Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Written Answers to 16/11/2016 Mayor's Question Time Meeting : Letter to Taxi Leaks from Caroline Pidgeon

Publication of statistics relating to sexual offences

Question No: 2016/4076

Caroline Pidgeon

In June in answer to Question 2016/1864 you stated that TfL and the MPS are currently working together to establish how to present data in a consistent format for sexual offences relating to taxi and private hire drivers and that the data will be publicly available later in the Summer.  

Please state the specific reasons why this data has still not been published and also the actual date by which this data will start to be regularly published.

Written response from the Mayor

TfL has worked with the MPS and City of London Police to collate figures for the total number of recorded taxi and private hire-related sexual offences committed by licensed or unlicensed taxi or private hire drivers for the last 12 years.


In addition, for 2014 and 2015, TfL will provide information on the number of drivers charged with a sexual offence, the outcome at court, whether the driver was licensed as a taxi or private hire driver at the time of the offence, and for private hire journeys - whether the journey was booked via a licensed operator. 


The production of this information has to be cross referenced and verified which has taken longer than expected. TfL has assured me that it will be publishing finalised data very soon.


TfL is committed to updating and publishing this data annually going forward.



Anonymous said...

Well done Caroline, still in there fighting for us, even though Vals gone on the missing list

Thefat Girl said...

They all talk a good story until they get into power and then they let us down. Thank you for being as good as your word Caroline, one of the few, best regards.

Anonymous said...

Simple questions, yet still unanswered as she along with others stall for time. Wake up. A couple of figures were requested. This does not take months.

Danny said...

First of all well done to Caroline Pidegon for keeping the pressure on the Mayor and Tfl ,but why do I smell a rat with this going back 12 years of records malarkey.I am only interested in what's happened since the rape app appeared ,and if khan will keep good his promise to ban the app once its proven to be as toxic as we all know

Anonymous said...

In other words TFL are actively working on the numbers so they they can report the lowest possible figure of actual convictions for sexual assaults and rapes.

They are trying to remove from the figures the number of assaults when the driver was not actually working according to the app; so for example if the driver has illegally picked up a passenger not booked through the app and is operating illegally for cash (which we know happens) and then assaults or rapes a passenger those figures wont be included.

If a driver is reported and questioned but not prosecuted (which can happen even if the driver is guilty) those figures wont be included.

If a driver is reported and questioned but unsuccessfully prosecuted (which can happen even if the driver is guilty) those figures wont be included.

TFL obviously dont want to report the actual number of complaints because that number might embarrass themselves and their partners.

They obviously dont want to give any indication that actually most assaults and rapes go unreported.

They obviously dont want to take action to minimize the number of rapes and assaults by properly vetting and regulating PH drivers at the licensing stage

The only way to expose this is by calling for a Public Inquiry.