Saturday, August 20, 2016

Channel 4 News Special : Uber, the real lives of its Jim Thomas

Just incase you missed it Friday night, Channel 4's Ciaran Jenkins investigates the real lives of Uber drivers....."I don't see my wife, I don't see my kids, no holidays, no security, less than the minimum wage, assaults by drunken passengers" but they still do it. 

Funny though, not one word about the the Tax Credits, Housing and other benefits, the serious sexual assaults including rapes on passengers, the customer accounts that have been hacked, the ghost journeys, or the increasing amount of road traffic accidents caused by fatigued drivers constantly taking their eyes off the road to stare at their phones.


Richard, a suburban Licensed Taxi driver, reported on Twitter a few nights ago, he had done an 8 hour shift for £50 gross. 
After expenses, that's approx £2.50 an hour. 
All London green badged drivers are also reporting massive reductions in takings.

Our licensing authority has allowed a company who, in the very beginning, didn't comply fully with the terms and conditions of requirement as laid down by statutory legislation, to be licensed as an operator, even though in their own statements they admit they are not a private hire operator but a tech company.....a company that doesn't pay corporation tax in this country. 

Perhaps Channel 4's Ciaran could now do an investigation about the effects this company is having on the lives of real Taxi drivers and their families. Perhaps he could speak to the families of rape victims who's lives have been shattered. 

Perhaps he could investigate why officers from TfL lied (on multiple occasions...on record to the GLA transport committee) and bend over backwards to defend a company who's aim is to under cut by predatory pricing and wipe out the traditional Taxi and Private Hire industry in London?

Not one word in this report about the massive increase in serious sexual assaults including rapes, since Uber was first licensed by TfL. Last year Feb 15-Feb16, 154 reported attacks with 32 alleged convictions carried out by Uber drivers. In their report, the Met police say only 10% of sexual attacks are actually reported, the true figure could be closer to 1,540 attacks last year. 
That's over 30 a week.

Not one word in Ciaran's report about the terrible driving, dozens of collisions seen weekly, some containing fatal injuries. 
TfL advertise of the backs of there busses, just one glance at your phone whilst driving, is one risk too many, yet they've licensed this company whose drivers stare constantly at a Sat Nav while driving.

Let's see Ciaran put some of these incidents in a report.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Camden Council Announce New Set Down Area At St Pancras.

In September and December 2015, in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) Camden Council trialled an airport style drop-off system outside St Pancras International Station. The trial saw the drop-off and pick-up bays segregated from the carriageway with cones, so vehicles would need to enter the area and keep moving rather than wait or double-park.

The idea was that this would encourage self-policing amongst motorists. Signs were erected to notify motorists of where to go and our enforcement team, along with officers from TfL and British Transport Police, were on hand to support the trial.

Following a period of consultation, we have  revisited the design of the original system. The two bays between the entrance to the station and Euston Road will be removed and replaced with double yellow lines and double kerb “blips”. These markings indicate that no waiting or loading is permitted at any time.

Vehicles that are stopped for no longer than necessary to allow passengers (and their luggage) to alight will be exempt from the restrictions. However, vehicles will not be permitted to wait or stay at the location for passengers to arrive or any other purposes.

Drivers who may need additional time to drop-off or pick-up passengers are advised to use the bays north of the entrance to the station, which will retain their current time limit, or the NCP car park.

Why are you making changes?

We believes the new restrictions will lead to the following benefits:

Reduction in congestion caused by vehicles waiting longer than two minutes

Reduction in vehicles double parking

Increased safety for pedestrians by increasing visibility of the road that had been reduced by parked vehicles

Increased safety for cyclists who will no longer be forced into the path of on-coming traffic

When will this happen?

It is expected that the work will be carried out during the week commencing 22nd August 2016, weather permitting. Works will be carried out at night and will involve the removal of white bay markings and laying down yellow markings in their place.

There is likely to be a short “settling in” period of a few days during which TfL and our enforcement officers will be present to advise drivers. Following this, Penalty Charge Notices may be issued to vehicles breaching the restrictions from 29th August 2016.

The scheme will be monitored and additional signage will be installed if necessary.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


MM at the official opening of the Forge rank extention

Firstly the MM would like to thank TFL Ranks & Highways for their hard work and support over the last 18 months.


Islington Council are raising an experimental traffic order after agreeing to rank time changes. The new rank plate should be in place soon. The MM would like to thank Smithfield Tennants' Association for their help in getting the consultation over the line. 


TFL are currently trialling a rank here on Friday and Saturday nights supported by trade marshals. Although this needs a permanent rank for every night, this is a step in the right direction. The MM have submitted plans to TFL for a permanent rank and also have other options if this plan is rejected.


Plans have been submitted to TFL to move 2 rank spaces from the top of Philpot Lane to outside Sky Garden at the bottom.


Plans have been submitted to TFL for a 2 space taxi rank outside this venue.


Plans have been submitted to TFL for a rank on Berkeley Square just up from the entrance. The MM understands that the LCRC have also requested a rank here in Bruton Lane. We feel that our plan would serve this venue better and produce more work but will support any rank gained at this venue by the trade. 


We have submitted rank plans to TFL for a rank at this venue. The venue is due to open this Autumn in Soho Square. We have also entered into dialogue with the owners of this venue. 


Plans have been submitted to TFL for a 3 space rank in Villiers Street. 


We have requested a two space rank outside the Arts Club.
This will provide the club with a service as the new Novikov extension is expected to require existing rank space. 

We are in contact with various councils pushing for the appointment of new ranks, and the upkeep of existing ranks
We are also working on other projects which will benefit the trade immensely once completed. We will update the trade when we are able to.

We are working with the UCG and RMT on various ranks and highways projects and hope to achieve more positive results for the trade through this collaboration.

We would like to thank all drivers that are currently working the ranks. TFL's biggest hurdle is taxis parked on working ranks as councils will reject rank requests whilst this is happening. Please use common sense if you need to leave a cab on a working rank in case of emergencies by not leaving it on point.

Please follow @givethem10 for the latest ranks info and please

Be lucky drivers

Editorial Comment: 
Well done to the Mayfair Mob where lanyard colour counts for nothing.

This amazing work load has been carried out voluntarily, by a group that is currently excluded from the official Joint Trade Rank's Committee. 

Didn't I read somewhere that Val Shawcross has thrown out the engagement policy?

Geely In Partnership With Uber, To Make Taxi Drivers Obsolete.

Geely owned, Volvo Car Corp. and ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc. have signed a $300 million agreement to co-develop autonomous sport-utility vehicles that will either be used as self-driving taxis or sold to consumers.

The two companies will announce the joint project Thursday, saying the Swedish auto maker will conduct much of the initial engineering on a platform for an XC90 SUV that is capable of piloting itself. At some point, Uber will take that technology and use it as the foundation to develop its own self-driving vehicle technology. Volvo will do the same.

Under the agreement, Uber will buy XC90 SUVs manufactured by Volvo. Volvo is owned by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. and has been among the more aggressive players in the established auto industry when it comes to developing and advocating for autonomous vehicles.

Uber, known for its ride-hailing service, has been developing autonomous vehicles and envisions a day when those cars could replace its tens of thousands of contract drivers. It recruited a team of researchers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, hired the hackers who wirelessly took control of a Jeep in 2015, and earlier this year hired Ford’s Sherif Marakby to head its global vehicle programs.

Uber and Volvo will work together on dynamic mapping, object identification and other hurdles that face many companies working on driverless cars.

All Rise.....But Will Our Orgs Rise To The Challenge?

So here we have it Uber is seeking judicial review over improvements to the PH regulations.

All others in the PH world are in favour.

It's entirely reasonable that PH drivers have an appropriate decent level of English as they have to deal face to face with others, many of whom won't have English as a native tongue.

The same applies to having the phones (yep telephones Uber) staffed by London based staff with knowledge of the topography. 

As for insurance, it's a no brainer, how can you licence a PH vehicle for a year yet not have the appropriate insurance in place for the period? 

If people want to have SDP insurance then they have to surrender the PH vehicle licence and pay the CC, you can't have it both ways.

We already have cars being driven by one licensed and two unlicensed drivers, people falling asleep at the wheel, daily RTA's, multi devices on windscreen, rampant touting, virtual PFH the list goes on and on and it's getting worse.

It's certainly interesting and we wonder if any e mails and content of telephone calls from officers in TfL or indeed between the UTG and TfL will come to light?

What's clear is that despite the smooth PR exterior behind that is a company that can't abide any proper standards for passengers or drivers as the cost base rises to the true cost of provision and that will derail the sweatshop.

I won't make predictions on the outcome, but we should certainly now be using the famously trumpeted one million pound fighting fund informing the public of the FACTS.

All the unions and orgs need to get together and issue a joint statement on this in order to counter the propaganda and this time without seeking individual acclaim.

Will we rise to the challenge?

No further questions M'Lud.

I'm Spartacus


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

No, No, No....We Can't Stand For This.....Where Is The Representation We Pay For

When the promised dream turns into a nightmare...part 3

This is completely unacceptable. No other business in London has to cease trading, because of a CC Machines malfunction.  

There are over 3225 cash machines in the London, the passenger can use the nearest one on there journey rout. 

This new revelation from the TfLTPH account, confirming what we all thought, is a step too far. This has to be challenged immediately by ALL our trade orgs.

It's a dot on the card that the new benign, compliance foot soldiers, who are powerless to deal with private hire, will be out in force on ranks checking to see if your machine is in working order. 

When CC equipment suppliers applied for TfL authorisation, why wasn't 24hr service centres part of the criteria? 

This is a complete madness and poorly thought through. What happends over bank holidays and Xmas etc? Are we expected to just stop working?

The statement that there is nothing they can do as in Steve McNamara's words "It's a done deal" is not a good enough answer.


TfLTPH have now stated on Twitter that only one TfL approved device is permitted in our vehicles. This is so ridicules, it's like TfL stating we can only give £5 notes as change. Is this the straw that will finally spark the a United Taxi trade representative groups into action? 

From passed performance, I wouldn't hold your breath, but just keep paying into their retirement funds.

Is it just's seems uncanny that while TfLTPH were rushing out PHV licenses in the past without the correct insurance being in place, bending over backwards to licence and keep licensed a company that clearly has been compromised on many aspects of conditions of fitness of a PH operator (let's not forget the on off insurance and land line statements from Leon Daniels), our licensing authority appears to have been doing it's best to prevent licensed Taxi drivers from working.

We've had the licence renewal scandal, unprecedented badge, bill and identifier checks and now this Credit Card equipment mess. It appears TfL are doing their best to give their "special partners" a greater opotunity to capture a bigger slice of our work.

It's The Big One....Uber To Take TfL To Court Over New Regulations

Uber has launched legal action against London’s transport regulator over new rules that threaten to limit its business in the capital.

The billion-dollar startup is seeking a judicial review to halt the introduction of new rules it claims are too strict.

Transport for London set out new regulations earlier this year after a wide-ranging consultation of the taxi and minicab industry following a long-standing feud between Uber and London’s black cab drivers.

The initial regulation was previously welcomed by Uber, but in recent months the details of the rules have become too onerous, Uber claims.

Now, Uber is pursuing legal action over the matter, filing official papers with the courts this week after sending a so-called letter before action to TfL.

TfL said it would defend the legality of the new regulations.

“We responded to Uber’s letter and will be robustly defending the legal proceedings brought by them in relation to the changes to private hire regulations,”  said TfL's spokesperson.

“These have been introduced to enhance public safety when using private hire services and we are determined to create a vibrant taxi and private hire market with space for all providers to flourish.”

Uber is challenging four of the new rules; requiring written English tests for drivers, having to locate its customer service call centre in London, requiring insurance that covers drivers when they are not working and having to alert TfL of changes to its business model or app.

It last week rallied customers to contact the mayor of London urging him to review the regulation while business leaders and entrepreneurs have also written to Sadiq Khan asking him to rethink the rules, raising concerns that the red tape could stifle innovation and London’s digital economy in the wake of Brexit.

It comes as the mayor promised to make new plans for the future of the taxi and minicab industry in the capital.

A spokesperson for the mayor said: “Sadiq has asked his team to produce a comprehensive new strategy that will herald in a new era for the capital’s taxi and private hire trades.

“Further details will be released later this year of a plan that will deliver radical improvements for customers, a boost to safety, support for the taxi trade and further improve the quality of service offered by the private hire trade. There will also be a concerted effort to make London’s taxi fleet the greenest in the world.”

City Hall would not be drawn on whether this would include reviewing the new regulations, agreed under former mayor Boris Johnson.

Tom Elvidge, general manager at Uber London, said: “This legal action is very much a last resort. We’re particularly disappointed that, after a lengthy consultation process withTransport for London, the goalposts have moved at the last minute and new rules are now being introduced that will be bad for both drivers and tech companies like Uber.”

General secretary of the London Taxi Drivers Association Steve McNamara on Monday said he was confident Khan would do “what’s right for London”.

Other minicab firms in the capital have backed the new regulation, however.

Addison Lee chief executive Andy Boland said: “Having previously backed the proposals it’s hard to understand Uber’s resistance to implementation of these new regulations. The whole industry was fully involved in the consultation and there is a strong belief that they will benefit both passengers and drivers.”

Gett managing director for Europe Remo Gerber called Uber’s U-turn on the regulations “baffling”.

“Frankly we’re surprised we’re wasting time on this. We should be focusing on the post Brexit needs of London, not minor operational details,” he said.

Editorial Comment :

It appears that Uber are against their drivers being properly insured to carry fare paying passengers, one would assume that they would welcome the regulation on compulsory Hire & Reward insurance but as we already know they continually push the boundaries.

TFL took over the responsibility for licensing London’s taxis and Private Hire vehicles from the Public Carriage, the PCo were originally set up to protect the travelling public, TFL took on this role and should have ensured that Private Hire vehicles required Hire and Reward Insurance at the time of licensing, but this has never been a requirement by TFL.

TFL have failed the travelling public of London miserably by giving them the impression that Private Hire vehicles are safe and fully insured, this gives the fare paying passenger the false impression that they are safe and fully insured in the case of an accident.

Would Uber’s passengers not benefit from the drivers being able to converse with them in a competent manner also, apparently not according to Uber.

Now lets not beat around the bush, we all know why Uber have suddenly taken umbrage to these new regulations and that is they will no longer be able to charge ridiculously low rates as their drivers would not be able to afford to carry on working on their platform whilst paying for Hire & Reward insurance. They would also lose a large source of new drivers for the transient population of drivers.

There is of course another problem with Uber, they openly state that they do not accept pre bookings and that they are an “on Demand service” which is outside of the scope of their private hire operators license.

TFL need to win this challenge otherwise London will erupt into utter anarchy with private hire drivers running around uninsured and unlicensed totally unabated.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

London's Chaos Theory. Could They Really Get It This Wrong By Accident?... By Jim Thomas.

I totally believe, there is an underlying agenda to get rid of the London Taxi trade, going far beyond the woeful inadequacy of TfL. 

It's widely believed that most of Inner London's borough councils are party to the conspiracy against us. You only have to look at the way we've been treated by Westminster, Camden and Islington.

No planning committee from any of the councils, could have bought this amount of congestive chaos to our streets by accident???

The magnitude of this incompetence, surely must have been managed!

After witnessing the gridlocking of streets surrounding the Cycle Super Highway's segregated cycle lanes, they are now actually set to expand the nightmare right across the board, with Cycle Super Highway 2. 

This manmade mayhem, is to be followed by the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street, which is likely to include a total ban on all motor vehicles (except buses and cycles) in Tottenham Court Road and part of Baker Street.

Just where are they expecting the traffic to go?

Pollution levels at present far exceeding European legal limits, allegedly causing an extra 20,000 preventable deaths per annum.
And it's all about to get much worse.

Taxi drivers are gifted with a six sense in regard to traffic flow. We have the ability to look at preposed schemes and evaluate the likelihood of its success. 
Yet neither TfL or local council planners, have ever tried to seek advice from the trade. Instead they pin all their hopes on graduates, many of whom live outside London, using computer modelling. 

The evidence that much of this chaos is part of an agenda relates to the fact, they generally take no notice of consultation results. 

London has now been turned into the world's biggest building site. Virtually every street in central London has road works of one form or another....

Who's computer predicted, central paving along most of the length of Oxford Street East, would improve traffic flow?
Who's computer predicted, narrowing the entrance to Regent Street from Piccadilly Circus would improve the chaos around Eros? 
Its total Lunacy

A ten year old child could have predicted problems from narrowing major roads, yet their computer model missed it ???


We saw it first at the London Olympics in 2012. TfL failed to provide ranks at the Olympic park and spectators were directed by an army of stewards from the stadium to expanded bus assembly points, and straight onto the tube. Olympic Tickets came with 24hr travel passes (the same at Lords and Excel). Taxi ranks were moved and hidden in side streets well away from the exits, while spectators were shepherded onto public transport.

We saw similar efforts made at Twickenham were spectators were directed to waiting buses while Taxis were excluded from streets around the stadium.

We've also seen our work touted by rail staff, airside, at Heathrow using lies about Taxi fares to attract more customers onto the Heathrow Express.
The same thing has just happened at Edgbaston, where Taxi ranks were replaced by a £5 a head bus service straight to New Street Station. With the bus company using the Taxi rank as a bus stop.

We will soon see a revolution in shopping trips to London with the forthcoming CrossRail service which they allege will bring so many people to Oxford Street, it will be the busiest shopping area in the world. 

Is this why we are being excluded from major roads in these areas ? 
• Oxford Street
• Tottenham Court Road 
• Baker Street
If Taxis can't get to the shops, people are not going to use us, they will take the tube!

Our night work could drastically reduce, when weekend night tube opens. 
Where is the new network of Taxi ranks outside night tube stations?
Visit the suburban stations and see the new PH booking offices, many inside the station forecourts!

TfL and Network Rail (oh look at who their new chairman is) have been getting away with touting our work for many years, facilitated by piss poor weak trade representative orgs and Unions, who prefer to fight amongst themselves rather than concentrating on who the true enemies are. 

TfL's compliance officers currently harass Taxi drivers at mainline ranks while turning a blind eye to touting from PHVs.
Why is it we don't see TfL COs, regularly checking the booking details of PHVs at stations, why do they only concentrate of Taxis ?

Compliance teams turn up frequently at pop up Taxi ranks, yet when did we ever see them at the entrance to the restaurant inside the BBC car park on Wood Lane, or the side entrance to Westfield, or what about the pop up PH ranks at the Brewery and Honouree Artillery company when there's functions on? 
It just doesn't happen.

Recently, we found a certain PH company ( had been given special dispensation from TfL and the Corporation of the City of London to form an illegal Taxi rank on red rout double red lines, to be available for immediate hire at a function on Lower Thames Street, outside Old Billingsgate. 

The United Trade Group engagement policy which held us back for four years, was always going to be scrapped after Boris exited stage right, as the new mayoral administration looked for a way to quell the unaffiliated demonstrators, but the UTG are still there and still excluding other orgs at compliance and rank committee meetings.

Their excuse is "you have to be invited by TfL"...
I beg to differ on this as the Joint Taxi Ranks Committee is a self appointed group who sometimes invite TfL to their meetings and not the other way round.
It needs to be sort it out and soon. We have to make sure every group have representatives invited.
In fact at a recent Palestra meeting, DaC Chairman Brian Rice was there as were the apps and because of their attendance, the trade organisations all refused to attend. Trade unity? That's just laughable.

We have for months seen a trend for disgruntled drivers to break away from the traditional subscription based representation. New driver groups such as the Mayfair Mob, Dads Defending Daughters and Action4Cabbies have appeared and in the case of the Mayfair Mob, are beginning to achieve impressive results. 

Trade representation has always mirrored football supporters mentality. Loyalty to a certain colour of lanyard has definitely held back progress and helped to keep the trade divided. 

But drivers are now starting to question their own orgs apparent lack of results.

Now the engagement policy is gone, everyone is playing in the big league. Perhaps it's time to take a leaf out of the beautiful game and have talent scouts look for the best people from all the teams, and bring them together in a united squad.

"Taxi United" supported across the board by every driver. 
Sounds better than a fragmented disenchanted trade.

Monday, August 15, 2016

When The Dream Turns Into A Nightmare...Part 2, Letter To Editor

We have had the coming & goings of the mandatory receipt printers, and now we have the mandatory credit card taxi facility which bizarrely has to be fitted within the passenger compartment of the vehicle even though credit card acceptance has been available in a majority of vehicles & radio/taxi app vehicles for years by the driver?

TFL is an authority of power using lunacy as a tool of ideology to implications of duress towards licencees in a way that licensing authorities should not operate.

Could you imagine similar licensing authorities such as public houses not having their licenses renewed unless card payment systems were fitted mandatory within?... it just would not or could not happen, but taxis drivers are disunited and easily picked off.

Card taking facilities are a positive step in a very competitive industry so it will only benefit trade, but not having software installed to enable prior card authorisation before a fare is commenced like the software fitted to petrol station forecourts or Hotel tabs is far more important than passenger compartment installations as when card is void/faulty/stolen or overdrawn it really doesn't matter a damn where the card reader is situated within the cab but that it serves the purpose it is installed for... paying for the fare, .... and TFL will not facilitated pre-approval software...but worry not as there is a solution

The Taxi bye laws do contain the deposit payment rules and if a driver does have apprehensions about any possible misgivings regarding not getting paid at the end of any journeys ... they should simply apply the deposit taking rules at the beginning of any journey (particularly including card payments) to ensure proper payment and this "deposit" is as the driver deems necessary... or you have right of refusal if not mutually satisfied.. 

Bear this in mind!
Be lucky.

When The Dream Turns Into A Jim Thomas

Very shortly, we will all be taking Credit and Debit Cards as the mandate kicks in . 
We've been sold the dream that Credit Cards are the future, the work will come flooding back and cash is for dinosaurs. 

That may be the dream, but it has already started to turn into a nightmare for some.

• When did you ever have to pay a third party transaction charge for taking cash?
• When did you have to pack up work and go home because your coin dispenser suddenly developed a fault?
• When did you ever decline a twenty pound note?
• when did you ever get a claw back request for cash?

I've been taking CCs for a number of years, first through Adelante's POS mobile app. I then progressed to CabApp's app which allowed a transaction through your phone without any third party equipment. 

But then, when certain card providers stopped accepting this type of online transaction, I decided to invested in an iZettle unit, which works by Bluetooth connection to a smart phone. I can honestly say, in all the time I used these systems, I never encountered a problem other that I once entered the amount as 32p instead of £32. Lesson learned, I moved on and was more careful with future transactions. 

About a month ago, in line with the impending mandate, I had a terminal fitted in the rear, connected to my meter/printer, with its own GPS source and independent of my phone's Bluetooth and data usage.

Stickers were attached to my passenger compartment side windows and partition screen. I was told this is the future, work will flood back. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case.

Although I don't work the airport and only do about 30 hours over 5 nights, I'm averaging approx 5 to 6 CC trips a week. Passengers it seems, are not queuing up to use my new service, which currently blocks my rear view (well done TfL)

So what happens when the equipment suppliers come to the conclusion, passengers have not gone contactless wholesale and their machines (26,000) are not being used as much as first hoped?

To attract drivers into the pool, some suppliers have reduced their 10% service charge to around 3.95%, quite a drop! 
But what will happen when they come to the realisation, they've supplied machines to the whole trade, have taken over a 50% drop in service charge and yet the cab riding public haven't suddenly become a cashless society....

What do you think will happen next. 

Service charge will increase, there will be daily/weekly/monthly rentals (already happening with some radio cab companies). 
I know this seems hard to imagine but one CC equipment supplier in particular is asking for £100 deposit from drivers they believe won't last out a three year contract.

Even rental garages are starting to stick their greedy hands further into drivers pockets by charging their drivers a weekly (what they are calling) accidental damage insurance fee on fitted CC machines.

One of my friends has had a unit fitted in his MetroCab. 
The unit, fitted on the side hand rail, is so low down, the screen cannot be read from the normal sitting position. 
The passenger has to bend down almost with head touching the seat to read the LED screen. 

And this has been passed by's a joke.

At a time when the trade is in dire straits, the "Credit Card Mandate" has added an extra financial burden, which is about to get a lot worse -if/when- rentals are introduced and service charges rise dramatically. 

Yes there was a consultation, but in true TfL fashion, our licensing authority rarely take note of replies not suiting their own agenda. 

• The 3% cap on surcharges was dropped to favour equipment suppliers.
• The surcharge was moved from passenger to driver even through the vast majority voting against this happening. 
• The same with rear fitted machines. No notice taken, of their own consultation.

Major suppliers have indicated to TfL, they may not be able to equipt all vehicles by the 3rd of October. 
TfL have stated firmly on Twitter, there will be no extension to the deadline. 

With compliance being expanded to 350 foot soldiers (with no power other than to harass Taxi drivers) looks like there's going to be a lot of stop notes being issued in October. 

Well done TfL, another complete mess you've made.

Suspicious Minds.......TaxiApp, Introducing The A Team.

Since word of Taxiapp came out, some doomers & gloomers can't quite believe a band of committed Taxi drivers can possess the knowhow to achieve such a seemingly unreachable goal. Some have said, "we'll come aboard if it takes off". 

If Taxiapp is to succeed it'll need 'brave hearts' and their support from day one!

Cynicism's like folding your arms, stepping back and commenting on affairs like the two old boys on the Muppets. Just throwing out adverse and derisive comments  Whereas others really try to effect and improve the lives of those around them, Which's correct and noble.  

At Taxiapp we, with  hundreds of drivers who've so far signed up believe  a credible challenge can be mounted against the corporate 'Goliaths' who await with anticipation the demise of the 'Street Hail' so they can pick our pockets!!!!

As our trade sips in the Last Chance Saloon, we may never again have the opportunity to influence events. We'll be hostages to fortune, with the usual suspects making 'fortunes' out of us!!!!

Fellow Cabmen and Women.

      Introducing the team:

  Ladies first, Mirna, flanked by Sean, Phil and Scot.

This pic was taken Friday 12th August, after an extremely productive meeting with TfL TPH. They're considered to be Taxiapps A Team and represented us and the trade admirably.

We wandered beforehand if TfL would be authoritative, obstructive, disparaging,  even censure or condemn our aspirations. They were anything but!...During the meet they enthused over the concept of Taxiapp at one point describing it as 'unique'! 

They are prepared to give us as much assistance as they're allowed. 

Taxiapp feel the TfL representitives found it refreshing to be eyeballing working cab drivers, who know how things are and what they're talking about, rather then corporate executives types chasing pound notes, feigning flattery for the cab trade.