Thursday, December 15, 2016

City Of London Want Us Banned From Bank Junction. It's The Gloves Off Time.

                     Here we go again!

Trevor Merralls, UCG general secretary met with the City of London transport section on Monday, to put our case regarding Bank Junction.

CoL explained their reasons for making the area bus and cycle only, including cycle fatalities at this dangerous junction detailing pollution & congestion. 

They produced figures on what traffic would be like with cycles and buses only. The UCG have asked them to include Taxi's in these figures and by Taxi's they should differentiate between us and PH.
By no means do Taxi's cause the build up of traffic at the junction. This is caused by large numbers of PH vehicles, construction lorries, delivery vehicles etc.

The UCG made them aware they view the proposal's as a restriction on our trade. Trevor made it known it will affect city workers and tourists to the area, severely impacting on their travel routes. They also made it clear, the London Taxi trade are 100% wheelchair compliant and this will inconvenience disabled city workers.

The UCG have  asked that Taxi's be included in this trial.

As a trade, we have always had historical links to the City, a city we have served for centuries. 

    AFS firemen with Taxi during the blitz.

We are one of the last liveried occupations. In two world war's there were two city of London regiment's, in which cab driver's also served some paying the ultimate price. 
We deserve better.

Restricting Taxi's from Bank Junction gives working people in the vicinity two option's. Bus or tube, both of which are owned by TfL so the restriction on our trade is creating a state assisted cartel for TfL on journeys in this area.

The UCG made it very clear we will fight this with every mean's possible every inch of the way.

Today's announcement means that the trade will be taking action, starting with the official UCG protest scheduled to take place on 12 January at 17.00 till 20.00 

This will be followed on the 16th of January by five days of action, in the form of a mass ply for hire, which I believe is being called by the Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) 


Anonymous said...

3 hours? Should be 24/7, a few hundred cabbies can achieve this on a shift basis

Editorial said...

Well done, so you coming forward to organise this ?
Trade needs a leader

Malcolm Whitton said...

Any driver who doesn't join in these protests are inadvertently signing their own trade death warrant. If this latest kick in the teeth doesn't fire you up, you might as well start looking for another job!
Remember, there's strength in numbers....

Wake up cabbies said...

Slow planned strangulation of The black cab trade londons finest please wake up

Musher said...

How would they like it if we rocked up to all their offices and said 'right, you can't use photocopiers any more!'. It's the same deal, they are hamstringing our ability to do business. We should protest this all the way. If they still don't let us use it we should have daily protests during the 'trial' as well. They are slowly chipping away at everything we have so we have nothing to lose!

ITA said...

Industrial action will commence on Thursday 12th January 2017, 17:00 till 20:00, with a mass drive-in protest.
This will continue with a mass drive-in protest on Monday 16th January 2017, 15:00 till 19:00, and continues everyday until and including Friday 20th January 2017.
Do not expect this fight to be over soon. This action will take place for months. It make be for the whole 18 month trial period and beyond.
Be prepared for the long haul.
Be prepared for nasty tactics from our powerful adversaries. These people are not determined by principles or moral fibre, they are governed by money.
The City of London and Transport for London are in this together.
If we lose our right to ply for hire and work in the City, then you will find out what struggling to make ends meet really means.
If your Org or Union is not prepared to fight tooth and nail to stop this injustice, leave them and join one who is!
No excuses. Fight or leave!

ITA (Independent Taxi Alliance)