Monday, December 19, 2016

Are Bus Drivers, Driving For Uber When They Finish Their Shift ? Jim Thomas

Major incident last night outside the Royal Garden Hotel.
A bus, two ambulances, three Mobile paramedics vehicles and two police cars.

    Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High Street.

                         Earlier this month:

     Lambeth Town Hall Brixton. 

     Chiswick High Road W4

     Uxbridge Road 

     Bus stakes out minicab in Seven Sisters Road

We also received reports of another major incident outside Waterloo last night, unfortunately we have no photos. 

Are TfL Buses being driven by Uber drivers ?

Uber cars have been seen by our drivers parked in and around bus garages on many occasions . LT staff themselves have alleged that some bus drivers are actually driving for Uber when their shift finishes. 

This needs a full investigation, but not by TfL as certain directors could be implicated in turning a blind eye to this situation, just to get a steady stream of cheap labour.

Earlier this year, in a meeting with Deputy Mayor Val Shawcross and Helen Chapman, we were assured that the man responsible for London Buses, had already been removed from any responsibility with Taxis and Private Hire, after lying on multiple occasions to the transport committee of the GLA. (On off insurance, Uber Landline etc)

We now we ask the question:


We will be asking commissioner Mike Brown to suspend Leon Daniels (without pay) while a full investigation is made into his behaviour whilst employed as Managing Director of Surface Transport for TfL.

Croydon Tram Crash Driver fell asleep at 40 mph, killing 7


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they are all in it together so I can't see any progress there
You only have to confirm who was the witness signature on the form re the prostitute / Traffic Commissioner incident.
Some type of independent enquiry appears the only way forward

Anonymous said...

Heard today that the bus companies have made a number of complaints to TfL and Unite the union who have not acted on the complaints

Anonymous said...

The unions got tachometer so the working man/women didn't get too tired whilst driving.
TFL knew better when they allowed private hire drivers to work for more that one company.
Recipe for disaster,
foreign born so driving on the wrong side of the road for them
using mobile phone and sat nav to guide them
driving tired

Paul Coghlan said...

Val shawcross deputy mayor of London has been on Lbc this morning and openly stated that 1 in 8 uber drivers are working illegally in one form or another. That equates to 5000 at current levels. What an absolute disgrace. How are these pricks allowed to regulate. These rape facilitators need investigation NOW!!!!

MM said...

Paul, completely speechless. She should be ashamed, and I dont even know how anyone who works for THEM can even sleep.

Thefat Girl said...

Val shawcross found one Uber driver who's insurance had run out in the summer, the driver was advised that he would be reported to TFL!!
Why wasn't he taken off of the road there and then?

Gary said...

I used to be a controller with arriva buses since becoming a cabbie I have seen loads of bus drivers diving for uber.its a sackable offence to have a second job for obvious safety reasons.its no coincidence that bus accidents have gone up by 35% since the arrival of wouldn't be difficult for tfl to find which ones have a phv licence as bus drivers also have individual badge numbers maybe they don't want because it would be an embarrassment to them.i wonder if a freedom of information request would help