Saturday, December 24, 2016

Another Revolting Year....By I'm Spartacus

So here we are folks on the last lap, before some well earned r&r with our families.

So how's 2016 turned out, certainly not as many including  those so called experts and pollsters predicted, if they were KoL students they would all be on 84 days!

Pollution, Congestion, Illegal PFH, Touting, Accidents, Sexual Assaults, False medicals, all completely out of control with TfL clearly impotent.

As you will gather I have some insight into slave revolts and it's certainly been interesting watching the U mob attempt to hold Caesar Travis and his crew to account, quite what difference it will make to us is hard to discern but anything that affects their predatory unsustainable cost base can only be to our benefit.

I do think that the climate has recently changed and they will be under the microscope from tax and legal authorities.

I now turn to our very own Caesars at TfL, the 'Dear Jo' and Korsky correspondence clearly shows what senior individuals at TfL opinion of us is, this has been confirmed by a trade source that one of them 'hates us with a passion', just the kind of impartial even handed person NOT that should not head up a department with quasi-judicial functions.

It's untenable and Mike Brown , Mayor Khan and Val Shawcross know it.

I will let the fiasco of the Credit Cards implementation act as a trade reference for LTPH, what should have been an easy win has along with woeful enforcement of PH operators turned the vast majority of the trade from suspicion to absolute hostility towards them, that's a sorry state of affairs for all.

Another organisation on the charge sheet is the Met, whose calamitous handling of DBS processing has led to severe hardship for longstanding, honourable licensees, shortly Hogan Howe steps down, perhaps he might be gracious enough to apologise to us on his way to his peerage!

Moving swiftly on to our 'little Caesars' in the trade, it seems there's  a revolt brewing at W9 as rightly members are holding people to account, whatever organisation or union your in, do the same. 

No doubt I will have upset some with my musings, get over it, its not personal, it's politics.

Anyhow we are, despite predictions and all that others including shamefully our regulator has thrown at us, bloodied but unbowed and in the words of Nellie Pledge still 'stood standing there'.

The cycle of life moves on, loved ones leave us, some new ones to love arrive, it makes us sad or happy and sometimes both, it's ever thus.

Enjoy the precious things that matter, Be lucky!

I'm Spartacus 

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Thefat Girl said...

Merry Christmas to you all.

Let's be ready to fight for what is ours in 2017.