Saturday, November 19, 2016

Want to get an Uber in Copenhagen or Toronto? Too bad – it’s illegal now


A high court has ruled that Uber is now illegal in Denmark.

Judges upheld the conviction of one of the app’s drivers for violating taxi laws.

The Danish Uber driver, a male student, had been found guilty in July of failing to meet legal requirements for driving a taxi.

He had claimed he was only taking part in car-pooling and appealed the decision, but the High Court disagreed and said he lacked a permit to drive as an occupation and his car was not registered or licensed as a taxi.

The ruling has effectively rendered Uber illegal in the country

‘We have great respect for the Danish system of justice, but are of course deeply disappointed in the verdict,’ an Uber spokesman said.

‘There is a growing recognition of the positive effects of car-pooling, and it is encouraging that modern legislation is being considered in the (Danish) parliament.’

Despite the various operating challenges since launching in 2009, including other country bans and court action, the company is still valued at $62.5 billion (£50billion)

The Uber driver in Denmark was also fined 6,000 Danish crowns (£690




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colin said...

Cant see that happening here as we would stand more chance of us being made illegal.