Saturday, April 30, 2016

Expelled, For Seeking Answers To Questions : Swept Under The Carpet? ... Not This Time.

This trade IS sleep walking into oblivion.
Certain people we trusted, have been partner to agendas and bad decisions, in full knowledge of the direction we were being taken.

They sat back, said and did nothing. Certain trade reps were/are afraid to speak out, incase they're turned away from the meetings and black balled. Smaller, more militant groups which formed in the wake of the lack of proper representation, were excluded altogether.

A tribal system was set in place, engineered to keep us divided and weak, while affording those complicit, a cosy little number.

Look at the state of our once glorious trade.
The overpriced Taxis, the advertising, some smothered by all over liveries and super sides which tarnish the look of our once iconic vehicles. 

Look at the symbolism.
The different coloured lanyards, diaries, IDs, window stickers, all of which divide the trade further, instead of helping to unite the rank and file. 
We have been forced into subgroups, reducing any form of resistance and diluting the spirit to fight.

Not satisfied with going forward together for the benefit of the trade, building little empires seeking singular glory, dropping a spanner in the works of any plan put forward by others, which failed to result in the complete kudos coming their way. 

They've filled their respective magazines and news letters for many years with self glorification content which further added to diversifying the workforce.

Anyone who stands up and cries foul, is immediately castigated and expelled. 

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LondonTaxiPR New Advertising Campaign To Promote The Trade.

Hi all, just a quick post to make you all aware that we at LondonTaxiPR are raising funds for a new advertising campaign. 

The target required is 14k ! The campaign is for advertising the trade in 30 London clubs & bars, as well as in 8 stations. 

The coverage on this is huge, and targets the young social audience, plus all ages passing through the stations. Estimated quality impacts on this campaign is approx 3.5 million. Quality impacts are the amount of times the ads will be physically seen over the 4 week campaign period.

Washroom posters, beer mats, bar towels, mirror signage will all be promoting our trade & service. 
Many have voiced their demands for our trade having positive PR. If you want advertising & PR for our trade then we, at LondonTaxiPR have the campaigns to introduce it. All we ask is for you to back your demands.

Just 1000 drivers contributing £14 gives us this target, the same as 1400 drivers contributing just £10, and all the money contributed by each of you, helps to promote you and your trade. 

To join in & contribute towards this new fantastic campaign, targeting London's clubs, bars & stations audience, go to and click on the PayPal donate link at the bottom of the page. 

This trade has recently shown that it can come together and support positive actions. The generosity shown by the trade in contributing to such actions is superb. Let's make another positive campaign happen. 

You can find out more about us by visiting our website or follow us on Twitter @londontaxi_pr 


Many thanks 

Lee & Gary

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sarah Lacy, founder, Editor in Chief, CEO, On Arianna Huffington Joining Uber Board.

Really sad and hurt and disgusted to see the news that Arianna Huffington is joining the board of Uber. This is a company whose treatment of women has been so horrible that the UN Women's group backed out of a deal with them. That's right: When it comes to women's issues, Uber is "the North Korea" of startups. 

It's an organization that has blamed women's attire or alcohol intake when they've claimed to be assaulted in Uber cars. It's an organization that does marketing stunts alluding to women as prostitutes. 

Not only that, it's an organization that threatens the lives and families of female *journalists* specifically. So Arianna is doubly selling out "her own." 

It gets worse: Arianna was at the dinner where Emil Michael threatened to "go after" the families of me and other journalists in the most disgusting ways you can imagine. And she did nothing. When I asked her she said she didn't hear it. Convenient. I asked if she had heard it, if she would have reported it. She did not answer. 

This is all the more harrowing to me because Arianna was my previous "boss" when AOL bought TechCrunch. And sadly, I was the one who defended her as AOL eroded so much of the value of the brand-- specifically TechCrunch's fierce voice and willingness to call out bad actors in the tech world. 

I was in labor with Eli when Michael Arrington was ousted from the company. He and Heather had promised me the job of editor in chief. It was given to someone else by Arianna while I was in labor. Even then, I gave her the benefit of the doubt as she likely didn't know about this plan. 

But today, I have no illusions that Arianna supports women, journalists or otherwise, if it's remotely inconvenient for her. 

Four years ago, she sent Eli baby presents when she needed me to stay at AOL. Today, she goes to work for someone who actually threatened my family. It's staggering. 

Paul and I have frequently debated what would have happened if I'd stayed at TechCrunch. He'd long argued AOL would have never allowed us to the journalism we've done over the last four years. I argued the right leadership at TechCrunch could have kept the fierce, truth-telling, no bullshit spirit that made it the industry's conscience in it's pre-AOL heyday. 

Sadly, today's news confirms that I was wrong about Arianna. There's no doubt we would have been silenced. 

On one level, I feel like I've dodged a bullet making the decision I did to leave four years ago. But it makes me so sad to see a strong powerful woman in the industry sell out so many other women who don't have a voice. For what? Money? Power? 

THIS is what holds women back in tech, in media, and in any corner of the business world.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cinnamon Spice Restaurant, Put Customers In Fake Minicab.

Cinnamon Spice Indian Cusine Restaurant put a group of customers in a fake minicab that had no insurance, no TfL vehicle licence and was not driven by a TfL licensed driver. 

The complaint below has appeared on the Trip Advisor 

This restaurant provided a car for a group last night and then that car was stopped in a routine traffic stop by police and was found to have no licence, no insurance and no PCO licence in the drivers name. 

When challenged the passengers stated that the restaurant had ordered it for them. 

Turns out the car was driven by one of the friends of someone who worked in the restaurant, they were charging £55 to go to Excel. 

What an utter disgrace!! 

They could have been injured and the passengers would have had no legal leg to stand on to claim compensation. 

Advice would be to hail a black cab.

Visited April 2016

Manager at Cinnamon Spice, responded to this review, 2 days ago

We used this mini cab office when customers ask us to do so, we than confirm the prices with the customer. I was told it was £45 and I told the customer. 

The company we phoned is called Budged Cars tel no. 02079356444.
Please beware of them as we will never use the again.

I have had a word with the cab office and they said that the customers were not charged and that the police was doing a routine checks on cars and that they are all licences and insured. I also have informed trading standard and reported to the police.

I or cinnamon spice have no interest or involvement with this cab office and I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.
I thank you for bring this to our attention as we were not aware of this.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me at the restaurant.

Kind regards
Cinnamon spice
12-14 Glentworth Street

Source : Trip Advisor. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Huffington Press Founder, Invited To Join Uber.

Founder Arianna Huffington, has been invited to join the board at Uber. 

Arianna, an exponent of the benefits of napping should fit in well with the uber work force who regularly take naps, unfortunately this happens when they're driving. 

Why not ask her on Twitter what she is going to do about the sexual assaults and rapes

the vast amount of insurance fraud, the drivers who are in deep water from bad car loans, the people who have been injured in Uber car accidents, the people who have lost thousands of pounds after their account details were sold on the dark web, and the environmental damage caused by flooding the roads with 30,000 cars, that take ridership away from public transit. 

Tweet her now @ariannahuff. 
Send her links to stories, reports and data. 
She needs to address these well documented issues.


Dear Leonard,

Thank you for your email about my views on Uber and London's Taxi trade. Apologies for the delay in replying.

I am a great supporter of London's Taxi Trade. Over the last two years I have worked hard to ensure TfL's poor record in regulating the Taxi and Private Hire trade is fully exposed, including publishing the report Future Proof, as chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee.

It is not by chance that the Black cab has been voted by Londoners as the most iconic piece of London transport design. There were also very good reasons why the closing ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic Games so prominently featured London Taxis. Taxis are a vital part of London's transport infrastructure and are recognised and respected around the world.

One other important feature of London's Taxis is their access standards for disabled people, with every Taxi being fully wheelchair accessible (and having other important access features) since 2000.

To find out more about my views on the London Taxi Trade I do hope this article I wrote for Taxi Newspaper is of interest. The article starts on page 5.

    Caroline talking with the Save Our Black Taxis Group

While Uber cannot be prohibited I do think it is wrong that as a company they have had such special access to both Government Ministers and TfL. I am also concerned about the way 10 Downing Street has not been open over its lobbying on behalf of Uber as can be seen in the conflicting information given in these two freedom of information requests, with TfL admitting that they have corresponded with 10 Downing Street, but 10 Downing Street denying they have any records of corresponding with TfL on the issue of the regulation of private hire vehicles. Reply.pdf

Clearly the current Mayor and TfL have failed to keep up with the pace of technological change to regulate effectively the growing number of private hire operators.

My proposals for maintaining effective choice for passengers and protecting passenger safety include:

Doubling the number of dedicated taxi and private hire compliance officers to 165 within a year to ensure all Private Hire Drivers are fully covered by 'hire and reward' insurance and their vehicles are safe.

Seeking to introduce a cap on the number of Private Hire Vehicles in London. The Mayor of London can in effect initiate a Bill in Parliament and I would use this mechanism.

   Talking with Taxi Drivers on the street.

TfL to bulk purchase a fleet of new zero emission capable Taxis and lease and sell them to Taxi drivers and garages. I am concerned that the current price of the new zero emission capable Taxis will be a barrier to their uptake, unless TfL takes the step of directly purchasing a large order of them and driving the price down.

I would retain access to bus lanes for Taxis and take firm action against Private Hire Vehicles which avoid paying the Congestion Charge when they do not have a booking.

Full details of my policies can be seen in my manifesto:

Thank you writing to me on this important issue.

With very best wishes,

Caroline Pidgeon

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London 

And The gloves Are Off....Addison Lee Splinter Group Letter... Looks Like They Mean Business.

Drivers from the minicab firm Addison Lee protested yesterday over reduced rates introduced by the company.

The familiar black cars filled the famous square at lunchtime, hooting horns and hampering traffic.

London Live spoke to some of the drivers and representatives from the GMB Union, which was leading today's action. 

In a statement, Addison Lee denied that the recently introduced changes had adversely affected drivers.

"Despite the number of private hire drivers in the London market increasing by over 50% in the past 2 years, our average driver earnings have increased by 5% compared to this time last year," said a spokesperson. "We can assure all our clients that our drivers are fairly compensated for their time and service."

Source : London Live.

Press Release From The London Suburban Taxi-drivers’ Coalition.

Dear member,
You have certainly noticed the illegal activity surrounding smart phone app based private hire drivers especially Uber forming illegal ranks and jinking car park systems at stations near you.

This kind of illegal activity “ pickpockets" you the driver. We now have a London wide problem with this activity. Following the recent demonstrations at St Pancras it is time to bring this to a head. If we allow this to continue private hire drivers will become more emboldened and in the end there will be a long illegal rank directly outside  every station/car park. 

The problem of illegal parking by private hire drivers especially Uber has now reached breaking point. In the suburban extension of Stoke Newington the problem is so great that they are parking 2 or 3 deep so you cannot possibly even stop for hail in the street which is exactly what they want.  Meanwhile at Tottenham Hale private hire drivers are using the NCP as an illegal taxi rank in order to line their pockets at our expense. 

At Wimbledon Bridge hard-working taxi drivers have been forced to stage demonstrations apparently due to Uber vehicles forming a “rolling rank” outside the station.

We know by now that  Transport for London don’t want to enforce regulations for private hire vehicles only  for taxi drivers. with the recent blockades of St Pancras station by green badge drivers determined to defend their living, now is the time for hard action in a time of increased adversity from our non taxpaying enemies.
To be fair to the councils they are receptive to the problems being faced with the advent of smart phone technology. This is a relatively new phenomenon  which all of the London authorities will have to catch up to.
It is the duty of all  of us to let them know that this problem unless sorted out will only get worse.

Below is a copy of our communication to NCP. As it progresses we will let you know.

Our taxi organisation the  London Suburban Taxi-drivers’ Coalition wish to inform you that-.
Your NCP car park is being used for illegal parking  and an illegal taxi rank by Uber and other private hire vehicles.
How does it work-
Apparently there are 2 cameras situated by the NCP car park, but it appears that only one of these cameras is functional so drivers cannot be seen parking in the car park.
They are not parking inside the boxes  (which are all occupied) they are parking outside the boxes and then using the phone “app” in order to show that they are visibly available for hiring to customers who come out of the station. Not only is this illegal and detrimental to our workplace and earnings but it is also making a professionally run NCP car park into a “ dodgy den”.
How to progress-
We are providing some photos of the offending vehicles. When you check your records we are certainly you will find that most if not all of these vehicles are parking illegally.
We are representatives of the LSTC with over 500 members many of whom work in the Tottenham Hale area. They have asked us to investigate this and  put a stop it. There are a range of options at our disposal. We are sure you will agree with us that  a parking business must be run in a safe manner and illegalities prevented.
If  you could set up a meeting at Tottenham Hale we can provide further photographic evidence and discuss ways that this could be prevented.
With the advent of Uber and other smart phone-based private car hiring apps a new phenomenon has occurred London wide where owners of private hire vehicles are forming illegal “ranks” outside stations. They will park everywhere and anywhere they feel like if they can get away with it. This has recently come to a head with demonstrations and blockades around the St Pancras area. Camden Council are acting on the problem and the same has occurred at Wimbledon Bridge. It is extremely likely that at the Abbey Wood development cameras will be going in to prevent this sort of illegality and politely we can only say that unfortunately unless the NCP (and other private car parks) are correctly enforced then this will become widespread. The taxi associations across London (working with the local councils and developers) are determined to stop this kind of thing as it brings traffic chaos, pollution  and congestion into the area.
Politely we are sure that you are aware from a business point of view this is detrimental to your business a situation that is in nobody’s benefit.
If you would like to call  or e-mail us, we will be most happy to set up a meeting between yourselves and our association and provide further documentary evidence in order to achieve a solution.
Nick Gilbert. 
London Suburban Taxi-drivers’ Coalition

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Eurostar Show How They Feel, About Having A Safe Licensed Taxi Rank Outside St Pancras.

If you see private hire vehicles, illegally ranking outside St Pancras station in Pancras or Midland Road, 
Call the Brirish Transport Police on  0800 405040 
Don't forget to ask for a cad number, as your call will be registered as a complaint. 
If you settle for a reference number, your call is just recorded as a phone call, with no detail.

You can also send a text message to British Transport Police

You can also make a complaint direct to Camden Council on 0207 9744444 
Nice to know how much we are valued by Eurostar. 

It looks like Euro Star would prefer to put their passengers in cars....these cars!

Your 'avin an uber! The Law Abiders Lament: I'm Spartacus.

Your 'avin an uber!
As time moves on so does slang and due to the disgusting habits of semi civilised uber drivers who in the immortal words of Sean Paul Day spend their time 'pi**ing and a'sh**ting' in the gardens and alleyways of London especially near the airport we now have an updated term.

Of course if this disgusting behaviour was carried out by Taxi drivers or even other PH drivers, LTPH would be issuing notices, councils ASBO's and the old bill on the case, but of course it's not.

As if we didn't know it's our old tax avoiding, rule ignoring friends from the U.S  and plans continue to give them a rank (and it is a rank) at LAP, even other PH are saying to the airport that's 'no booking, no entry' rule must apply.

So there we have it, next time nature calls of either type, just pull over do the necessary at the kerb and if the old bill or anyone else decides to intervene, say ' just 'avin an uber', be sure you won't get any aggro then.

We should consider having a mass uber in Parliament Square to ensure all our grievances and requirements are met?

After all it worked for them!

The  Law Abiders Lament:
How can a business that sets itself up to ignore the law be licensed?

How can the licensing authority find this acceptable?

How can councils, known to be ruthless in parking enforcement turn a blind eye to their activities?

How can the world's most famous police force destroy its own reputation by standing idle?

How can a government paid for by its people's taxes, side with a business that pays little UK?

How can that same government that says it supports small businesses, act to destroy them?

How do we let them get away with it?

I'm Spartacus.

A quick word from our roving reporter Glen Alutto. 
It has emerged that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), from April 2014- August 2015 has made 872 trips in minicabs from a company that pays its taxes abroad.

It's interesting to note that the amount of Uber usage by the FCO, increased dramatically in the 5 months from April to August 2015.

And secret squirrel meetings with Uber.

Bent Hotels In SW7 And W2 : Undercover Cabbies Investigate.

FaceBook group, Save our Black Taxis' undercover cabbies have posted two individual hits on suspected 'bent' hotels. One hit by observation and one by covert camera action.

Undercover Cabby A, Two Hotels in Queensgate.

Also over the past few weeks. I have parked on the Queens gate rank and can confirm that the Double Tree hotel ( Formally the Regency), on three separate occasions and spanning a period of just under three hours, I sat and watched the hotel put 40 customers into Uber cars. At the same time only 5 London taxis were called across. 

It would appear the hotel now puts its customers direct into Uber cars and are basically by-passing the appointed rank outside. 

The Kensington hotel opposite, did not use one black taxi. I observed them putting 21 customers into Uber. Not us or even Addison Lee. 

Undercover Cabby B, spoke to the concierge in two hotels, the Millennium Baileys SW7 and the Double Tree Hilton In Bayswater. 

Our driver asked if they could book him a Taxi, to take him to the Heathrow Airport. 

Both times he was advised to use the hotel car/ minicab service.

See video below.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Dads Defending Daughters : A Week Of Marc Turner.

Last week was momentous for the London cab trade. 

Billed as a 'week of disobedience' it achieved five consecutive days of demonstrations against the authorities who've blighted our lives with their connivance and facilitation of You know who.

Organised by 'new kids' on our industries block, 'Dad Defending Daughters'. with the backing of the RMT. People said it couldn't be done, as it had never been tried before, why should that assumption have been doubted? 

What was so astounding is that we've always been 'org' lead. They've called the tunes that their followers have danced to. Not anymore. 
Last week London witnessed it's historic first ever 'drivers lead' demo, which the trade orgs were content to support. 

The action was brought about due to the frustration of Camden Councils inability or disinterest to enforce their own waiting restrictions in the set down/waiting bays in Pancras Road NW1 by Saint Pancras Eurostar and Kings Cross stations. They've become a hub for 'non prebooked' oportunistic PH cars, causing traffic congestion as well as posing a huge security risk. 

The five day Stations blockade proved the doubters wrong and brought about negotiations between TFL and RMT. 

Dads Defending Daughters were most grateful for the cooperation of the Mayfair Mob, Shoreditch Mob, Flash Demo and like minded Taxi Drivers

Government might be extolling the virtues of 'disruptive technology'...but that works both ways, and for an unforgettable week technology was 'our' great aid to disruption!!!

 Pancras Road this morning, with PCO in attendance. But is this just a token gesture?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Revealed: ‘Worrying’ hike in number of people hospitalised after bus crashes in Islington

Safety campaigners this week called for action over a steep hike in the number of people being hospitalised after bus crashes in Islington. 

Safety data published quarterly on the Transport for London website show 65 people needed hospital treatment after incidents on or involving buses in the borough in 2015. There were 29 in 2014, an increase of 124 per cent.

Of the injuries in 2015, 33 were serious compared with 11 in 2014.

While in 2014 there were no fatalities in Islington, in 2015 one person died as a result of a collision with a bus.

Meanwhile, across the capital, hospitalisations from bus incidents increased by 22 per cent in 2015 and fatalities by 40 per cent.

Bus safety campaigner Tom Kearney, who was left fighting for his life after being hit by a bus in Oxford Street seven years ago, said he was horrified by the figures.

He said: “Based on TfL’s own numbers, Islington’s numbers are even more horrific with a 200 per cent year on year increase in the number of people taken to hospital from a bus safety incident.”

Green Islington councillor Caroline Russell described the figures as “worrying”. “The most recent figures show a worrying increase in bus collision incidents in Islington and in the numbers of people both seriously and slightly injured in these crashes,” she told the Gazette. 

“Looking at one year of data may not set a statistical trend, but Islington residents will be concerned to see so many people hospitalised this year due to incidents with buses.”

But Tony Akers, TfL’s bus chief, said the casualty rate for the capital’s bus network remained “low” with an average 2.6 injuries per million passenger journeys.

“The majority of those injuries are minor,” he added.

He added: “Safety remains our top priority and we have announced a major safety programme, which includes updating bus contracts.

“It should also be noted that the overall trend for collisions involving a bus or coach where someone has been killed or seriously injured has fallen by 48 per cent over the last decade.”

The sole person killed by a bus in Islington last year was 22-year-old City graduate David Wood, who died under the wheels of a double-decker at the junction of Clerkenwell Road and Farringdon Road on August 20. He had been due to start work as a radiographer at St Bart’s.

Source : Islington gazette

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wes Streeting Says "I'll Continue To Fight To Save Taxi Trade".

MP Wes Streeting has vowed to keep up the pressure to save the taxi trade after calling for better regulation of private hire cars in the House of Commons.

The MP for Ilford North, wants stricter laws governing the private hire car trade, which includes minicab drivers working for Uber.

He had tabled a private member’s bill but a second reading scheduled for Yesterday, will not be going ahead.

Mr Streeting said: “Unfortunately, because Parliament has run out of time, my bill will not get a second reading this time, but the campaign goes on.

“Having put the issue on the agenda in Parliament in front of the Chancellor, the focus will now shift onto working with the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA), the London Cab Drivers Club and others to keep up the pressure on the government and the next Mayor of London to take real action to save the taxi trade.”

Drivers of London’s black taxis have a long-standing feud with Uber, which allows users to speedily hire a cab through a smartphone app. Many believe the drivers are not being regulated properly over insurance, taxes, plying for trade and driving ability. 

Mr Streeting introduced the Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Operators Regulation bill with a short speech, known as a 10-minute rule, last month. He called for all drivers of private hire vehicles (PHVs) to take additional tests that show they have the necessary skills and knowledge, as well for regulation around taxes and insurance.

Mr Streeting has also raised concerns that Uber drivers often choose not to pick up blind people with guide dogs after a survey said this was “all too common an issue with private hire vehicles”, adding that passengers had faced sexual discrimination from some drivers. 

In response to accusations about drivers not having adequate insurance, an Uber spokesman said: “Every driver that partners with Uber has the correct full commercial insurance and Uber keeps a record of every policy. When a policy expires the driver can’t take trips until a new policy is in place.”

On the guide dog accusations, they added: “Uber celebrates diversity and does not tolerate any form of discrimination whatsoever.”

Also in Parliament this week, Andrew Jones, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport) said:

"We have regular meetings with the Mayor of London and discuss a range of topics including the Private Hire Vehicle trade.

"The respective standards between taxis and private hire veh"icles are a matter for the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL)".

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Blasts Uber For Poor Treatment Of Workers

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak just threw some shade at Uber. 

On Monday, at the Future Transport Summit in Sydney, Australia, Wozniak denounced the ride-hailing company’s disputed labor practices and critiqued what he sees as its monopolistic ambitions

“Like a lot of people, I have some distrust of Uber and how their drivers don’t really realize at first that they aren’t making much money, maybe losing money on the wear and tear of their cars,” Wozniak told reporters at the summit. 

“That’s how I think of Uber: Not very nice thoughts,” Wozniak added. 

David Rohrsheim, general manager of Uber in Australia, responded to Wozniak’s remarks by noting that Uber drivers have a job with rare flexibility. 

“It has to be a good deal for partners or otherwise they won’t use the platform,”. 

Wozniak isn’t alone in criticizing the app. Class-action lawsuits filed by Uber drivers in California and Michigan argue that the company wrongly classifies its workers as independent contractors, allowing it to drive down their wages and withhold benefits. As contractors, drivers are exempt from minimum wage requirements and don’t receive certain state and federal benefits. Both lawsuits contend that Uber drivers are, in fact, employees, a designation that comes with greater labor protections

Demonstrators hold signs during a protest organized by the San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance against ridesharing services Uber and Lyft in 2015. 

Wozniak added that he’d prefer to use Lyft from now on. 

Lyft, which is Uber’s main competitor in the U.S., agreed in January to expand benefits for drivers. Lyft drivers can no longer be fired at will and have the right to settle termination and pay disputes through arbitration. Despite those gains, Lyft drivers, like Uber drivers, are still considered independent contractors.

Wozniak told reporters he’d also like to see more competition in the ride-sharing market. “I would rather there be a lot of competitive forces,” Wozniak said. “I’d like there to be four or five choice that are like Uber anywhere you go.”

The Woz might get his wish. Several new ride-sharing services are scheduled to hit roads soon. Chariot fit Women, which launches Tuesday, is an alternative ride-sharing service with all-women drivers, exclusively for women. Another service, Juno, hopes to become Uber’s mirror opposite. It’s drivers will not only have employee status, but will also get equity in the company, in addition to several other perks. 

Despite his concerns about Uber, overall, Wozniak isn’t too worried about the sorts of economic changes Uber represents. 

“You might come up with a new technology and some old jobs disappear and there are robots building cars,” he said. “Well, the jobs pop up somewhere else. The economy just shifts, it moves.”