Saturday, February 27, 2016

Taxi Leaks Statement On Post Comments.

It is with much regret that we've had to stop accepting  anonymous comments, as It's getting too much work to moderate the good from the bad, the libellous from the personal attacks. 

We were having to deal with over 150 comments daily, which come in the form of an email, which then have to be read and a decision made whether to post or delete. End result, just a handful of reasonable comments actually make it onto the blog.  It's become too time consuming. 

Over the past 10 years, we've run into quite a few drivers who seem to believe totally that even though we are just a Taxi news service, all comments carry our complete blessing. 

We've always tried to be fair and give everyone a voice. 
We've tried hard to be fair to everyone but we get criticised when we post, we get criticised when we don't. 
Fair enough, when you stick your head up, I suppose you have to be prepared to dodge a few bullets.

But recently it appears certain drivers have gone way too far over the line.

We hope our new system will stop most of the abuse, as commentators will have to have a registered Google account, which means accountability. 

For those who have difficulty opening a Google account, you can still send comments in by email to which we will endeavour to post manually on your behalf. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

In Or Out? Richard Drax MP, South Dorset, Asks A Taxi Driver.

   European Affairs Debate 25th Feb 2016 
   Richard Drax Conservative, South Dorset

We are told that there are 5,000 terrorists heading into the United Kingdom, or certainly to Europe and then, no doubt, on to us. Are our former partners in Europe not going to tell us? 

Are they going to sit there mute while London is blown apart, or Glasgow, Manchester or Birmingham? 

Those are, so the Europhiles say, our allies. They are friends; they are decent people. We do not dislike them. We love the Europeans. I am British and a European, and I am extremely proud of it. I want to be in Europe and to trade with Europe. 

I want to enjoy their culture, their languages, their mountains, their seas, their more efficient trains, their wider and faster roads and their beautiful wine; I want to enjoy it all, as we all do. But, like millions of people in this country, I do not want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats.

I sit on the European Scrutiny Committee, which is a great privilege, under the most able chairmanship of my hon. Friend Sir William Cash. He might like to hear about the conversation I had with my taxi driver last night as I was heading home—I always talk with the drivers, because they are always fascinating men and women.

When he asked me who I was, I replied, “I’m an MP, but please don’t press the ejector button.” He promised not to. Then he said, “Tell me, guv, what do you think about the EU?” I said, “It’s simple. Do you want to control the future of this country, or do you want to hand it across to unelected bureaucrats and a political elite who are completely out of touch with the electorate?” 

He said, “Guv, do you know William Cash?” I explained that I did and that he is a great friend of mine. He said, “He sat in my cab 25 years ago and said the same thing.” That story is absolutely true. My hon. Friend, who is far-sighted, was right then, and he is right now. Let us get our freedom back on 23 June.


An All Too Common Sight : Even Police Aren't Safe From Uber's SatNav Jockeys.

        Clapham Common Around Midnight.
Fireman cutting the driver out of the Prius after he'd hit the traffic lights.

I had put a caveat on posting photographs of Uber drivers / vehicles involved in accidents.

In fact, when I'd reached over 1000 in less than a year, they became merely a repeat of a theme. 

I still witness accidents daily, but they have become so pedestrian that I don't even mention them. 

Yesterday was an exception. In the space of just 6 hours there were 3 collisions involving motorcycles, one of them being an unsuspecting traffic policeman.

Sean Paul Day.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Iconic Taxi Maker Geely, To Enter The Ride On Demand Market In Competition To Uber.

London Taxi maker Geely, has decided they won't be pledging financial assistance, in the London Taxi trades fight. This move has upset many cabbies and there is a call on social media for a boycott on new Taxis.

You may be wondering why Geely, the maker of London's iconic Taxi Cabs, have decided to pass on the opertunity of making a pledge to the Actiob for Cabbies fund to take TfL to court??

You may also be wondering why this company has invested heavily in a plant capable of producing 30,000 vehicles a year, after falling sales.

With just a little digging on line, we found that Geely has plans for its own app (Caocao), to join the scramble for on-demand hailing services. At present they'e set to launch their new Ride-Hailing app nation wide in China

The Hangzhou-based company, which owns formerly Swedish carmaker Volvo, has set up a new firm to develop further the ride-hailing app they have currently on trial in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo. The trial will soon expand to include Shanghai, Hangzhou and Kunming.

Unlike competitors Uber (which use private cars) Geely is planning a fleet of its own vehicles. 

There are everal similar companies building their own fleets to circumnavigate regulatory uncertainties in the use of private cars.

Geely appears to be aiming at the high-end of the smartphone on-demand market in first and second tier cities, seeing the service as a channel for potential consumers to get to know its new range of vehicles.

 The company is the country's eighth largest domestic carmaker in terms of sales last year, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

They also plan to increase their current car fleet, consisting only of Geely sedans and Volvos, to 150,000 vehicles, nearly one third of its annual production. 

Geely also produces an electric vehicle and currently their fleet has 20,000 of this type of vehicle.

Could Geely be looking to produce their electric PH vehicles at its Coventry plant, looking towards the massive 98,000 Private hire market in London?

Drivers on social media are currently changing their avatar to the campaign to boycott the London Taxi Company below. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Open Letter To Taxi Leaks : Worldwide Problem....Uber Openly Touting At International Airport

 Letter to Taxi Leaks from Ali Razak of the Philadelphia Limousine Association

Today at Philadelphia International Airport  we tried to convey the message to the Lyft and UberX drivers, that it's a crime to solicitate people at airport. 

I hope soon Philadelphia Police Airport Unit will get trained to stop this type of solicitation and we can go back to peacefully earning an honest living. 

We caught a few drivers today openly soliciting passengers. They tried to tell us that as far as they knew, they weren't doing anything wrong as their respective companies haven't given them notice to stop this practise.

Uber Philly and Lyft, you are endangering the public safety by putting them in unregulated cars. 
You are teaching your drivers to steal.

Where is the media PhillyVoiceNBC10, PhiladelphiaFOX 296, ABC, to show the world that these Uber and Lyft drivers are breaking the law.  

Here is a compilation of videos recorded today by the drivers:


Monday, February 22, 2016

Should Taxis and Private Hire Be Separated Into Two Departments.

                    Taxi Identity Within TfL
AskPOB is conducting an independent survey to establish driver opinion on whether the Taxi Private Hire (TPH) department within Transport for London (TfL) should be separated into two departments. AskPOB is an impartial third party, working in collaboration with trade organisations and groups to understand how drivers would like licensed London taxi drivers represented within TfL.

Do you support the separation of the current Taxi and Private Hire department into two new departments?

Would you support a separate Taxi TfL roundal like the above?

To complete this survey, just click the link below

TaxiPoint is a new FREE Taxi trade news app.

Get articles and announcements from all organisations, drivers and associates will appear directly on your phone. 

You won't miss a thing as notifications will flash up when new material has been added.

You'll be able to comment on all the articles posted, simply by logging in using your Twitter or Facebook accounts. A trade forum has also been provided to establish an open trade community.

Sounds good!!

You can download the app exclusively by clicking on the Taxi Point image in the right hand column.

If you have any questions or wish to get involved in AskPOB TaxiPoint, please do not hesitate replying by email to

Many thanks,

Perry Richardson
AskPOB TaxiPoint Founder

"DON'T JUST DEMO...DONATE ASWELL"..Lets Get TfL Into Jim Thomas

The STaN agenda gave London the concept of licence variation 'Satellite office'. Along with this, came a cloak of respectability thrown over the clipboard Johnny and the illegal ranks of touting minicabs.

It didn't take long before the rule book went out the window and open touting became the norm at most night venues. 

Licenses were sold off like sweets to anyone with the necessary fist full of dollars. 

Licensed by TfL, the general public believed the lines of cars outside clubs and bars were legitimate, after all, even the press were referring to them as they must be legal. The legitimate licensed Taxi trade started to see a massive decline in night work. 

The Met officer in charge of the TOCU squad Joe Royal, took one look at the legislation and said this is completely unenforceable and promptly resigned. 
Not long after Joe's departure, the TOCU squad were disbanded. 

Most night men carried on regardless, driving round with their head in the sand, hoping for the odd raised hand. 

A couple of dozen militant drivers stepped forward shouting, "Enough's Enough" and took on the touts at their own game, by ranking in front of, or beside the cars... and work was eventually clawed back.
It wasn't hard at first as night passengers had become fed up with being ripped off by exorbitant prices, charge by the touts. The subject of touting became elevated in the trade media.
We just turned up and formed ranks....we were taking the work back, it was easy!

The invent of the smart phone, saw drivers using social media apps like Twitter and FaceBook which the group utilised as a better way to communicate. They even gave themselves the name, the Twitter Action Group (TaG). With the trade reenergised, the TaG hit squad encouraged night-men to start reusing ranks. And it was easy

Last January, the work dried up as a result of 700 new PH licenses being issued every week.

But, ever resourceful, drivers stepped up to the mark and the Mayfair Mobs was born.  This new group had amazing success reclaiming ranks and getting new ones implemented. 

The trade seemed to be struggling like never before, drivers drastically changed their modus operandi, ranking becoming their new cornerstone .... it was still easy, but getting harder.

Towards the end of the year, easy stopped....Work levels were down to an all time low.
It's sole destroying sitting on a rank outside a restaurant to see customers exit, phone in hand, waiting in the wind and rain for a car to pull up. These people, having spent a small fortune on dinner, were now deserting the trade big time, looking to save £5 off a ride home.

Surge pricing, accounts hacked, ridiculously round about routs, an increase in sexual attack on females and now mass murder by Uber's drivers are not impacting on their business model. 

Our trade has been seriously damaged to a point where carrying on regardless, is no longer an option. 

As long ago as 2013, Taxi Leaks warned "Men are coming to kill us".
In 2015 we shouted from the rooftops, "Men are here killing us".

Now in the last chance saloon, we only have one final option before we are killed off completely...but so far, only 2,710 have pledged and put their money were their mouths are.

Unless this trade takes TfL to court, we will soon be an ex-trade like the miners, the printers, the steel workers the dockers.
Killed off by complacency and apathy

The solution has been handed to you on a plate. And again, it's not hard...ITS EASY.

You don't have to do the hard work, 
All you need to do is put your hand in your pocket and come up with £25 a head.
But time is running out fast.

The Government, TfL and Uber are laughing at us. They believe we are too stupid to save our future, they truely believe the campaign is doomed to failure and they're laughing. 

Let's wipe the smug smiles off their faces. 

We are two thirds of the way through time allotted and have only raised one third of what's needed. 

No more thinking about this, it's time to act.

10,000 Taxis in Whitehall had no impact, no media coverage. This Wednesday, instead of giving up your afternoon work, 10,000 Taxis should donate £40 each....result = TfL in court. 
Now that's an impact!
What could be simpler?

Our future, our livelihood is solely in our hands and we no longer have the luxury of time.
Pledge your support now, don't put it off any longer and let's get TfL in court to answer for what they've done to our trade, our livelihood.



Sunday, February 21, 2016

And Now Top Selling Game Monopoly, Is To Go Cashless

Hasbro is to released a new edition of Monopoly called Ultimate Banking, that should help keep familial infighting to a minimum. 

Instead of paper money, which can easily be laundered or stolen when you aren't looking, this new edition uses debit cards. It also does away with the easily-corrupted Banker position, replacing the human with an electronic card reader (aka an ATM).

Both the players' debit cards and the property cards themselves will be machine readable. 
So, when purchasing property, players will first scan the property's bar code and then their own cash card. 

If they have enough money for the transaction, the funds will automatically be deducted from their account. 

Funds can also be transferred between players, if necessary. 

Removing the human influence should certainly help keep the financial shenanigans to a minimum -- just hold on to those debit cards. Monopoly Ultimate Banking will hit store shelves later this summer.

Newark Police Show Heathrow, The Way To Go...

Uber Drivers face towing, fines at Newark Airport

Newark's chief prosecutor has warned Uber Technologies Inc. that the company's drivers are repeatedly violating the city's taxicab ordinance, and that those operating at Newark Liberty International Airport and Penn Station in Newark will have their cars towed and face fines. 

"I have instructed our police department effective Feb. 22 to immediately tow Uber drivers operating in and around Newark Airport and Newark Penn Station," wrote Evans C. Anyanwu, the city's chief prosecutor, in a letter sent late last month to Salle Yoo, Uber's general counsel in San Francisco.

"After Feb. 22, the continued violation of the city's laws will result in civil and criminal penalties for Uber and its drivers," said the letter, a copy of which was obtained Wednesday by The Record.

Uber said Wednesday it is not backing away from that business, and would not advise drivers, who are independent contractors, to avoid those areas.

"Instead of trying to restrict competition and consumer choice, Newark should be welcoming the thousands of drivers who use Uber to earn income and support their families," said company spokesman Craig Ewer in an e-mail.

"We'll continue to stand by our driver-partners by fully compensating those subject to unjust fines or citations as a result of the city's actions," Ewer said.

The app-based car-for-hire service has been operating largely unregulated in New Jersey for a couple of years and says it has about 15,000 independent contractor drivers in the state. Limousine and taxi drivers in Newark and elsewhere in New Jersey complain that Uber drivers are not properly licensed or insured. 

Uber said it provides $1.5 million in commercial liability insurance for drivers in New Jersey, which is the amount required under a state limousine law.

However, the state Department of Banking and Insurance has warned consumers and those who drive for app-based car-for-hire companies that such coverage has not been tested in the courts.