Saturday, December 17, 2016

TfL Would Like To Thank All The Apathetic, Without Your Help They Wouldn't Be Able To keep Getting Away With It.

In the video below, we see an Uber driver licensed in one area, in this case The New Forrest, openly touting in an area he is not licensed to work in, again in this case Southampton. 

When confronted by irate licensed Hackney Carriage Taxi drivers he says:
"This is a very busy area and I'm telling people to download the app, they can then book me".

He went on to say:  
"why should I drive round wasting my petrol when there's lots of people here ? ".
The driver believes that as he is not on a Taxi rank he can openly who's told him this?


This is not just happening in Southampton, it's happening all over the UK and licensing authorities are quite happy to sell these drivers licenses, then turn a blind eye when they go off and work in different areas.

Top of the of 'Worst Licensing Authority List' is none other than our very own TfL. 

Taxi Leaks has been contacted by taxi and private hire  associations from all over the UK complaining that TfL are over licensing Uber drivers who then go off and work in other areas across the country. 

Leeds and Manchester seem to have the biggest problem and yet TfL are adamant they can do nothing about this. 
What ever happened to the requirement of being a fit and proper operator ?

Mike Brown, you are in a position to do something about this and as yet, you've done nothing.
You recently protested to Chairman of the LCDC Grant Davis, that you wanted it to go on record that the corrupt and illegal licensing of Uber had nothing to do with you.

The lies told by a certain TfL Managing Director to the GLA were not under your watch.....but still you've done nothing. 

Oh but wait, you are in the process of suspending a Taxi drivers licence who you accuse of UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR

Touting, working out of area, working without insurance, fake medical, fake driver licenses, fake topographical test's, sexual assaults including rapes ... are all OK in your eyes but taking video footage is a capital offence!

It would seem that TfL believes there's nothing wrong with Uber encouraging their drivers to work outside the area they are licensed in, and openly tout..l and yet If a Taxi driver films a video on his/her phone in a public place (which is perfectly legal), this is unacceptable behaviour and the driver should have his/her licence revoked.

It's a pity the Uber driver with 34 criminal convictions and mental health issues, didn't try to take a video rather than attacking the public with a would have had his licence revoked it minutes. 

We have 1000's of Uber cars, openly touting every night of the week and yet you have instructed your army of new, poorly trained COs, to harass working Taxi drivers in a bid to promote the financial interest of third party companies that a certain member of the board of TfL has a financial conflict of interest with.

Editorial Comment :
Currently, TfL commissioner Mike Brown is being paid £534,000 a year for Totally Failing London. 
Looking at what he's achieve since taking office !
Would you say this  is value for money ?

(Remember, he gets £392,000 more than Teresa May earns as Prime Minister) 


Anonymous said...

I love a pantomime at Christmas and boy have TFL put one together... Message to Val Shawcross: You should sell tickets for the show Val; it's the farse everyone should see!


Thefat Girl said...

Mike Browns wages are covered by three weeks private hire driver licenses!! TFL will continue to sell these licences, and Brown, Chapman, Daniels and Emerson will get there bonuses. Anyone who thought a labour mayor would do anything for the workers should have had a look a his manifesto, one crackpot idea after another and these licences will pay for them. When the big firms leave London because of the congestion. The mayor and TFL won't look to the chaos they've caused, they will blame it on Brexit! Oh and B, C, D, And E will still get their bonuses.

Justin said...

TFL's Uber all over Southend-on-sea

Anonymous said...

TFL PH vehicles in Leatherhead being used by local cab company. Obviously easier to get licence from TFL than local licensing authority. Also had Portsmouth PH vehicle with Uber door sticker picking up from our station. Cross border chaos. Must define ply for hire. Beyond a joke now. Be vigilant but stay cool & calm.

Michael Murphy said...

We are in a fight!--- IN! ----- it's not over! Do not f##king quit! I mean it! Do not sell yourself short, and certainly don't let your opponent off the hook lightly.