Friday, December 16, 2016

Dave Davies Talks About His Battle With TfL And Boris Johnson

Thank you for your kind words Semtex; I hold you in high regard and respect you commitment and perseverance.

My battle with TFL started in 2008 when I was told that I had been targeted by the PCO because I sold my Taxi Emissions systems at nearly half the price of competitors and refused to be part of the cartel which rigged the price and bunged the PCO. 
(this info came from an inspector who worked at Penton st)

The High Court Judicial Review that followed was heard by a Judge who had previously worked for TFL (but did not declare that at the time) and who ignored the facts and evidence and contradicted a previous High Court ruling to find in TFLs favour.

At that point I realised that the Judicial system was rigged and in the years since have tried every course of action possible to expose the corruption. 

I tried complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman, TFLs own fraud investigations team (obviously pointless), the Met, the GLA transport Committee and Environment Committee, individual Assembly Members asked questions for years, my Local MP (who was at the time Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change tried to challenge Johnson with no success and many other MPs have tried to challenge TFL with no success.

I have had limited success in the media (because that is controlled as well)

The Sunday Times exposed Tim Yeo in an undercover sting, following information I had given them about the corrupt Taxi Age Limit. Yeo was deselected by his constituency but then tried to sue the Sunday Times. 

The Judge dismissed his case saying that he was dishonest but no action was ever taken against Yeo. His improper and unlawful Taxi Age Limit which has scrapped 10,000 taxis is still in place today.

I concluded that the only way to expose the corruption is by a Statutory Public Inquiry (which is led by a Judge and can force witnesses to attend)
I share your reservations but feel that this is the only way to expose TFL.

A good analogy is the Phone Hacking Inquiry.
For years many celebrities and senior politicians called for a Public Inquiry into Phone Hacking.

Everyone knew it was going on but no one could do anything because the media would not report it; they were involved . The Met would not investigate it because they were involved. The Government would not do anything because they were involved.

It was only when the facts were exposed in the Judicial format of the Public Inquiry that the Police were forced to investigate. They could not cover it up any more.

Following Operation Weeting many people were taken to court; some were even convicted.

The Phone Hacking Public Inquiry in itself may not have achieved much but it did expose the improper conduct and I would think there is very little Phone Hacking taking place now.

In the same way a Public Inquiry could expose TFL.

I accept that it may take a while but if Taxi Drivers protested on a daily basis and called for an urgent and immediate Public Inquiry then it may happen.

The minute a Public Inquiry is initiated there could be a suspension of issuing new PH licenses pending that Inquiry. There could also be a suspension of the Taxi Age Limit.

There may be another way of exposing TFL but I dont know what it is.

The capitulation of Sadiq Khan when he was appointed as Mayor gives an idea of how powerful the corruption is. He made promises that he would take action yet has now been shown to be complicit.

I am always available to meet with anyone who wants to speak; Semtex, the UCG, the LCDC, DDD, ITA ?

Good Luck


Anonymous said...

Dave, our respect is mutual my friend, and your tenacity and spirit is testament to the honourable man you are.
I felt the rage building up in my blood as I read your post. All of those legal and democratic avenues you tried, and still the no good, bent, dodgy bastards stitched you up. Time after time after time. It is a disgrace how every doorway has been closed in your face as you tried tirelessly to expose the truth. The whole system is cancerous and septic, Dave. I have seen so much, honestly I have. I abhor the lot of them, with passion. They are all in it together, scratching each other's back. The general public have absolutely no idea of the scale of injustice that is out there today.
That is why I have always favoured the militant way mate. Down the ropes, blow the windows out and eliminate. Quick, highly effective and permanent. This isn't the army though and this isn't about using firearms and troops. But we have other tools that are democratically available and perfectly legal to use. The act of demonstration in the UK is everybody's right. When deployed in huge numbers, the inconvenience and disruption is impossible to ignore. And when it is done often enough, the authorities are forced to listen and act. The infrastructure and trade and industry can only take so much. It's the unity we struggle with though Dave as you know. If the same old 300 turning up every time. it's pointless.
I can see your aim mate and I can see your intent, but it's the clock that worries me Dave. If the trade did decide that your idea of a Public Inquiry would be our best bet, then put me down for absolutely anything you think I could do to support it. I would be only too happy to be relied upon.
I feel lucky to know you Mr Davies. You are one of life's hard working honourable men, who have been robbed of your hard earned money, for merely believing and supporting a democratic view of decency that should be a "given" for every honest law abiding citizen in society. But they let you down didn't they ? Each and every time you tried, they tucked you up again. It's rotten to the core out there Dave, and that is why one way or the other, we need to expose them. I am still fuming as I type !
I have enormous respect for you my friend and will do anything I can to help.

Take care Dave, God bless mate and hopefully speak soon.


Isla Hermosa said...

Looks like a public enquiry is needed then

Malcolm Whitton said...

I'm more certain now than ever we need a public inquiry and the quicker the orgs get round to thinking this way the better! I'm up for any action needed to bring about this outcome, so count me in...

Dads Defending Daughters said...

I believe that protesting for long unapproved periods will get attention.
Drivin-ins scupper the bus companies and cost TfL money.
On foot protests with placards and banners gets the message out there to people who normally wouldn't ask.
Wave or particles? It's both! We can hit them on both fronts; legal and protest routes. One may aid the other.
Always comforting to know that two heavyweights are plugging away for our cause.
Now the big question: How do we get the apathetic up off their arses?

Thefat Girl said...

Maybe we could park all of the decomitioned cabs somewhere prominent.