Friday, August 12, 2016

What Next a For Uber, Can They Douse Their Poisonous Perry Richardson.

"They don't like it up em Sir!"

You could be forgiven if you thought you heard the immortal words from Lance Corporal Jones echoing around the Iron Lung or at any rank in London in recent days. 

Uber, the car service that claim to be a tech company when it suits, are currently flexing their PR muscles in an attempt to stop a new TfL private hire regulations clamp down strangling their global business model.

In the last week, paid for articles in London publications are asking Londoners to question why all private hire drivers should be required to speak English and to carry the correct insurance.

This PR campaign seems to however had the complete opposite affect that the American based company were hoping for. Comments, articles and blogs from long standing Uber customers are now questioning why they do not support a regulation change that meant drivers had the bare minimum insurance policies in place. In fact, on the back of the recent Brexit result, many of their customers are also questioning the impact of using a low cost immoral business model that relies on low skilled foreign drivers who have little understanding of the English language.

The penny is now dropping all around London with customers finally taking the time to question aspects of their service. One recent article questions how Uber have invested £100m in London alone. He wondered how a tech company with no employees, vehicles or assets could have spent such a total. Only then has he come to the decision that Uber are in fact offering services below their market value to remove competitors. The prices customers now see will not last forever. 

Make no mistake Uber are struggling to retain drivers at the moment. They are very coy on their driver turnover and only proudly release the number of registered drivers currently standing at just over 25,000. That however doesn't tell the full story. Drivers on the Uber platform do not resign, or receive a P45 when they leave. They instead simply hold their finger down on the Uber icon situated on their mobile phone and press delete. It is estimated that an average Uber driver works the platform for 6-12 months before either leaving or supplementing the work using other apps or illegal touting, before than leaving completely.

This turnover wasn't a problem when Boris Johnson was Mayor of London as the supply of new drivers was high. On average 600 new private hire drivers each week were entering the market. Roll on to recent weeks since the tighter insurance rules have been set and we are seeing a reduction of new entrants as high as 75%. 

So it raises the question; just how many of those 25,000 Uber drivers are actually active? It's very much a numbers game for Uber. Their business model doesn't rely on keeping drivers happy and motivated. Instead it's all about luring them in, promising riches and hoping the drivers keep trying to bite on the carrot dangling in front them. It also relies on referrals, but with Hire and Reward insurance so costly and now a required document, drivers are now struggling to coerce family and friends to sign up.

Alarm bells are now ringing furiously at Uber HQ, but with no Cameron, Osbourne, Johnson, Hendy or Daniels to assist them, they are finally left alone to douse their own poisonous flames using London's paid for media. Currently, as it stands, it's not enough.

What next for Uber

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Letter to Taxi Leaks From Tom Scullion

Even with the latest version of the PHV rules, TfL are allowing drivers to break the law.

Private hire cars or mini cabs must display the correct Hire and Reward insurance in their cars by law, passengers should always ask to see this policy before setting off in a mini cab.

Never get into a mini cab that has not been pre booked that's illegal. That rules out 75% of all their fares

Back in March "Motherboard" revealed that fully functioning Uber accounts were for sale on the dark web, thousands of customers personal details have been shared and sold onto hackers who steal from the customers personal accounts.

Surge pricing Uber can increase your fare by up to 10 times the normal rates.

Many mini cab drivers have never driven in the UK and can use their EU drivers License. 

Drivers are encouraged to work more than 80 hours per week here is the results of dangerous drivers.

Don't take a chance with your life always use the Worlds best Taxi service 

Free market sounds good to me, we could all sign up to "let's have it Cabs" work where you like anywhere in the UK drive what you like and charge what you like.

It is incredible that Tfl would even consider that a PHV driver could work for more than one company in London... But it goes further, they can work Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Bristol on a Tfl license.

Now Uber are complaining that Uber drivers have the appropriate insurance...

Well they don't, there's not one single company in the UK which allows Hire and reward insurance for PHV drivers to ply for hire, further, work anywhere the want throughout the the UK. 

It's time to take Tfl to task over their total lack of regulation and enforcement of their rules which they don't understand.

Questions to the new Mayor:

Why should PHV drivers be afforded more rights than a London Taxi ?

What's the definition on plying for hire? 

Where are Tfl in terms of insurance with immediate hiring for private hire bookings ? 

Tfl have said in the past jump in a car then make a booking through the App really?  

Who will  be appointed to oversee this total mismanagement of laws and processes in regard to the law ? 

Thus far Tfl have totally failed London.

Be lucky 

Tom Scullion.

Today's Sun Reveals New Uber Scam

Following on from revelations that Uber customers have had their accounts hacked and in some cases have lost thousands of pounds, this scam is a spoof of an official communication from Uber in an attempt to trick Uber fans into visiting a fake payment site where their payment details are then stolen.

Users across the UK appear to have been targeted and there have been reports of the dodgy text from all across the country.

The cunning text tells the victim that they have booked a trip costing a whopping £217 pounds with an Uber driver called Imran.

The message is followed by a link that the user can then click on to cancel this unrequested journey – however this link redirects to a fake payment site asking for their banking details.

Any details entered can then be stolen by the hackers and either sold on or used to make expensive purchases

The con was first revealed by watchdog Action Fraud, which posted a screenshot of the text message online.

Uber has confirmed the messages to be fake, and has warned their users not to click on the link.

Under Uber's terms and conditions they say the responsibility for scams of this type lay with the passenger and not the company 

So, if you receive this text hit the ‘delete’ button and ignore it

The Time Has Come To Make A Difference

Hi all, Thanks for seeking us out in your droves. We hope to launch in October, so time has come to cut to the chase. 

Don't ask, what have Government, TFL, Orgs done for the trade? 
Ask, what 'I' can do for 'my' trade!. 

Recently you registered interest in Taxiapp, it's now time to fill our membership form. You'll be directed to 'gocardless'. Please fill out the direct debit page. Subs will 'not' be taken till late September. 

We'll send the drivers app link before initial payment's taken. 

This Sundays 'Shoutout' will reveal the team of drivers who've been brave enough so far to have put their money where their mouths are and venture into the 'Casino' of fate. 

No question about it, we are taking a gamble. All we ask is for others to step up and place bets on us. Because if we together can't save our trade, nobody's going to do it for us! 

We at Taxiapp have no intention of doing nothing while other predatory apps (Taxi & PH) feed off our trades decaying carcass!!!

Help us to fight back

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any More Stupid

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more stupid and shortly after cashing out of China, Uber, the ride-share company which claims not to employ any drivers and certainly don't own any cars... are at it again, emailing their customers to lobby TfL on its behalf.

This time the rant is supposedly about keeping London open for business after Brexit. 

Uber London Ltd, are this time asking their customers to complain to TfL over the Mayors new regulations and in particular the  requirement for prospective Minicab drivers to take an English test. A test Uber considers too difficult for its work force, the same test people take to become British Citizens. 

The reader of the email might also well wonder, how on earth this American technology giant can claim to have already invested £100m in London's economy. It certainly wasn't by means of corporation tax and considering it doesn’t actually own a fleet of cars, isn’t committed to employing its drivers, so just where did this huge sum go???

If it's in the companies infrastructure, then that must be one hell of an expensive office in Aldgate Tower..

Taxis - Black Cabs, are an iconic part of London that nobody wants to see removed (so we are told) and although we are the butt of many jokes about selfish driving, pulling up sharply for customers, stopping where we like, using Bus Lanes, Londoners actually have a great deal of respect for the drivers who have passed “the knowledge” to earn the sole right to p,y for trade (ply for hire). 

Nevertheless, if you can instantly hail a much cheaper ride (which can be done with the Uber app, although illegal by definition in displaying immediate availability i.e. "Plying For Trade" ), some people are going to be tempted.

Uber so far have had things very much their own way. Their path to licensing was smoothed by top TfL brass, with backing coming from high government office. 

In the past, we saw TfL bend over backwards to licence this company, outright lies have been told to the GLA transport committee by mor than one officer from LTPH. Currently, evidence of alleged corruption and malfeasance is surfacing daily. 

People of the UK voted to put a stop to the continued flood of cheap foriegn labour. In their email to customers, Uber are talking about keeping London open for business after Brexit. But only the most stupid company imaginable would appeal to Londoners to encourage TfL to go easy on prospective Minicab drivers, who can't speak a word of English, so they can take advantage of this very workforce 

This goes completely against what the country has just voted for. 

Unfortunately, people will still use this service in spite of the reported serious sexual assaults, rapes and account hacking, because it’s cheap and convenient. 



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Open Letter To Uber Who Won’t Apologise For Their Driver Assaulting Passenger

Dear Uber bosses, employees and stakeholders,

I am writing an open letter to you because you will not respond to my tweets, messages and emails two days after I was assaulted and left crying by one of your drivers.

I am writing because as a female travelling at night in London I feel it is essential to let other women and men know the dangers your drivers can pose.

I am writing because not enough people know that last year there were over 300 sexual assaults, and 30 rapes, in your vehicles. If this were any other crimes there would be a huge scandal but you have managed to keep this one quiet.

And it’s not ok.

Women have a right to feel safe and protected when travelling alone, and this should be one of your non-negotiable policies. And yet horrible assaults regularly take place within your cars. The media do very little. How much have you paid them to keep quiet?

My assault happened two days ago, when I was coming back home and really wanting to get back safely and quickly.

I had had a horrible weekend with my fiance cutting off our engagement, cancelling our wedding which I was so looking forward to, and cancelling our home purchase. We were meant to move into our first home together next month.

Of course, you or your driver couldn’t possibly have known this. But regardless, you should provide a safe service to your customers: male or female, young or old, rich or poor.

They should never be made to feel intimidated, abused, frightened or upset when paying for a service which is only to be driven safely from A to B.

When I posted about this on Twitter, you didn’t reply. Instead, you posted pictures of Rio and other exotic locations. Why fling your ambition so widely when you can’t even provide a safe service within the UK?

You then rang me at work at 10am when I was in a meeting and refused my polite request to email instead. Why?

Here is the link to the Evening Standard article. Luckily for me, when the driver called me a slut and dropped me in the middle of a dual carriageway with oncoming traffic, at 11.30pm, in the dark, with no cash, scared and alone, miles from my destination, a kind Black Cab driver picked me up and drove me home. Unlike your drivers, he spoke in a friendly, calm way, helping me reach my destination and recover my equilibrium. I cannot thank that Black Cab driver enough.

Uber, it’s nearly 3 days since my assault and I haven’t had an apology from you. My tweet has had over 200 retweets — it’s terrible publicity for you.

When will you apologise? Until you acknowledge your culpability in this, the women and men of London cannot travel safely within your cars.

Yours sincerely,

Frances Carbines

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Uber's Under Oath Toronto Confession....Nothing New To TfL.

The recent admissions made under oath by Uber in Toronto, seems to have everyone excited, but these claims were also made in London, THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO....yet TfL said nothing then ....and are still tight lipped, even now!

In this letter to Westminster Planning Department, Uber openly admit they do not handle any bookings. They explain their app just connects the passenger to the nearest driver.

They further state “In this way the network can operate independently, with the clients able to phone the driver directly through the app”.

Uber also says “It is important to note that we will not be taking any traditional pre booking jobs”.



Uber Claim It's London Operation Is Under Threat And Renews Its Feud With Regulators

Uber is turning to its customers to help it fight "bureaucratic" new rules imposed by Transport for London, including an English exam "harder than the test for British citizenship", renewing its feud with regulators in the capital. 

The billion-dollar company said the rules would "threaten the livelihood of thousands of drivers", reducing their numbers and thus increasing the waiting times for users in an email directly appealing to customers and authored by Uber's top boss in London, Tom Elvidge.

The new rules were given the greenlight by TfL in March following a long-running and public battle between the two sides and London's black cab drivers.

At the time, Uber welcomed the result of TfL's review after it dropped proposals that would enforce users to wait five-minutes after ordering a cab, even if there was a car available "instantly".

Now, Uber is urging customers to email the newly elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to demand the rules - formulated after a comprehensive consultation conducted by TfL under the former Mayor Boris Johnson - are looked at afresh.

It's understood that while the broad conclusions of the review are accepted, the finer details and exact form the rules will take, hammered out over the last few months, are more onerous than Uber had been expecting.

Uber has called into question the English language requirement rule - which it claims is harder than the test for British Citizenship and more than the requirements for becoming a Tube driver. 

It has also called out a requirement for part-time drivers to have costly full-time commercial insurance even when they're not driving, as well as the need for Uber to tell TfL of any changes to its app, which it argues would slow down the roll out of new features.

The latter two rules now already apply while the rule on English language tests will come into force from 1 October.

Those who receive the email are asked to click on a link to email the Mayor, leading to an already written reply which even signs a users name at the end automatically.

It reads:

I agree with you that it’s vital London remains open and that everybody has the chance to succeed, whatever their background.

However, I’m concerned that new rules from Transport for London will threaten the livelihoods of thousands of licensed private hire drivers in our city.

Forcing all drivers from non-English speaking countries to pass a £200 two-hour written English exam goes way beyond what’s needed to help Londoners get from A to B.

Making part-time drivers pay for costly commercial insurance in the months when they’re not working is also unnecessary and could force some to give up driving for a living.

Nor does it make any sense for TfL to demand to be told before Uber makes changes to its app.

Please look again at TfL’s plans. Let’s keep London open.

Thank you.

Uber also appealed to the Mayor in the wake of Brexit and in light of the "Open for Business" campaign, seeking to bolster business in the capital.

"Uber has already invested £100m in London - and we plan to invest even more in the future. It’s why we support the new Mayor’s Keep London Open campaign," it urged customers.

"But bureaucratic new rules from Transport for London send the opposite message and threaten the livelihood of thousands of drivers."


Important Notice.

We are receiving correspondence from Quotax Insurance Services regarding Motor Insurance Policy with Enterprise Insurance Company (EIC) written through Orbit Underwriters Agencies. 

On the 22nd July 2016 it was announced that the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) have issued notice of direction to EIC to cease entering into any new contracts of insurance in order to protect the interests of their existing policyholders. 

GFSC have issued court proceedings to have EIC managed by an independent and skilled insolvency specialist and the Gibraltar Supreme Court appointed a Provisional Liquidator.  

The Provisional Liquidator will be managing the Company’s affairs under supervision of the GFSC. He will be working with Enterprise staff and claims operations to ensure that the insurance business continues to operate. This includes managing and processing all claims; this applies to claims arising each of the counties that Enterprise operates in. 

We understand that the Provisional Liquidator will also contact all policyholders to notify them of his appointment and what happens next. 

We confirm that all policies remain valid. Enterprise motor insurance policy holders can still legally drive under these policies. If an accident occurs and a claim is made, Enterprise cannot make any payment against that claim at this stage. We reiterate that this situation does not in any way cancel or terminate any existing contract of insurance. 

Whilst claims will be processed, Enterprise is not able to pay any claims at this stage. In those counties where compensation schemes operate, claims will be considered by those schemes. In the unfortunate event of you needing to make a new claim please direct any enquiries to the claims number in your policy documentation. 

As a direct result, we are no longer able to issue any new policies on behalf of EIC or offer renewals on any existing EIC contact. When your policy falls for renewal, we will obtain quotes from our large panel of Specialist insurers in order to obtain you the best terms possible. 

We at Quotax would like to reassure our policyholder that EIC are a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), whereby if insurers are unable to meet their obligations, the FSCS provide protection for the customer. We regret that in general the FSCS can only pay claims once they are sure that the firm cannot pay their own claims. This means the liquidator needs to do their due diligence before they can declare the firm in default and pay claims. 

Below is the link to FSCS website explaining the level of protection under the scheme:- 

The FSCS can be contacted directly on either 0800 678 1100 or 020 7741 4100 

The GFSC, has also provided a helpline number which is:- 350 200 40284

Policy holder’s queries can also be directed to

As soon as we receive more information from Enterprise Insurance Company PLC, we will update you. We will also post any news relating to this on our website Meanwhils is you have any concerns and are considering cancelling you policy please contact us on 020 8691 9691 and we wilI discuss the options available to you. 

Thank you for being patent with us during this period of uncertainty. 


Yours sincerely 


Quotax Insurance Services


Monday, August 08, 2016

Uber Driver Calls Woman A Slut, Then Kicks Here Out Of The Car.

A young woman claims an Uber driver called her a "slut" and threw her out of his car after she pointed out he appeared to be driving her home in completely the wrong direction.

Frances Carbines, 27, went out for dinner at Dishoom in Shoreditch with friends last night she split from her fiancé, she said.

The British Council worker said she was feeling "fragile" but had gone out with her would-be bridesmaids, who were trying to console her following the break-up.

She said one of her bridesmaids called her an Uber after the meal, at about 11.30pm, and put the postcode for her home address in Crouch End into the app. However, she claims that instead of driving her home, the driver started taking her to the "opposite end" of London.

Miss Carbines claims that when she had told the driver he was going the wrong way he became aggressive, calling her a "slut" and commenting on her short skirt, before telling her to get out of the car on Waterloo Bridge.

Miss Carbines told the Evening Standard: "He took the wrong address and tried to take me to Brixton. When I complained he said I must live in Brixton because the system couldn't be wrong.

"He said 'get out or something bad will happen to you' and stopped on a busy dual carriageway. He didn't even pull over, then he called me a slut.

"I was shaken and crying and the Uber driver made me get out at night miles from home. The Uber driver commented on my short skirt and said I must be easy."

Miss Carbines, who works in cultural relations for the British Council for projects in Beirut and Pakistan, said she was left feeling "frightened" when she was asked to leave the car.

"I didn't have cash for a taxi, which is why I got the Uber," she said. 

"I had no idea where I was, it was dark, I had had a beer and I couldn't even get a bus as I have been overdrawn.

"I was especially fragile because that weekend my fiancé called off our engagement and cancelled our new shared ownership house."

Miss Carbines said she was eventually picked up by a black cab driver, who agreed to take her to Crouch End.

She said her mother was at home and was able to pay the driver, but he only asked for £20 instead of the usual £30 fare.

She is now appealing for the taxi driver to come forward, so that she can thank him for his kindness.

Miss Carbines described him as a slim Londoner with grey hair, square framed glasses, and a "kindly face", who had been working as a driver for 20 years.

She said: "I'd want to say thank you so much for saving me essentially when I couldn't get home.

"Your kindly disposition and act of humanity really cheered me up, please meet me as I owe you £10 and a drink. I wish more drivers could be like you."

Miss Carbines has also demaned an apology from Uber.

However, the company denied that the incident unfolded as Miss Carbines described.

An Uber spokesman said: “We have called the rider in question so we can investigate these allegations, but have yet to receive a response. There's a surprise!

"The driver in question has confirmed he was going to Brixton to an address that was pre-entered into the rider app.

"The driver has told us that the rider became angry that they were going to the entered destination and requested to exit the car. He denies being abusive towards the rider and so we would ask her to get in touch with us so we can investigate further.” Not a bad statement from someone who Uber say hasn't responded yet!


Unfortunately, as we all know from previous TfL statements, LT&PH do not deal with customer complaints against minicab drivers. All complaints are forwarded to the operator. Uber say they are not a Private Hire Operator but a technology company. 

As their drivers take all bookings in vehicle, according to Uber, under oath in the recent Toronto case, this would make all their drivers operators. 

So TfL could in fact be sending the complaint back to the driver in question, to deal with himself. 

             >Click Here For Article<

Sunday, August 07, 2016

THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN.....ByDads Defending Daughters.

Warning, the article below contains strong language. Normally we would remove, but in this instance we believe it would take away from the passion contained within this post.


The Olympics are back - this time in Rio.
Since the Albino Buffoon sold the Taxi Trade down the Thames during the London Olympics, Transport for London could not have done a worse job.
Four years ago John Mason gave an American IT company, registered in the Netherlands, a Private Hire Operators License.

Private Hire roundels can be purchased from TfL, no questions asked.
Uber is allowed to Ply for instant Hire via an App, as Taxis sit and roast on ranks, whilst being harassed by TfL Compliance Officers for over-ranking and other mundane misdemeanours. All the while, uninformed people stand waiving their phones, touting for a Prius.
The new 'For Hire' sign in London is the Toyota symbol, courtesy of TfL.

Prior to the 2012 Olympics, Taxis plied for Hire on the streets of London, whilst legitimate Private Hire mincabs parked up outside their own Offices.
If a Minicab was seen 'hanging it up' outside a club, he was instantly recognised as a tout.
That is before London was deregulated into a lawless Wild West show.

In the four years since Uber rode into Dodge, Transport for London have been prompted to demolish Taxis, and deregulate the Private Hire industry back to the bad ol' days before regulation, by people like Baroness Susan Kramer (Minister of State for Transport and patron on the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, who received a £700k donation from the Carlyle Group who own Addison Lee, who now use an Uber style app and work model) who lobbied for the promotion of CBH [Cross Border Hirings - minicabs working in Boroughs and Counties they are not licensed in], which aided Addison Lee and Uber; and GLA quango member Peter Anderson (Chairman of the Canary Wharf Group - owned by the Qatari's who have invested over a £billion in Uber); and David Cameron (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, whose child's Godmother is Uber executive, Rachel Whetstone), who warned Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) to "Leave Uber alone."; and George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer) who personally lobbied the former Mayor, on Uber's behalf; and Sajid Javid (Secretary of State for Business) who openly promoted Uber as the successor to London Taxis; and Goldman Sachs (known as 'Government Sachs', due to their influence and total ownership of corrupt governments around the world, such as Her Majesty's Bullingdon government) who throughout time in memorial have put profits before peasants, no matter what collateral damage is caused.

These friends in high places have made sure their cohorts at TfL, John Mason, Peter Hendy, Leon Daniels, Garrett Emmerson and company were coated in Teflon.

So began a two horse Mayoral race, which Sadiq Khan, with his promises of dealing with the corruption at TfL and beyond, won handsomely.
Part of the new Mayor's manifesto fell just short of George Galloway's claim to "Run Uber out of town."

So what, under Khan and Shawcross's short reign, has changed so far?
Fortunately many of the players who put Londoners and London's visitors at risk, have been moved away from direct involvement between TfL and Uber.
Cameron was forced to resign, Osborne was unceremoniously sacked, Javid's new job is the political equivalent of teaboy in the North Pole, Bojo helped Zac Goldsmith lose the Mayoral election, then stabbed his way into a new Cabinet job, in true Machiavellian style, and many of the quango who did not declare their vested interests in Uber and other Private Hire companies, like Peter Anderson, have been booted off the Board.
And trade Org and Union representatives seem to believe Mike Brown is as good as his word - only time will tell.

So far nothing has happened, except more promises.
TfL have openly admitted that many Private Hire vehicles were not insured.
TfL even set a deadline for all Private Hire vehicles to purchase said insurance.

Can you imagine what would happen to an uninsured Taxi?
The taxi would have been issued a 'Stop Notice' with immediate effect, and the driver would have been charged for driving without proper insurance.
But if you were a Private Hire driver, you were allowed by TfL and the Metropolitan Police to carry on working and picking up passengers whilst uninsured until the deadline.
In essence, TfL and the Metropolitan Police aided and abetted illegal activity, on behalf of Uber.

So far the Mayor's Office and Mike Brown are looking good; mainly because Johnson's TfL were so bloody awful.
At the moment all that the new brooms at TfL are doing, is their job.
Private Hire have always been obliged by law to have insurance - but TfL never enforced it.
Thorough Enhanced DBS checks have always been the rule - but TfL never enforced it.
Laws are only as good as their enforcement.

Where is the official public enquiry?
Are the 'powers that be' going to close ranks and protect the guilty, as they usually do?
Where is the promised cap?
All words and no do, so far.
There has been some serious wrongdoing inside and outside of TfL. The GLA have not emerged untainted either.

More and more Private Hire drivers are disarming TfL Compliance Officers, by ripping their roundels out.
Because of Baroness Kramer's despicable promotion of CBH, Private Hire minicabs can circumnavigate TfL's jurisdiction, without the need for TfL stickers or roundels.
Unless Mayor Khan takes time out from his photo shoots across the capital too devise a plan to combat this loophole, capping will become just another pointless piece of political posturing.

Recently, my RMT Union representatives got their arses smacked by the Deputy Mayor, Val Shawcross, for attending a meeting unprepared on one of their issues.
The unspoken, secret, gagging ordered issue of the rise in rape and sexual assault by Private Hire drivers.
Whether is was Deputy Mayor Shawcross's intimation or the beliefs of my representatives, is not clear - but Taxi drivers' motives were brought into question.
It was inferred that some MPs and those in high office are of the opinion that Taxi drivers were 'all of a sudden' horrified by the sharp rise in Minicab rapes, because the deregulation of the Private Hire industry started to affect drivers pockets.

I will answer this accusation in the very same way I answered it instantly in my mind, whilst waiting for my turn to speak, during our last RMT Branch meeting:
"How dare you suggest that this is to do with fucking money or fucking protectionism!
Exactly the same as our uninformed Union reps, and ninety nine percent of the population, WE DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS GOING ON!

Do you think we were driving around not giving a fuck that three girls a week were being assaulted in Minicabs, until it hit our pockets? How dare you!
We are fathers first and foremost! The rest is incidental decoration.

WE DIDN'T KNOW! Not until representatives from the UCG and LCDC did some great investigative work and uncovered the facts (via the Freedom of Information Act), did we dream it was as fucking awful as it turned out to be!
As soon as Danny Hussey, Sean Pier and I knew, we asked what our Orgs and Unions were doing about it?
At the time, our Orgs and Union representatives seemed embroiled in Taxi and legal matters.
So we took it upon ourselves to inform the public.
We designed some banners, and headed for the BBC - the rest is history.

Fuck you, you cynical c@@ts! Kids are having their lives destroyed, and you, because money and power and greed and ego matters more than people do, you judge us by your guttersnipe standards. Fuck off!"
Fortunately I had time to collect my thoughts before it was my turn to speak, and I delivered my reasoning on the matter ... dispassionately.


Outside the Branch meeting, saying our farewells, a senior member suggested to me that all our efforts might be seen as nothing more than protectionism, by cynical MPs and those in the GLA.

I informed him that my Dads Defending Daughters efforts were from a place MPs might no longer recognise - integrity.
And that my Taxi Trade efforts were indeed from a form of unapologetic protectionism.
I told him my form of protectionism is from a need to protect, not just my job, but the profession of which I am proudly a member. A profession that is taken sometimes for granted in this city, but recognised around the world as the best, the Gold Standard.

I asked him, do not Politicians go to extreme lengths to protect their Party, even to the extent that they sacrifice their principles and dignity for the good of the Party?
Do MPs not vote against their better judgment and against their constituents' wishes, sometimes throwing the vulnerable on the pyre, along with their own self respect, to further the Party line and their own careers?
Do MPs not cocoon themselves against the harsh realities that they have caused?
Do MPs not 'let them eat cake' whilst giving themselves a wage rise of double figured percent?
And now they have the cheek to pontificate to us about protectionism?

Those who close ranks and protect their own against prosecution of war crimes, embezzlement and paedophilia, have the neck to stand in ethical judgement of us Plebeians? Jog the fuck on!

Again, I informed him, they are judging us by their standards.

There will be protests coming, causing chaos and disruption to London. Sometimes to highlight the increase in rape and decrease in TfL accountability, and sometimes to highlight the inequality the Taxi trade faces during its destruction by bullies in high office.

We do apologise to those innocent travellers who may be affected by our more 'stubborn' demonstrations.
But 'highlight' we will, the the corruption and thoughtless disregard the present Government and TfL (under the Mayor's Office) have for the working men and women of this once great city.


Footnote: I apologise for the colourful language used in this article. Sometimes a well placed 'fuck' translates more appropriately than the accepted language of polite society.
Posted by Dads Defending Daughters at 15:21 
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Letter To Taxi Leaks Regarding Gas Conversion Costs.

Hi Jim ... my cab is 14 years old but in good nick .. Was looking at the lpg @AutogasLPG conversion they are doing in Birmingham for £8k the same price you estimated in ur article… 

Having emailed back and forth .. Looks like hoping to get it passed in nov .. 
But like always upping the price for London £9k plus vat = £10,800, plus a new rad and exhaust recommended ... I will enclosed a couple of the emails so you can see if you are interested.

Email 1 from Auke Faber:
Thanks for your interest in the project. As you have heard from my Colleague Kirsty, we will hopefully start the trial in the next few weeks and if all goes well, we should have a good result before the end of the year.

We already have a converted trial vehicle and 1 additional vehicle standing by, but thank you for offering your services for the trail.

The trial will be performed with a TX2. We are looking into asking whether the approval would also apply for the TX1 as the new engine will be the same for all 3 TX models and the TX1 and 2 share the same gearbox.

The engine we install is a brand-new 2.0L Turbo Opel engine. It is a current engine in the Vauxhall Astra VXR, it is designed to produce 280Bhp, but is detuned to match the power and have a similar torque-curve to the diesel engine it replaces.

The range on LPG is up to 300-400 miles depending on drivestyle and environment (city/motorway)

The conversion itself will take 2,5-3 days and costs around £9,000.- plus VAT. It includes:

-          Brand new 2.0L Turbo Opel engine

-          Adapterplate to match the original gearbox

-          LPG system incl 100 Liter LPG tank (80 Liter usable volume) and a 12 Liter petrol tank.

-          Full conversion fitted, all new parts.

We will ask you to buy the radiator and exhaust that we offer, as a safety. A used exhaust is most likely clogged up with soot. Both of good quality and price.

The tank is installed in the boot. The spare wheel can be relocated to the front or replaced by a spraycan solution (sufficient for MOT). The diesel tank is removed and a small 12 Liter petrol tank is installed in it’s place.

At the moment 13 operating Birmingham taxi’s are using this solution (both TX1 and TX2) and are very happy with them. The engine is powerful, quiet and without vibration. Running on LPG also means a fuel saving which we estimated at 20%, but the drivers are reporting higher and are saving up to £50 per week. Both Birmingham and London will give a life-extension of the cab of 5 years added to the age-limit in the city.

In Birmingham a total of 63 cabs will be converted as part of a Government Scheme.

I would like to forward your details to our London agent, so they can keep you up to date with the progress, if that’s ok?

I’m assuming you are currently driving a TX1?

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information about the conversion.

Best regards,

Auke Faber

Conversion Scheme Advisor

I wrote back pointing out the discrepancy in pricing.
Email 2.
Yes, the price has increased. Mostly because of the Brexit, the Pound has dropped compared to the euro. Most of the systems components are bought and developed in The Netherlands. So at the moment the system is sold at a loss in Birmingham where the price was fixed in the Birmingham project.

It is still not clear what the final price will be as some parts will become cheaper due to bigger numbers and other parts get more expensive due to improved performance based on the first results. If the pound picks up, this should also help the project.

We are hoping the price will come down, but we thought it might be better to aim for a higher price, if the price comes down people will respond better than if you promote a lower price, which ends up higher.

Hopefully in a few months the price will be set.

I don’t know precisely the price of the exhaust, but I believe the radiator is 60 pounds.

Best regards,

Auke Faber

Conversion Scheme Advisor

I replied.

Hi , 

London taxi drivers have been told the conversion would be £8,000 , we have been given information like this…  with the actual conversion being £10.800 after vat plus radiator and exhaust you will probably find it a difficult market without grants. 

The reason I point this out is because the whole taxi fleet of fairways and TX1's were forced to buy highly inflated priced conversion kits to bring the taxis up to euro 3 , everyone of those companies went into liquidation leaving drivers with no parts or warranty on the conversions.

The whole trade felt ripped off , if your conversion is going to be £11,000 instead of the £8,000 being charged in Birmingham , they are liable to be scepticle.

I don't mean to cause offence by pointing this out, but feel you should be aware of what has happened re conversions in the past.