Friday, December 30, 2016

Update On The Card Payment Fitment Situation From Helen Chapman.

We've just received this statement from Helen Chapman regarding the London Taxi payment by card update

30 Dec 2016

It remains the case that from 1 January all taxis must be fitted with an approved device in the passenger compartment of the taxi. 

We understand through discussions with suppliers that some of them aren’t currently able to meet demand but other approved suppliers do have the stock and capacity to do this.

Vehicles being inspected at one of our inspection centres or on street after 1 January without an approved device fitted in the passenger compartment of the taxi will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

If the vehicle owner is able to demonstrate they have made significant efforts to be compliant with the Cab Order then this will be taken into consideration. Given the extended notice period vehicle owners have had to prepare for the mandate (since February 2016) we don’t feel it is appropriate to formally extend the deadline further.

Helen Chapman

Editorial Comment :

This isn't what's been said by Darren Crowson.
In fact the sentence: 
"If the vehicle owner is able to demonstrate they have made significant efforts to be compliant with the Cab Order then this will be taken into consideration" 
sounds more like a threat and is most certainly open to abuse from COs, as we've already seen from them at ranks, station and airport. 

What is significant efforts....will we need a video on our phone begging our respective suppliers to fit a unit and them saying sorry we ain't got none left!

Helen upto now a letter from the supplier has been good enough, please explain what's wrong with you want us to prove we've made significant effort.... But you don't say just what significant effort is.

Extra Comment From DaC chairman Brian Rice.

We at DaC wrote to TfL on 16 December stating that we would not quite be finished moving our PED's by the 1 January and could we have a few weeks extension, that was sent by the Operations Department at DaC.

Of course that e-mail was totally ignored, so I followed up with an e-mail on 21 December requesting a reply. 

I sent it to Alex Moffat and copied Helen Chapman, Mike Brown, Sarah Finlay, Peter Blake, Leon Daniels, Val Shawcross, John Masters and Caroline Pidgeon.

To date I have been totally ignored, not even an acknowledgement, that demonstrates the contempt in which we are held by TfL!


Alan Fisher said...

What can you say about this. The lack of any response to Brian Rice's reasonable request shows the absolute contempt TfL holds the finest taxi service anywhere in. Well I now have nothing but contempt for TfL. My PED won't have been moved by the required date because thanks to TfL intransigence, Dial-a-Cab were put in the impossible position of moving around 1500 PEDs in a matter of weeks. Are TfL going to now restrain me from earning a living? And isn't it strange how, thanks to the signage, passengers know I accept cards. Only TfL don't seem to have the brains to understand anything consisting of too much commonsense. I can;'t wait to retire because they make me sick...

Gary said...

She has known about sexual assaults in minicabs for years but kept quiet about that,
Bet she don't tell her female friends about that,
She could have saved hundreds of women being assaulted

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me - if the cab that I sometimes rent, has the required credit card apparatus fitted, do I have sign a contract with the credit card company, in order to use it?

or, can I carry on using my little hand-held IZETTLE?