delivery notice through my door (the package is too big for the letterbox) stating I have 18 days to retrieve it from the sorting office.... yeh right.

I have been fighting tooth and nail about the nonsensical involvement TFL has illegally and unconstitutionally placed itself into and how the whole fiasco will ultimately end.

Yet TFL continues to plug away down the forceful route with no statutory duty in UK law to compel a private business (you) to accept credit or debit card payments so TFL separately threaten our vehicle licensing not having it fitted and strangely refusal for not accepting in the vehicle (two different legal points) as it seems how the legal bodies in our trade have distanced themselves on assumed promises of the greater good of the overall trade without first closing the clearest open wound of safety to the drivers let alone open day for major fraud losses it is therefore not a good day for a vote on strength of protest within the London Taxi trade to date.

Every driver must do themselves a favour NOW... by creating a separate unlinked & cheaper personal account for taking your own chosen suppliers for card payments, and never use the equipment being forced upon you by TFL a dreadful oppressive regime who take our license fees and spend it with such disrespect & frivolity they need to be taught a lesson by being given a bloody nose on this whole messed up over involved issue.

If a card is declined for any reason after a driver has supplied a service a driver must seek compensation for losses forced upon them by TFL's forced involvement and practically aided and abetted it, this is simply not (as TfL will try to argue) the same as being bilked because you have the legal right to ask any potential passenger for a deposit if you choose & refuse if they wont pay so this will be no different on advance card payments particularly if no percentage of the perceived estimate for the journey is stated, you can simply choose 90% and the balance can be paid by a 10% final transaction.

This precaution is clearly not necessary to a high number of your passengers, but we all know through job experience who makes the hairs on your neck stand up and you will not need any excuses at the journeys end & it will be deposit validation clearance option for out of the Met or expensive rides in certain circumstances as allowed by law.

This whole stupidly derived Mandate will eventually die a death like card printers and retro emission fitments, simply because of a financially over obtrusiveness by TFL who have this time idiotically swam out to far in the sea of bull $hit and are seeking a small but crafty percentage of self interested greedy suppliers trying to corner a huge chunk of a now corrupted market argue the glossy points for them without any sympathy for safety whatsoever and remember this..., 

THESE SUPPLIERS ARE GOING TO CHARGE A MONTHLY FEE on top of all they sell you now, I cant emphasise that any clearer and TFL are backing them up whether your machine works or not, but your vehicle will be deemed unfit and the package TFL have sent out today contains in taxi signs for passengers to report you if you refuse card payments.... so reach out and use your own personal up front reader and watch the cobwebs will render the forcibly fitted equipment useless.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Editorial comment: 
John, I have a guarantee from CMT that no rental charges will be put in place, no matter how little you use their equipment throughout the 3 year contract. 

But 3 years down the line is anothe matter. 

It is almost certain next year, TfL will mandate card readers will have to be connected to the meter.....this will leave drivers who have invested over £400 for independent machines, cradles and Bluetooth printers will be left high and dry. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

London's BullShit Mayor Tells American Business, "London's Open". You Couldn't Make It Gerald Coba.

Saw this story, posted on Twitter earlier today. I found it quite amusing after hearing our 'BullShit Mayor,' telling the businesses in New York andChicago 'London's Open'

@TfLTPH have a read from my job yesterday as this is only beginning because of your sheer incompetence & the future… 

From Twitter 

THE REAL ISSUE...A Message From UCG Vice Chairman Trevor Merralls.


A message from Vice-Chairman Trevor Merralls. 

There was an issue raised on twitter yesterday by the LCDC, where they had been in contact with  TfL regarding Addison Lee using the term "Taxi" on their app.  We all know under the 1998 PH act this is illegal - that's the law of the land.

I think we are falling for a trap. They expect as to react on this. TfL want to divert our attention from the bigger issues.  

Grant Davis will go to Val Shrawcross she will confirm what is already law, they will pacify the trade by giving us a "victory" but what they are really doing is deflecting from the real issues, the bogus Medical certificates and the sexual assault figures. I think that TfL have done this deliberately to expect us to react the way we have reacted, we will waste all our energy on this and not the real issues.
TfL are playing us.

Let's fight TfL, let's fight them on our terms. The issue on the use of the word taxi, i'm no legal mind but I know we would win.

Let's keep our focus, let's keep our perspective. We have them on grounds they don't want to answer. 

So they have thrown out a little red herring, we are biting on it taking our energy away from the real issues, which TfL don't want you to fight on. 

This is a deliberate ploy in my opinion.

I do believe the word Taxi is ours and I do believe we should protect it and fight for it, but isn't it coincidence that this has happened now? When we are pressuring them on the medical certificates, sexual assualt figures, the letter to Hogan- Howe and an answer on whether the new PM advocates a cap on PH  numbers. 
The Ad Lee snippet is a deflection, a smokescreen. Let's not fall for TfL's tactics. 

Let's fight them on our terms and the real issues.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

LTDA Branch Meeting 13th October, A Call For Questions From Members To Be Answered.

The next LTDA branch meeting, will be held Primrose a Hill Community Association, 29 Hopkinsons Place NW1 8TN, on Thursday the 13th October at 7pm. 
Items on the agenda will include General Secretary's report, future branch guest speakers and most important answers to members questions. 

Below is a list of questions put together by w number of concerned members, who wold like full and comprehensive answers to be given at the Primrose hill meeting. the list was compiled because of time restraints. Therefore the list has now been delivered to Taxi house. We also ask that written answers to here important questions be available at the branch meeting on the 13th.

LTPH To Allow Addison Lee The Right To Use a The Word Taxi To Advertise There Minicab App.

Again, we see TfLTPH bending over backwards to facilitate a 'private hire operator' circumnavigate statutory legislation laid down by Parliament. 


Have you ever wondered what LTPH's legal department do to earn their money, well so have we. 

In our opinion it doesn't appear to be protecting the taxi trade against PH companies illegal offering their services, describing themselves as a Taxi service. 

Taxi Leaks first reported UbiCabs well over 4 years ago for advertising minicabs as a Taxi service. 

We made repeated complaints over a 11 month period to LTPH, but got just the one reply from John Mason saying his legal team would look into it.

We are still waiting to find out what "his legal team" are going to do about this issue.

In a letter from The Department for Transport, Paragraph 4 reads “your subsequent e-mail asked for the legal definition of a taxi……A taxi is a vehicle licensed under Section 37 Of The Town Police Clauses Act 1847…. This is a hackney carriage Act, so a taxi is a hackney carriage.

The Miscellaneous Provisions Act defines a private hire vehicle as a motor vehicle constructed or adapted to seat fewer than nine passengers, other than a hackney carriage.
Substituting the word taxi for hackney carriage it becomes clear that a private hire vehicle is...a motor vehicle constructed or adapted to seat fewer than nine passengers, other than a taxi.
Therefore there cannot be a “private hire taxi” or a “taxi private hire”.

Mr. James Button licensing solicitor agrees in his book that taxi is "not a generic word" as this legal definition of taxi has been consistently used in every Act since the 1980 Road Transport Act. 

What respected Taxi Drivers are saying:

Isn't a taxi fitted with a meter? Didn't @TfL rigorously seek to define what constitutes a 'taximeter.' Maybe QC Chamberlain could clarify? Sean Paul Day.

So the London licencing authority is not able to distinguish between the 2 different (taxi & private hire) licences that they issue. Unbelievable. Les Hoath. 


The Licensed Taxi Trade now waits with baited breath to see what our largest org, with their alleged £1m war chest will say and do about this.....perhaps this is another of their done deals?....seems to have gone a bit quiet at W9 lately...

Taxiapp Goes Live Today : No Commission, Just £20 A Month.

Thursday 6th October 2016 see’s the launch of a new Taxiapp, “oh no not another app” I hear you say, well yes, another app but this time it is different from the previous offerings.

Previously all of the apps that have been aimed at Taxi drivers have been from Corporate companies backed by Venture Capitalists looking to earn a profit off the back of the hard working Taxi driver.

Well this new app is different, their are no investors, no venture capitalists, no CEO’s on outrageous salaries, nope, it has been set up as a Not for Profit company.

The app is simply called Taxiapp and has been set up by a small group of passionate London taxi drivers who believe in the future of our 360 year old trade.

Taxiapp will also operate in a different way to other apps, there will be no commission charged on any job, so no 10% or 13.5% deductions from your earnings, the fare on the meter at the end of the journey is yours to keep.

So how will Taxiapp operate? drivers will be charged a subscription of £5 per week, so it doesn’t matter if you accept jobs totalling £400 or more in a week, all you will ever pay is £5 per week.

Is there any work on the app you ask? Well lets be honest, to start with of course not, there have been a few jobs go through the app but without any money to promote the app to the public the steering team will have to wait until funds start to build up before they can embark on any promotions.

I have, for over 5 years, been extolling the virtues of the London taxi trade owning and controlling its own app, there has always been the worry that the existing apps want to control the trade so that they can manipulate the trade to maximise their profits, and if one investor backed app gained market share within London then where would that leave the working driver? 

They can remove a driver from the app at will leaving you without part of your income that you may well have become used to earning.

This is the app that our trade has been crying out for, an app for drivers, run by drivers with no one creaming any profit off the top, but it needs as many drivers as possible to get involved.

There is a caveat, it needs you the driver to sign up and be available for work on the app, it also needs you to promote the app to every potential taxi customer.

There is no point in saying “I will sign up once there is some work on the app” it doesn’t work like that. to make this work there needs to initially be an oversupply of drivers to service the customers. When a customer uses the app to order a Taxi there needs to be one available otherwise that customer may never use the app again.

Taxiapp is not looking to convert the street hailing passenger, far from it they want to encourage customers to use street hailing when and where possible but to use Taxiapp when they are in a location where Taxis do not normally drive past.

Any surplus income from subscriptions over and above the operating costs of Taxiapp will be reinvested to promote the London taxi trade as Taxiapp does not need to make a profit, the app has been set up purely for the benefit of the working taxi driver in London.

If you value your job and this trade you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, what is a fiver, 2 Costa coffee’s, less than a packet of cigarettes. Taxiapp needs you the driver to sign up for the App, work the App and promote the App.

To find out more about Taxiapp or to sign up please click here

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Cycle Superhighway Lanes Are Strangling The Life Out Of London : Square Mile Struggling With Recent Closures.

Traffic jams in the Square Mile are being made worse because road space has been lost to make way for Cycle Superhighway routes, according to a report by the City of London Corporation.

Officials say that extra room needed to accommodate bike-only lanes running into the City, installed to protect cyclists, means there is less space to re-route traffic when problems arise, such as street closures for construction sites and emergency roadworks.

There were nearly 500 applications for roads to be shut in the City last year, the highest number since 2008, which added pressure to the dwindling amount of carriageway available.

It comes as Tower Bridge began three months of closure to vehicles this week, with drivers complaining of “complete gridlock” as they struggled to cross the river.

Further construction to extend a north-south portion of the Cycle Superhighway cutting through the City is due to begin in the spring.

But a report, due to be heard by the City’s policy and resources committee tomorrow, complains there are already extra “pockets of congestion” linked to space lost from cycle lanes.

The report says: “The most significant impact on the City’s road network in the last 12 months has been the construction and subsequent operation of TfL’s cycle super highway, and although it is too early to reach definitive conclusions, observations would suggest that areas of traffic congestion can frequently be found on those roads directly affected by the scheme, and a degree of network resilience to absorb other temporary activities has been lost as road capacity has been reallocated.”

The report gives the example of Newgate Street’s closure for gas works, when traffic would normally be re-routed to Ludgate Circus, but the Cycle Superhighway meant “traffic congestion was greater than previously experienced”, the report says.

Due to a “surge in development activity”, the corporation received 494 applications for road closures this year, compared to 382 last year and 232 the year before.

It is likely to compound the woes of drivers and cyclists on Tower Bridge sent on diversion routes over London Bridge and Southwark Bridge, who posted photographs of Twitter showing heavy traffic at a standstill and complained about increased pollution.

Neil Coyle, Labour MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, tweeted it was “complete gridlock on Bermondsey St, Tooley St & beyond in SE1”, while Leni Candan, a digital communications freelancer, added how it was a “struggle to breathe through all the car fumes” caused by idling traffic affected by the Tower Bridge closure.

Pedestrians and cyclists wheeling their bikes are still allowed to walk over the bridge for the time being.

A City of London Corporation spokesman said: “The City of London Corporation is supportive of the Cycle Superhighways in principle.

“We are working hard to encourage workers and residents of the Square Mile to cycle and walk more regularly, with the aim of 10 per cent of City workers walking or cycling to work by 2030.

“We are looking at ways to improve the flow of the City's roads and work closely with TfL to ensure Cycle Superhighways fit into the City as smoothly as possible.”


Source : Evening Standard. 

UCG letter to Sadiq Khan demanding action following the Sun exposure of corrupt GPs selling PH medical certificates.

Dear Mr Khan

As I am sure you are aware  The Sun recently printed an article by Jake Ryan exposing alleged corruption concerning medicals for Private Hire and Uber drivers.

Three GPs are said to have taken bribes to supply an 'all clear' medical report based on  ,at best,  a paucity of medical tests and in one case 'No tests at all'

This ,as Im sure you will agree ,has put many members of the public at risk and must be thoroughly investigated as a matter of great urgency.

It is beyond comprehension how TFL has allowed this to happen . When I, as a licensed taxi driver, have my triennial Medical Examination it must be with a GP who has known me for at least 12 months, however it would appear that a PH driver may go to any Doctor ,even one who does not know the applicants medical history and leave with an 'all clear' certificate.

On December 5th 2015 Muhiddin Mire attacked passengers at Leytonstone underground station and cut he throat of Lyle Zimmerman ,an innocent bystander.

It transpired that Mr Mire had a long history of mental illness and yet was granted a PH licence by TFL and consequently worked for Uber.

After much stalling and refusing to answer a UCG members question as to whether Mr Mire had undergone a medical check prior to licensing ,TFL eventually but blandly replied that he 'had a medical assessment with a registered practitioner '. The Doctors exposed by Mr Ryan were 'registered practitioners' and it begs the question did Mr Mire visit one of the corrupt GPs ? and were the GP vetted by TFL before  being allowed to issue a medical certificate to the standard of the DVLA 2 requirements ?

You will recall that some Topographical Test Centres were closed down after the,shall we say, less than rigorous testing of applicants was exposed and all those who received a PH license through those disgraced centres were required to re-sit the tests with a large number failing !  How many PH drivers would now fail a full medical assessment carried out by a GP whose integrity cannot be bought fo £50 ?

It would appear that a full investigation is needed into the whole PH Licensing Outsourcing fiasco . It is 'not fit for purpose ', which  coincidentally is the same phrase leveled at TFL by Val Shawcross and the GLA last year  and yet the same 'not fit for purpose ' staff remain in place. !

The United Cabbies Group would like to know what you, as Mayor and TFL, as regulator intend to do about this appalling situation as revealed by  Mr Ryan

Will you confirm that ALL PH drivers who have received medical certificates from the GPs identified by Mr Ryan will have their licences suspended pending a medical by a GP who has known the applicant for a minimum of 12 months and if they have not been resident in Britain for twelve months , by a GP approved by the General Medical Council  or Royal College of General Practitioners ?

Secondly, will you confirm that any PH driver suspected of complicity in obtaining a medical certificate by deception will have his license revoked with immediate effect and prosecuted.

Finally , TFL have not yet revealed the most recent Sexual Assault figures , even though they were due for publication on Sept 20th. I must request that you direct TFL to release the data without delay.

Please let us know , within 7 days , of your intended course of action to address the above concerns.

Should we receive no reply within 7 days we will have no alternative but to ballot our members for a vote on a return to sustained direct action.

The previous administration abrogated their responsibility to public safety  and were branded ' Woefully Inadequate  by Val Shawcross and the GLA.

The finest cab trade in the world is fast losing confidence in the present  regulator as are the general public.

We now look to you to offer not just an Adequate regulatory body but an Exemplary one .

Kind regards

Angela Clarkson

United Cabbies Group 

Also see Lee Osbourne's letter.

It's Not All Gloom And Doom : Little Aaliyah Louise Arrives In A Taxi

Aaliyah Louise, born October 4 weighing six pounds and eight ounces

A Caterham mother who was forced to have her baby in the back of a taxi has praised the "amazing" taxi controller who acted as her emergency midwife. 

Rhianne Morris, 23, gave birth to her baby girl Aaliyah outside the Taxi office, in Brighton Road, Coulsdon, this morning.

Ms Morris has praised the actions of Louise Hammond, who was at the office and forced to step in and act as an emergency midwife when it became clear that mother and baby were not going to make it to the hospital in time.

Ms Morris said: "I was on my way into work went I started having contractions so I phoned a cab.

"I was in the taxi for about ten minutes when the driver, I think he was panicking a bit, said they weren't going to make it to the hospital and he was taking me to head office and calling an ambulance.

"We arrived at the office and then I basically had my baby in the back of the cab outside.

"I didn't really know we weren't going to get to hospital until about 30 seconds before she arrived, up until that point I still assumed we were going to make it.

"When I realised I was going to be having her in the back of a cab my first thought was for her health and if she was going to be all right but she is absolutely fine and that was a relief."

Both Ms Morris and Aaliyah, who weighs six pounds and nine ounces, are healthy after the unusual birth and Ms Morris was quick to pay tribute to Ms Hammond for the way she stepped in to help her.

She said: "The manager, Louise, was amazing. She was really supportive and told me when she could see the head and was very encouraging

"I just want to thank her, really. I don't think I could have done it without her.

"She told me she would help me out with free taxis in the future. I don't know how long that will last for but she was really amazing."

Baby Aaliyah has been given the middle name Louise in recognition of the help that Ms Hammond was able to provide and she told the Advertiser that in that situation instinct simply took over.

Ms Hammond said: "We got the call in for a woman in the early stages of labour who needed to go to hospital but that type of thing happens quite a lot.

"I sent a driver out and about ten minutes later got a panicked call from him saying that her waters had broken in the back of the cab and that the traffic in Coulsdon was really bad so he was coming back to the office.

"When she got here I was just trying to talk to her and keep her calm, asking her about contractions, that type of thing.

"We were told that the ambulance would be 45 minutes but by that time her contractions were really close together and I could tell that the baby was going to arrive much sooner than that.

"Then she started to push and I could see the baby's head, at that point it was just a case of getting the dressing gown out of her night bag and doing the best I could.

"My main concern was for the mum. She was in so much pain but she was so brave.

"After the birth the paramedics arrived and they were able to take it from there."

Ms Hammond said the whole experience had been somewhat overwhelming but she had been incredibly touched by Ms Morris's thanks.

She said: "It was just an amazing experience and one that I will never ever forget.

"I have been emotional all day and then the mum just sent me a picture and told me the name and that she had given her the middle name Louise. That set me off crying all over again."

Editorial Comment:

Can you imagine the situation, had this been in an Uber car. The baby would have been born somewhere around the M25, delivered by the mother herself. Fare would have been surged with a soiling fee of £140. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Destruction by Design? ... By I'm Spartacus.

To absolutely no surprise to the Taxi trade, it's been exposed that not only Private Hire topographical testing is worthless, the medicals are equally so.
As Taxi Drivers, we all can only go to our own GP, why the difference for Private Hire drivers TfL? 

What excuse can there be for endangering the public in this way?

GREED pure and simple.

All this followed up by synthetic outrage from Uber, the very same company that fights every regulation tooth and nail.

We are also expected to swallow that TfL weren't aware of any of this, well if they didn't then it's at best incompetence, at worst a deliberate strategy designed to destroy the world's No1 taxi trade by creating a cesspool as regulation is unenforced as a matter of POLICY!

Well boys and girls if you want something to get behind, it's as follows:

1. An immediate enquiry into TfL and LTPH by the very least an eminent QC, it's relationships with operators, actions and inactions etc etc.

2. Immediate suspension of further PH licensing until a 'fit for purpose' licensing regime is in place after 3 below is conducted

3. An audit of all current licence holders (include us if you need, we ain't got nothing to hide) by an independent certification body (Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas etc.) to international ISO standards with full disclosure of the results.

4. Revocation for any driver that have obtained their licence by fraudulent means and prosecution for fraud do them and their 'aiders and abetters'

5. Revocation and if necessary prosecution for any operator that have encouraged or failed to have shown 'due diligence' in recruiting drivers with bogus documentation.

So then LTPH your 'empire' built on sand has been shown for the shambles we all knew it was.
Recruiting more unwarranted compliance officers is a complete waste of time and money, the will to enforce doesn't exist at TfL.

'Gold standard licensing authority' says your publicity, Fools Gold more like.

'One strike and your out' more PR hogwash.

We ain't going nowhere, you won't destroy us!

Over to you Mr Mayor!

I'm Spartacus. 

Monday, October 03, 2016

LTDA AGM Written Questions Not Sean Paul Day.

The questions below were presented to the auditors and COM of the LTDA at the AGM on the 16th September. No answers were forthcoming. 

Steve Mac made assurances that all the questions would be answered at latest by last Friday, again no answers were forthcoming. 

The LTDA should not see these questions as intrusive, but as an opportunity to nurture a more transparent and inclusive relationship with its member base.

It's worth noting that the questions were the result of findings made by two independent, highly regarded accountants.


Sunday, October 02, 2016

CMT Freedom Solution, Boot Up Bug Jim Thomas


If you have the CMT Freedom solution fitted in your Taxi, you may have had occasions where the system fails to boot up, using the reboot option from the off switch doesn't help.

It's very annoying, as you then have to park up, switch every thing off and wait for the card reader in the rear to go dark. Speaking to other users, this is common. 
CMT have set up a 24/7 number to take card payments over the phone, should your equipment fail completely. Most customers appear not to be too enthusiastic about this option.

I have spoken to CMT and they have sent me a quick fix solution, that doesn't involve parking up, switching off and wasting time. It can be done on the go.

Below is CMT'S solution:

Hi Mr Thomas,

Firstly here's our Out Of Hours number: 0203 608 1341. Their primary roll is to take payments if needed, but they can also advise on technical queries.

Now to the system reset. If your screen is saying 'waiting for communication' there will be a Config button on the bottom right. The other way of reaching this point is by pressing Menu from the Map screen. The process is:

Config (or Configuration)


TaxiLinq (with a blue box by it, situated at the bottom of the screen)

Then choose any of the options and press Reset. Message will read TaxiLinq is being restarted.

Then press Menu, followed by Map. You'll see the 9 icons drop away to 4 and gradually re-establish themselves and turn green with the final icon, which represents the pinpad, the last to go green. If any don't go green it points to where the fault lies.

This resets the communication between every element of the system. In addition to this, ensuring you sign off before powering off the tablet every evening will help the general health of the tablet ... as with all such devices it benefits from being powered off completely.

Hope that's all clear.

Nick, CMT. 

As luck would have it, the night after I receive this email, my system failed to boot up, and so I was able to try the fix. It worked. 

For those of you who find I written instructions confusing, I've made a short video, running through the process. 
Hope this helps.