Friday, December 09, 2016

Are Daniels & Emmerson engineering circumstances to deny the taxi trade the democratic right to earn a viable living

The Licensed Taxi trade has a very good relationship with both the City of London & the City Police and stay committed to providing the square mile with the safest transport option in London. I'm sure also, that the Corporation will see fit to allow Taxis access to Bank Junction. With regards to Mr. Leon Daniels recommendation that taxis should be excluded from the area, I hope that he can clarify the reasons why? 

For contextual purposes, due to an 80% increase in road traffic accidents involving private hire vehicles, most of which are operating on  the instant hire market, it was proposed that Private Hire drivers were given five minutes- after they had undertaken a booking-  to pre-plan the upcoming route. TfL rejected the proposal on safety grounds, even though they did not provide any data for this assertion. 

It now appears the juxtaposed idea that it's safe to engineer road closures that would impede a persons ability to access a taxi even if that person happened to be caught up in a dangerous situation. The two assertions simultaneously  are not transitive and thus not rational. 

Given that every Taxi is purpose built  (designed for public hirings, with safety and liberty in mind)  and is compulsory requirement by TfL, perhaps Mr Daniels would balk the fallacy of composition and explain what provisions have been made  for those less able-bodied to access a Taxi on demand? 

No doubt, Mr Daniels and Mr Emmerson’s opinion would be very different if the vested interests they have in several bus companies extended to the licensed taxi trade. 

The  bus *franchises that Mr. Daniels and Mr.Emmerson serve as Directors have an atrocious accident and public incident record and whose routes, quantity, and regularity are woefully mismanaged by Surface Transport. 

It would be more appropriate, perhaps, to exclude the dangerous, inefficient fuel consuming fleet from Bank Junction and oblige  taxi drivers the democratic right to earn living by servicing the public. Which just so happens to be what they are licensed to do. 

Mr. Daniels and Mr. Emmerson’s continued interference with the working practices of a taxi driver is solely  intended to further injure the economic viability  of a valid and relevant service industry. 

Mayor Khan cannot merely consider Mr Daniels & Mr. Emerson’s interference to be a dereliction of regulatory duty, but gross abuse of their appointed positions.

I for one will no longer allow a covert, maleficent, agenda driven liar- advising inconsistent policies- prevent me from working (and subsequently supplying  public demand), 

I hope my fellow drivers will join me. 

Sean Paul Day

*Transport Trading LTD has many subsidiaries, including Transport Trading Finance LTD based in Guernsey. One of the 4 directors is Mr. Leon Alistair Daniels.  Both Daniels and Garrett  Emerson serve as directors of the following LTD companies

L. Daniels:

Transport trading Limited
Victoria Coach Services LTD
London bus services LTD
London river services LTD

G. Emmerson

London bus limited
London bus services LTD
River boat services
Victoria coach services

*correct at the point of entry  SPD


I'm Spartacus said...

If it wasn't clear before it is now that TfL are enmeshed in their own web, we have confirmed bus zealots Emmerson and Daniels showing preferment, we have Daniels effectively canvassing for Uber in the 'Dear Jo' & Korsky e mail trail.

TfL cannot now hold the line that they are impartial, it's not credible to any reasonable person.

If the Mayor and Deputy won't act then we have to assume they endorse this scandalous state of affairs.

Also anyone considering it can forget about appointing a cab trade organisation or anyone else as a licensing 'agency' for TfL, in an attempt to hand off the issues, we won't be having that either.

We need a transparent independent regulator.

Anonymous said...

Rotten to the core,they have to answer to this,with the Mayor acting accordingly or can he not intervene in a private company??

Anonymous said...

Daniels obviously feels like he can do anything he wants now. Maybe he can, I mean how the hell do we stop him. He's mocking us, treating us with total contempt. Yet there's no one that's in a position of power or authority that's showing any interest in stopping him. He's responsible for tens of thousands of PHVs, rape, multiple accidents, deaths, the demise of the best Taxi service in the world, grid locking London and killing business, rising air pollution. Yet apart from us, no one seems to care. So where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

ANON 5:27pm


Outside his front door !

Anonymous said...

When are our trade organisations going to work for the subscriptions we pay them....?!!
They just sit there allowing mayhem with no influence on anything that happens...the roads are a mess with roadworks,cycle lanes etc...there are never any traffic police to guide traffic,the traffic lights for years and years are completely out of phase after countless assurances they will be set up more efficiently and now they want to close roads preventing the public from getting a taxi....
All this whilst train stations are having to be closed due to safety reasons..
TFL have failed to address these very serious issues...they must be investigated and made more productive

Anonymous said...

They love a Bus so this is their Achilles Heel, let's have some Mass Ply For Hire meets on major Bus routes.