Thursday, December 22, 2016

Smoke Mirrors And Political Style Bullshit, Baffles Brains

Do not be surprised about answers given by any so called authorities because they answer on the hoof ... political style, .... and if you wonder what that means? ... the best way to describe it is: bullshit baffles brains, ... and, I will have to get back to you on that, ... and its beyond my control... try another question!

There is clearly no other route except direct confrontation. I never thought I'd be driven to the last resort of complete civil disobedience, but as recent events surrounding the mobile phone footage of TFL transportation top hierarchy having cosy relations with self suited and high level financially corruptive Uber operatives, it is (and has obviously been for many years) patently corrupt, deceptive, and always questionable on the rationale of legal rules on written licensing obligations which were quashed in direct favour of ubers style of non private hire anarchy.

 So much for the: Metropolitan Public Carriage Act 1869... The London Stage Carriage Act 1907, ...The London Cab Act 1968... all Taken over by Politics, as the Greater London Authority Act 1999, and then The London Cab Order 2016 forced all Licensed taxi Driver to accept Credit cards?
Did anyone notice any change in private hire 'App' legislation?

The simple facts are it did not require notification because we were not on top of our game and our licensing authority had vested interests.... Substantial Licensing increases... and TFL corrupted covert Mayfair restaurant engagements. 

Many of us have survived through several recessions and kipper seasons and this January will be an exceptional kipper.

So keep doing what we do, ... pick everyone up and sell our trade as the only professional 'qualified' and knowledgeable service there is and drive kipper right up the arses of every family saloon car uber driver out there. 

Taxis are fit for all of the public including the disabled, plus passengers with guide dogs which entitles bus lane usage. We are superior in every way, verses 
family saloon private hire cars, driven by unqualified and mostly 
dangerously lost drivers. Without their sat nav drivers in London they can't operate, which is pathetic in a major world city... not a third world one...!

Merry Christmas & Keep up the fight.



I had a thought about the number of Private Hire Licenses being processed by TFL ; 600 a week.


Based on  a 5 day working week that equates to 120 a day.


Based on an 8 hour day it equates to 15 applications every hour or one application every 4 minutes.


How many TFL staff are working on Private Hire applications?


How thoroughly are they being checked if there is an application being approved every 4 minutes?


This means that all the paperwork including a background check, medical and insurance details and the drivers license information and application itself are all checked in a matter of minutes?


It may be positive if a FOI was made to request this information?


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