Saturday, May 14, 2016

London Taxi Trade Take Veterans On Three Day Trip To Ypres For Emotional Ceremony

64 London taxi drivers, gave their services free to the Taxi Charity, also known as The London Taxi Benevolent Association For War Disabled. 

The Cabbies took 98 veteran War Heroes back to the battlefields of Belgium, to spend three days in the town of Ypres.

Something you wouldn't have read in the main press, or seen on TV news channels last week.

Now known by its Flemish name of Ieper, the town was called ‘Wipers' by the hundreds of thousands of British troops who were stationed in the region between 1914 - 18.

The highlight of the trip was a service at the Menin Gate memorial (Wednesday 11 May) where the last post is played every evening at 8pm. The names of the 54,332 British, Irish and Commonwealth men who fell in the region during WWI and have no known resting place are engraved on the monument.

Veterans and children from a school in Antwerp laid wreaths and were joined by the British Ambassador to Belgium, Alison Rose.

"I am so grateful to the Taxi Charity for organising this year's visit to Ypres for veterans and war disabled," said Ms Rose.

"It was my privilege to join the veterans, the cab drivers and the organisers yesterday evening at the daily commemoration under the Menin Gate, organised so faithfully by the people of Ieper. And today Ieper [Ypres] Barracks will host a military parade in honour of their visitors.

"Thank you, Taxi Charity for all you do to support those who have served and for helping us to remember those who did not come back."

The WWII war heroes, who hail from across London have also visited the Passchendaele Museum, commemorating the bloody Battle of Passchendaele (31 July - 6 November, 1917), the historic Cloth Hall and the Tyne Cot cemetery.

Taxi Charity Committee member, Paul Davis said: "All of our drivers are working cabbies who are giving up their time freely to pick up the vets from their homes across London and give them a memorable experience and the opportunity to pay their respects to those who tragically lost their lives on the WWI battlefields."

Honorary Chairman, Gary Belsey added: "We've had an amazing and emotional pilgrimage to honour those who paid the ultimate sacrifice."

Last year, the Taxi Charity organised a trip to Arnhem to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of The Netherlands and took an active role supporting and transporting veterans to the VE and VJ ceremonies.

Only licenced London taxi drivers can drive for the Taxi Charity and veterans take an active part throughout the year by collecting donations across the capital.

The charity counts Dame Vera Lynn and Joanna Lumley among its patrons.


Click here to view all the stunning photos from the Ypres trip on our Flickr channel.

Also see fantastic video

Leon Daniels TfL, Send A Copy Of Graham's Email To Your MP

Please see copy of letter to my MP below  - please feel free to cut and paste and use as a template to send to your own MP.

Graham Waite
You can find your MP's email address by simply using Google search page.

Dear _ _ add your MP's name here.

I am a London taxi driver and have held a London taxi licence for over 36 years. My trade has been devastated by Uber who employ over 37,000 (rising 
by 600 a week) cheap labour to drive Private Hire Vehicles in London.

I have no problem with fair competition but Uber have circumnavigated all the rules demanded of PHV's with the collaboration of Leon Daniels who is TFL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport.
Leon Daniels has in his capacity as Managing Director of Surface Transport for TfL, approved and introduced measures that have brought London’s capital to a standstill, increasing congestion, increasing pollution, costing business and citizens millions of pounds.

He mislead the GLA Transport Committee by stating on record that Private Hire drivers do not need "full time" Hire and Reward insurance policies, that they can purchase "On-Off" Hire and Reward insurance (inferring that it is not necessary for TfL as the regulator to ensure all Private Hire Vehicles are continually insured correctly) See video.

The Association of British Insurers have confirmed, no such policy exists.

Leon Daniels stated publicly on record in the media that Uber were not using a taximeter to conduct business and then subsequently appointed QC Martin Chamberlain to uphold his view by failing to make the case properly.

Mr Daniels was later questioned by the GLA Transport Committee on record, as to why TfL hadn't insisted that Uber have a manned telephone line, as per the 1998 Private Hire act requires, to which he attempted to obfuscate the issue by telling the GLA committee that the wording of the act is vague and only means that an operator is required to have a land line telephone on the day the license is applied for.

Leon Daniels has now been found to have been in communication via email, assisting Uber UK to word their PR, advertising and complaint responses, so as to mislead the public and further blur the lines between Private Hire and Hackney Carriage and hence place public safety at risk. 

Taken from the front page of the Badge news paper.

I therefore request that you as my MP ask Sadiq Khan the new London Mayor, who has overall responsibility for TfL and it’s actions, to either confirm or deny if Mr Daniel’s has or has not been in direct contact with Uber regarding their responses to various bodies.

I am sure that you will agree, such behaviour if proven, would be in breach of his remit and could be construed as malfeasance and as such should trigger an investigation.

Yours sincerely, 
Add full name and full address.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Has The Licensed Taxi Trade, Lost The Battle Of Heathrow ? Paul Sweeney

Speaking to other drivers at Heathrow today, I was informed that the Hilton hotel, terminal 4 is now operating a rank type system, where the concierge actually calls uber cars up to the main entrance, loads the punters in and off they go.

No prebooked etc zero. Instant rank and hail. 

This is apparently happening everyday and you can see Uber at most of the Heathrow hotels doing the same. 

The feeder park today was six hours, whilst Uber cars sit on every Terminal drop off, touting and waiting for the ping. They've surrounded every nook and cranny at Heathrow, the taxi Marshalls might as well give up. 

Four Met police to control four terminals! 

Whereas at Gatwick, they have 95 dedicated police officers, plus back up. BAA and HAL are openly allowing this to happen 24/7.

TfL manpower, who should be stopping this illegal practice, were again at Paddington, Waterloo, Liverpool Street, reporting licensed Taxi drivers for the heinous crime of over ranking.
Heathrow in my opinion is on its knees.

13/5/16. Please remember this date. 
Heathrow is currently wide open, and we have repeatedly warned the Met for about a potential Uber terrorist attack. Yet they have done nothing, apart from focus on speeding traffic on the Airport boundary roads. 

Security at this Airport is a disaster waiting to happen. Uber drivers have turned Heathrow into a Calas type camp. 

And for urinating/defecating in residential gardens, they are to be rewarded with their own feeder park

Unfortunately the main Unions out there in the taxi feeder park seem clueless and have said next to nothing. 
Uber are illegally picking up, whilst the law abiding taxi trade stews. 

Unbelievable and so frustrating!! 
Surely, Enough is enough.

Click on this link

Croydon Lift Cycling Ban, Despite Opposition From The Elderly, Partially Sighted, And Shop Owners.

Again we see cyclists getting to breeze around a city centre, with little regard to anyone else, with most cyclists ignoring the few laws they have. Why should cyclists get preferential treatment, what about the pedestrians, the old, the very young, the disabled, it appears they have no rights.

Cyclists are to be allowed to ride along North End, under experimental new plans to improve safety for 'cycle riders' in the town centre, which were given the go-ahead this week.

Cyclists are currently banned from riding southbound along the 'pedestrianised shopping street', and may only ride northbound after 6pm and before 10am.

Those who flout the rules can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £50 by police.

But on Tuesday, the council's traffic management committee authorised an experimental order, which is designed to help reduce traffic collisions with cyclists on the streets around North End.

The £15,000 trial, paid for with money allocated from TfL, is expected to be in place initially for 18 months, and could be in place in five weeks' time.

A contraflow cycle lane will be built on the section of North End which allows cars between Poplar Walk and Tamworth Road.

Councillor Kathy Bee, cabinet member for traffic and environment, said the plan was to make cycling in the town centre safer, as alternative routes around North End "are not safe".

She said: "At the moment, the reality is that quite a lot of people do try to take their bike down there.

"The plan is experimental, this is not something where we've made a final decision on yet. (Phew!!)

"If there are problems, we can stop it, but we hope its successful."

The council's accident data shows that 15 cyclists have been involved in collisions in along the Wellesley Road route they must use to travel legally around North End, two of which were classed as "serious".

In the same period, the report says, there were no reports of collisions between cyclists flouting the ban and pedestrians on North End. (I would think the £50 fine would have something to do with these stats)

Kristian Gregory, of campaign group Croydon Cyclists said : "From a cyclist's point of view running into people is not a great idea." He didn't offer a pedestrian view.

He said: "This is an important step in the right direction to facilitating safe cycling in the town centre and local businesses will appreciate the increased trade that cycling routes bring." 

Absolute rubbish again from another Lycra clad councillor

Mr Gregory also called on the council to do more to improve cycle safety in the area. So cycling amongst pedestrians, the elderly, the very young, th a safety improvement ?

What they should do is make cyclists more responsible, by bringing in compulsory registration and make cyclist dismount when in pedestrian areas.

During the first six months of the scheme, members of the public can write to the council to support or object the plan.

The scheme can then be reviewed based on that response

Another Day, Another European Country Ban Uber Pop.

Another day, another European country bans Uber Pop. This time it’s Sweden that has called time on the company’s ridesharing service.

According to Fortune Magazine:

A March 23 decision by an appeals court in Stockholm upheld one of several rulings in lower courts that UberPOP drivers were breaking the law by driving without taxi permits.

Uber said it hoped it could relaunch the service soon. Its final UberPOP offerings in Stockholm and Gothenburg will run on May 18.

If you’re keeping track, that makes Uber Pop banned in France, Germany, Spain and… well… pretty much everywhere else in Western Europe. A source close to the company recently said, "at this point, Uber's strongest European markets are London and Estonia."


Then check out  >this Wikipedia page<

It lists all the places where Uber has been banned or otherwise attacked by regulators. The list is massive.



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Letter To Taxi Leaks : We Must Keep The Ball Tom Scullion

A plea to the London Taxi drivers and supporters.

 We need to get the message out there, we have over  5,000 drivers who have signed the vote of no confidence in Leon Daniels, this is a great start but it still only represents 20% of London's Black cab drivers! 

The last thing we want to hear is the new mayor saying to us that only a small number of drivers are unhappy with Leon Daniels! 

Please, please encourage all Black cab drivers you know to sign this form, all it requires is a name and badge number to validate the vote, if you know a driver that doesn't use social media or doesn't have access to a computer simply get their permission and fill in the form for them! 

It is extremely important that we remove Leon Daniels from his highly paid position as Director of surface transport, as this man has personally overseen the demise of the best taxi service in the world! 

Well here's our chance to kick him where it hurts, let's put pressure on Sadiq Khan and let him know we have had enough! 

Please click on the link below and keep the ball rolling! 

If ever Org, manufacture, and trade associated business's including the radio circuits, Apps, livery company's etc. could share the link above via SMS, email or in print on drivers statements, or the trade press, this would broadcast our intent to bring the wrong doers to book.

Tfl saw our failed efforts to take them to task on the Judicial review as a sign of weakness and disharmony within our trade, now we know the truth that Tfl conspired and colluded with several PHV companies, with the sole intention of killing off the London's trades exclusive right to ply for hire. 

It's time to fight back, 30 seconds of your time can and will make the difference.

Be lucky 

Tom Scullion

Time is running out for those who have acted against the Interests of the Taxi trade.

The Fall Of The Hackney Carriage Empire.... By Jim Thomas

Over the last 12 months there has been a significant amount of Chinese whispers surgically placed on all forms of social media. Multiple fake accounts on Twitter have launched into smear campaigns to discredit those strong of character who stood up against the so called big boys.

Rumour, of a coming together of the tribal chiefs, eluding to the strong possibility of full trade unity, is currently flavour of the day.

For many years the trade has been decimated by empire building individuals, who have built themselves ivory towers, while at the same time offering little to the trade in return.

The Taxi industry is in such a disastrous state, drivers are now desperate for any form of action which could possibly put the trade back on track, after being pushed off the rails by a certain newcomer to the market place.

But is full trade unity, truly the answer ?

Let's look back in history at one of the most successful unions of all time. Democratic and seemingly invincible, the Roman Empire stood solid for almost two millennia. Being a Roman citizen was not forced upon the populous, you could be born a Roman, you could work to achieve citizenship, or you could win your freedom by fight or favour....or you could carry on being a slave.

In 212 AD, all that changed when emperor Caracalla went against the wishes of the senate and decided to make everyone living within the confines of the empire a Roman citizen. Virtually overnight, there was an extra 30 million citizens. 

Needless to say, when all became equal, they soon found new ways to divide and "exclude", sounds familiar !

Within a mere couple of centuries, the fall of the Great Roman Empire became inevitable.

So what can we learn from history ?
Having made the same mistakes over and over again....probably nothing !

If all trade orgs were suddenly made equal, would certain orgs still strive to become more equal than others?

Our trade representation appears to be all over the place. 
In the news;
 • The UCG are raising money for a plan B
 • The LTDA are about to announce a plan B (anyone remember plan A)
 • The LCDC are concerntrating on the Ubergate emails
 • The RMT appear to be still working on their singular plan A       
 • Unite, for no apparent reason, seem to have left the field of play all together.

Looking back over the our colourful 350 years of history, we've never seen true trade unity. 

Even when we had just the one union, we still managed to form little rebellious groups which exclude others. 
Anazingly, with all the division we've made for ourselfs, we're still in the ring punching above our weight....for now !

Left to their own devices, it looks like our orgs will never make the move to total unity, so it falls on the shoulders of the rank and file, to clear the shelves of old stock and deadwood. We need to stop letting dinosaurs, who should have retired long ago, drag us down by woeful misrepresentation.

Perhaps the time has come for an umbrella group.
A pseudo Senate, who could make policy and negotiate with our licensing authority on behalf of the whole trade, not just a proportion of, without third party influence, or conflict of interests.

Because let's face it, what we have now....isn't working.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Angry Bristol cabbies are threatening to bring streets to halt in Uber protest.

TAXI drivers who claim that the rise of online firm Uber is putting the trade at risk are now threatening to bring the streets of Bristol to a standstill with a massive demonstration.

A delegation of London cabbies came to Bristol last week to talk to the city's drivers about the rising influence of the internet firm on the trade.

The United Cabbies Group as thousands of members across the country and recently organised a demonstration which saw the streets of the capital bought to a complete standstill.

Around 8,000 cab drivers caused traffic chaos when they blockaded the streets around Westminster and the West End lost month.

The group already has members in most other major cities including Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester and they are looking to recruit in Bristol.

And they have promised to stage a demonstration if their concerns about Uber are not addressed.

Spokesman and organiser Len Martin said: "We would be very keen to talk to the new mayor of Bristol about our concerns.

"If he or she is not willing to speak to us then we would be more than ready to organise the kind of demonstration that we held in London. "We had about 8,000 cab drivers turn out in central London and we are more than confident that we could get at least 1,000 drivers into Bristol.

"We are very serious about this because we believe that this company poses a real threat to the taxi trade."

The association claims that there are currently around 200 Uber drivers operating in Bristol and about 70 to 80 per cent of them come from outside the city.

Transport for London, which licenses taxis in the capital, said a 'grey area' could make it easier for cabbies based in the capital to take jobs in Bristol.

Under the current rules only Hackney Cabs can be hailed in the street while private hire cars have to be booked. The Uber app means that people can get a private hire car easier than ever before and know how much the journey will cost them.

Unite, the union that represents many black-cab drivers, is backing the campaign and claims the government is biased against their trade.

Tim Lloyd, a taxi driver based in Bristol, said: "It does feel that as a trade we are being short-changed by the government."But this is not just about the drivers it is also about customer safety.

"The drivers are coming to Bristol from all over the country and they are not subject to the same level of checks."The drivers can get a licence within a matter of weeks with a much lower level of background checks and they do not have to take the same level of tests."

Under the current regulations private hire drivers are able to start or end a trip anywhere in the UK as long as their private hire licence and vehicle licence match the licensed operator that processes their booking.

A spokesman for Uber said the firm did not want to comment on the criticisms and proposed demonstration.He added: "There is no difference between Uber and other drivers.

"All our drivers are checked and have to be licensed."We operate under the same conditions and the same rules as the rest of the industry."

Janet Street Porter Says : Cyclists Have Turned London's Democracy, Into A Dictatorship.

The wonderful city of London was once a pleasure to walk through, but it's recently been 'brought to its knees by cycling' claims Janet Street a Porter, in her film on the arrival of more segregated cycle lanes.

Cyclists get to breeze around the our city with little regard to anyone else, subject to virtually no laws governing their behaviour, with most cyclists ignoring the few laws they have.

Janet asks the question:

Why should cyclists get preferential treatment over the rest of us. 

What about pedestrians, the old, the very young, the disabled, people who may not want to or be able to cycle...don't they have rights.

Cycling in London is subject to few rules, whether it's obeying red lights or keeping off the pavement. 

And even when these cycling lanes are finally finished, cyclists won't have to use them, they can still take their chances on the open highways with the rest of us! 

Janet goes on to say she thought we lived in a democracy, but it seems cyclists have more clout than any one else. 

Isn't it about time the rest of us stood up for our rights and informed the cyclists that our roads are also for cars, lorries, buses and Taxis. 

Janet believes cyclists won't be happy till all other forms of transport are irradiated. 

Uber accused of illegally influencing effort to reduce background checks.

Uber is at the center lawsuit filed in a federal court in Austin, Texas, that alleges the company sent unsolicited automatic text messages to customers to drum up support for a ballot measure that would ease background checks for rideshare drivers.

The lawsuit filed in the US Court of the Western District claims that Uber violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by “robo-texting thousands of unwanted text messages to the cellphones of thousands” of Austin customers, without their express consent. 

Under the TCPA, the lawsuit explains, it is unlawful for companies or individuals to call or send text messages using an “artificial or prerecorded voice” to cellular phones - with the exception of emergencies or the caller received the recipient’s consent. 

Both major transportation network companies - Uber and Lyft - have been vocal in their support for Proposition 1, a referendum that would eliminate the requirement for rideshare drivers to include fingerprinting in their background checks. But Uber has overstepped, according to recipients of the alleged text messages. 

Lawyers for Melissa Cubria, an Austin-area activist who filed the class-action suit, argue that Uber violated their customers’ privacy by using their phone numbers to send messages for political purposes. 

“[I]t is absurd to imagine that Uber paid individual, living persons to manually type and then manually send thousands (and perhaps tens of thousands) of individual text messages in support of a political campaign underway,” the lawsuit says.

The court filing includes numerous screen captures of text messages allegedly sent to Uber customers in Austin that, it is claimed, show duplicate messages sent to various users, where the only difference is the sender’s name. When recipients respond with “STOP” or criticism of the tactics, that generated an apparent auto-response that did not acknowledge the previous message, it is alleged.

The text messages have “strong indicia of being generated not as part what would be an incredibly complex and tedious live, manually-dialed/manually texted political outreach effort,” the suit reads, “but rather as part of a robo-texting effort using auto-dial technology by Uber or third parties working at Uber’s direction to boost the prospects for passage of Prop 1.”

Images of text messages allegedly sent by Uber included in the lawsuit filing

Residents of the Texas capital will decide on whether or not to ride alongside ridesharing companies, or side with the city in a 7 May special election on Prop 1. In the push to win Austin’s favour, Uber and Lyft reportedly spent $8.1m (£5.6m) campaigning for the measure through the PAC Ridesharing Works for Austin, according to campaign finance reports released 29 April - although some estimate that figure to be higher. 

“Uber and Lyft’s $8.8m (£6.1) and growing in corporate spending as of Tuesday is a testament to how far these corporations are willing to go to rule Austin and overturn Austin’s public safety rules,” former Austin City Council member Laura Morrison said, adding that the amount of money spent on this campaign is “unprecedented”.

Ms Morrison is the spokesperson for the PAC that opposes Prop 1, Our City Our Safety Our Choice (OCOSOC), and called on the county district attorney to look into the practises of the companies, saying, "[W]e are calling for a broad investigation of Uber and Lyft’s actions to determine if they have stepped over the line from grossly inappropriate to illegality.” 

The OCOSOC site claims that should Prop 1 pass, it would set an ill precedent for corporations to do as they please. 

“If Uber succeeds with [Prop 1],” the website reads, “then other corporations may seek to overturn city rules on safe housing construction, worker safety, building limits in floodplains, clean water standards, neighborhood zoning, and a host of other public safety protections.”

Uber maintained that the company has acted lawfully, and accuses Prop 1 opponents of trying to influence the outcome of Saturday’s vote.

“We have taken great precaution to comply with applicable laws and believe the claims in this lawsuit are meritless,” the company said in a statement to KVUE

“The announcement of this action at an anti-Prop 1 press conference also reveals how it was designed to unduly influence the election.”

The Austin City Council put into place regulations that required rideshare drivers undergo fingerprint based background checks, identical to those required of taxi and limo drivers in the state. 

Ridesharing Works for Austin launched a petition drive and gathered more than 20,000 signatures, successfully calling for the special election to repeal the ordinance.

Both Uber and Lyft have threatened to leave the city if the measure fails. 

Representatives from Uber did not immediately respond to request for comment

AskPOB Survey, On Key Issues Around Working Practises At Heathrow.

AskPOB is conducting an independent survey to establish driver opinion on key issues around Heathrow. 

AskPOB is an impartial third party, working in collaboration with trade organisations and groups, such as the LTDA, LCDC and UCG,  to reach as many licensed taxi drivers as possible.

Would you be prepared to offer capped fares to Heathrow from all London postcodes ?

 Would you be prepared to offer capped fares to all London postcodes from Heathrow ?

If a capped fare from W1 to Heathrow Terminal 2 was to be introduced, how much should it be ?

Should the local return time be reduce ? 
Should there be a dress code ?
Should there be a code of conduct administered by the trade ?

All these questions and more.

Survey finishes Monday 16th May.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Getting The Message Out To The Rank And Jim Thomas.

With total signatures nearing 5,000, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and do a little bit of overtime to help the petition.

Last night I managed to get a dozen of my closest pals to sign in Camley Street, KXTC. No mean feat as the majority of my friends are in their senior years and some have been driving Taxis for over 50 years. Most are uneasy with technology. 

After a difficult half hour, trying to get them to enter their details on my iPhone, I gave up in shear frustration and went back to the old method, getting them to write their name and badge number down. I could then enter the details on their behalf at my own leisure. 

Even this turned into a mammoth task with most putting unreadable signatures -Good job I already know their names.

All in all, I viewed my evenings work as a success, so I decided to take it a step further and planned an afternoon drive into Harrow and ask the suburban drivers on the station rank for their support by signing Daniels' vote of no confidence. 

I was surprised to find, most had no knowledge of the latest events from Ubergate and the offending emails. Unbelievably, some drivers had never even heard of Leon Daniels. 

After passing round my one copy of the badge, I managed to get another 30 drivers to sign, so not a complete waste of time. 

Explaining the situation to each and every individual in turn was very time consuming. But once explained in detail, drivers were happy to give their full support.

I was surprised to find the club don't deliver the badge to the tobacconist by the rank. The local drivers only link with the trade is from the LTDA's Taxi paper. Having spoken to the manager, he informed me, he sees no problem with drivers picking up trade papers or magazines from his shop, adding he has always supported the local rank Taxis.

As this method of achieving sign ups, (clipboard collecting name and badge number) has now proved itself successful, I will be approaching even more drivers on the Mayfair and West London ranks later this evening. 

Please help me to keep this good work going: 
If you have friends who are a bit slow or unsure with tech, offer to help them fill out the petition. 
It only takes a few seconds -three ticks, your name and badge number and send- it's really that simple.

Remember the old saying : 

"If you destroy someone's life with a lie, then your life can be destroyed by the truth".

Ubergate ! Still not signed....

Monday, May 09, 2016

London Taxi Radios, Sound of the suburbs....Episode 6




Tel: 020 8144 8294

London Taxi Radio is an New Digital Media initiative incorporating an online radio station, podcasts, Youtube channel, photographs and video footage

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Uber Cease Operations In Austin Texas, After Losing Vote On Finger Print Background Checks.

Ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft are to cease operations in Austin, Texas, after losing a vote over required fingerprint background checks for drivers.

The rival companies said they plan to shut down their services on Monday 9th May 2016, after voters in the Texas capitol rejected Proposition 1, a measure that would have exempted drivers from required fingerprinting as part of checks into their backgrounds. Lyft said the vote will make it harder for part-time drivers to offer rides in the city.

"We have to take a stand for a long-term path forward that lets ridesharing continue to grow across the country, and will pause operations in Austin on Monday, May 9," Lyft said in a statement. 

"Disappointment does not begin to describe how we feel about shutting down operations in Austin," Uber said in a statement.

The vote comes amid growing concern for the safety of passengers on ride-hailing services. In the past two years, Uber has been dogged by allegations of drivers assaulting, raping and kidnapping passengers.

Last month, Uber agreed to pay as much as $25 million to settle a lawsuit in California that accused the ride-hailing company of misleading consumers about safety.

Editorial Comment :

Questions begs to be asked;

What is it that Uber are so scared to find out about their work force, through finger print background checks?

Just what is it they seek to hide?

Why would a TfL top officer seek to protect this company in London?

Sign the vote of no confidence in Loeon Daniels.

Click this link:

Warning as woman is raped after getting into BMW she thought was a Taxi.

A woman has been raped in Wigan, after she got into a car she believed to be a private hire car acting as a Taxi.

The victim, in her 30s, approached a pale blue or silver BMW on Market Street, in Hindley, Wigan . She was then driven to an unknown location in the Platt Bridge area of the town where she was raped.

Police are now hunting a man following the incident, which happened at around 12.10am on Monday May 2.

He is described as being Asian, in his 30s and of average build. He spoke in broken English and was wearing white clothing.

The incident which was not reported immediately, as in over 60% of similar cases, was reported to police a short time later. The woman is now being provided with support by specially trained officers.

Police are now warning people to make sure to use licensed taxis or pre book a private hire vehicle from a reputable firm.

Officers have launched an investigation and are appealing for any information about the incident.

Detective Constable Kevin Byrne, of Greater Manchester Police’s Wigan Division, urged any witnesses to come forward.

He said: “This is an awful incident which has understandably left the victim feeling very distressed and she is now being provided with support from specially trained officers at this difficult time.

“I know an incident such as this will understandably cause a lot of concern within the community but I want to assure everybody that we have launched a full investigation with a team of determined detectives working to identify the person responsible.

“We would also ask that members of the public to take a licensed taxi or if you prefer a minicab, book a car from a reputable minicab company".