Saturday, December 10, 2016

Compliance Officers, Blatantly Abusing Powers On Heathrow Ranks : Letter To Taxi Leaks from Cliff Mahoney

Surely someone has some clout to sort this mob out?

This guy has done over 4 hours in the Taxi Feeder park and is on point. TFL have had all that time in which to hassle him?

Why have they waited until he is on point of a rank?

The group on the left turn up and block the pavement chatting to the rank agents. 

Then one of them decides he's going to badge and bill the guy on point. 

Just as a passenger walks up the rank. The passenger is then struggling to get past this rabble with a case. They eventually move over enough to get passed. But no sorry to the passenger or assistance who's then directed to the point cab.

Rather than back off, the CO continues to hassle the driver whose having problems finding his bill in his string pocket. Whilst the passenger now sits patiently in the back.

The passenger is eventually told to get the next cab. 

These idiot PCOs don't seem to care.

Good customer service would have been to help the poor woman with her case and open the door's for her.

I've never seen a CO badge and bill the point cab? Especially at the flyers should they not ignore the three point cabs unless there's a customer issue?

After all the driver would have been badged and billed when he last got credits.

Editorial Opinion : 


PCOs do not have the power to stop you working, unless accompanied by a uniformed warranted police officer.

When the passenger approached the driver, he would have been well within his rights to instigate a stop of the Badge and Bill check (as you say, he's already had a Badge and Bill  when he purchased his credits) and helped the lady into his cab, put the meter on and driven off. 

I hope you have the COs details (always take them down if B&B'ed as you are as much entitled to check their documents as they are yours). Make sure you put in a formal complaint, this was a definite abuse of their powers. 

Editorial Comment 

A Taxi hailing app for black cabs only.

It's what the trades been waiting for .



Stephen Clark said...

Sorry don't agree badge should not be in bag should be on his chest to be seen

Cliff Mahoney said...

just a matter of paying minimum wage and giving them a badge. To inconvienece a paying customer is just completely out of order. If TFL need me to run a customer service course it can be arranged. But they shouldn't be allowed out on the street without proper training and supervision. Who's actually paying for this group to travel around together and stand chatting?

Mat Ford said...

I saw these 2 clowns this morning ! I thought 1 was a tramp at first glance ! Absolute disgrace , I was in the rank at least 15 minutes and the point cab hadn't moved cos the CO was all over him , not sure of the problem the driver never got out of the cab .

T Beaven said...

I was badge and billed by Helen chapman on the point of waterloo station when she was head of compliance ,she actually sent my intended passenger to the cab behind me.This is obviously deliberate

Anonymous said...

The co's they are using the airport to train 'new officers'. They bring them down in batches two experienced ones and 5-6 new plastics.

In that picture to the left, is two experienced co's and they know exactly what they are doing.

I had words a while back when they were b&b checking on the exit barrier because they had plenty of time to b&b in the south or north parks. They have changed things a bit and they are causing less issues, but I have seen the south park half empty because of their bad planning.
There's no need to do this on the terminals.

Also a TfL CO was doing surveys on the terminals a while back asking the customers loads of questions. I had to tell her to back off, as she was too pushy with the customers.

Anonymous said...

A reply to Cliff from TfL TPH Head of Compliance.

"Agreed. If they are able to, then they should have helped the customer and explained what was happening. We'll re-iterate this as mentioned I'm keen to push them all on customer service for both drivers, passengers and the general public. They can and do carry out b&b checks at any location but if the situation was as you explained then it could have been handled better."

brian wigley said...

Ok the truth, I make the CO absolutely right , i have been working the airport for over 40 years, here is the truth there are over 200 new cab drivers turned up at the airport in the last year, But my wife has a better knowledge of the airport than they have, and she does not have a bill , I have heard one of these new guys ask for a post code for the Hilton Park Lane as he did not know were it was, The Taxi Driver or ( bill holder ) is sometimes not the cab driver that is in the cab at the point of the terminal. Some were on route they change cab drivers , i have seen this and so have other cab drivers, they call this passing the baton , and that is the reason why the Co are having to check the cab drivers bill at the point. I would like to tell you more but it is to hot to put into print.
So i put my name on this , if you see me in the park i will give you the rest of the story because even the UCG would not print it.


Editorial said...

Reply to Stephen Clark.

Please re-read the article
The driver was having problems finding his bill in his string pocket, not his badge

Anonymous said...

what about all those Ltda people sitting in an office at the feeder .... should they be getting involved or what's the point

Anonymous said...

Your missing the point Jim you don't work the flyer and you don't know what has been gong on still you only select pick what you want on your posts T2 & T4 suburban ranks and the reason too many piss takers taking the long routes T2 to Ealing £60 ????? Ealing to T2 £35
And BAA are the ones who contacted Helen

Tony Casey said...

Always insist on seeing the co's warrant card before entering into any dialogue or
assistance with these people.It would be a good idea to photograph with your smartphone their identity card.The deputy badge they show you is meaningless.
Just like a taxi drivers badge without the paper license (Bill).
Some of these people are okay but it also has some bullies that were previously in
the Police including ex London Cab Law enforcement.
Remember they work for us.. We pay their wages.. They are civil servants..They should serve us and be polite and civil..

Editorial said...

Anon 7:35
Not missing any point !!!
Yes your right, I do not work the airport....that's why letter is from Cliff Mahoney and editorial opinion is from Gerald Coba. My contribution was just the link to the new TaxiApp advert.