Sunday, November 27, 2016

"There Are Three Kinds Of Lies: Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistic"

To top off road safety week, we've been sent the results of a freedom of information request plus an announcement from the London Fire Brigade. 

First up, sent earlier this in regards to the amount of Prius's that appear to be spontaneously combusting. 

The FOI request shows there has been 34 fires in Prius's in London between Jan 2015 and Nov 2016, TfL have indicate that Toyota have no idea why this is happening. Although this problem has been apparent for quite awhile, TfL have refused to take these vehicles off the road untill the problem is solved, like they did during the spate of TX4 taxi fires. 

A spokesman for TfL said they are 'monitoring' the situation, although when asked they didn't have a clue how many PHV Prius had been affected. 

Second: The London Fire Brigade announcement concerns the number of road traffic collisions (RTCs) they have been called out to, over the last five years. Fire crews have attended 18,591 in this period (The statistics show a rise of 15%)

Uber has been licensed 5 years
In that five years ince their licensed was issued, the London Fire Service has recorded a 15% increase in RTCs... Coinsurance???

Charity Brake, say that 41% of their subscribers believe that distracted drivers are the biggest threat to road safety. I wonder how many of then use a car service who's drivers have little training and have to keep looking at a sat nav on their mobile. Add to this problem that TfL are licensing 600 of these phone gazers every week.

Finally, with the opening of the night tube in August this year, there were concerns that the new 24 hr service would see an increase in crimes and anti-social behaviour.
TfL are falling over themselves putting out the statistics which show there has only been 67 (reported crimes) in almost 1.5 million journeys. 

Not quite what we've been hearing on Twitter and FaceBook though!

Funny how TfL aren't falling over themselves to get out the minicab rape and sexual assaults statistics for all London boroughs for last year!

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What would you expect from TFL, the truth 😂😂😂