Thursday, November 03, 2016

TfL : Woefully Inadequate, Incompetent And Biased. Remember Remember The 8th Of November.... By GreenbadgeJohn.

Lets be honest, ...The actions of TFL are actually completely predictable, as they are under immense pressure from us in the taxi industry, they are naturally going to respond against us in kind and try to intimidate us into giving them justifiable and defensible reasons to bring the public into the domain, supporting their actions...and by the same defensive strategy try to alienate us as Luddite's and uncooperative objectors.

The whole ploy of publicly endorsing (and advertising the 'TFL' card payment message) is a strategy of elevating TFL's public status whilst placing us as second class subservient followers of the tfl doctrine of "do as we say or else" mantra. 
As the 8th November demo approaches we will all have our say in the media arena and try to remember that.

So keep calm and carry on, and remember... 'card payments are not a statutory payment recognised in UK law neither are they compulsory legal tender'.

Ironically, TFL allows re application of fraudulently acquired minicab drivers medicals...provided they have another cloak and dagger tfl arranged test (forgetting they all attempted to defraud the current system tfl and attempted to deceive) also allowing NSL testing centre's to license private hire vehicles who's drivers presented the cheapest third party non fare paying passengers insurance cover notes ...not 12 month policies or documents of hire and reward insurance they were meant to have.

Now as a consequence, private hires vehicles flood the London streets, whilst at the same time tfl are attempting to put stops on Taxis, to prevent them working for the unobtrusive or minor credit card notice failings and other related acceptance discrepancies....none of which are safety or life threatening. 

Dont put up with this nonsense.. this is a corruptly derived plan... demonstrate our complete disgust... 

8th November ... be there in the square... we have more questions for TFL than they have or can possibly answer...only public attention and media exposure will draw the corrupt poison from TFL which is killing our business whilst they get rich.

Be Lucky


Editorial Comment : 

The Licensed Taxi trade has drawn a line in the sand....and asked all orgs, rank and file drivers to cross over the line in a show of United Trade support.

Even though they haven't balloted their members, the LTDA have decided not to cross the line with the rest of the trade, after taking advice from their political advisors......there's a surprise.


Gerald Coba said...

Some times, when you are on the inside of the tent pissing are just pissing on your colleagues and the people who pay your wages.

Stop your direct debit today and support an org who truly supports the trade and all its drivers.

Anonymous said...

It beggars belief why drivers subscribe to this shambolic yellow bellied org..stop paying subs, if they can't back us why the hell are we paying for this sham...voice your disapproval through your pockets!

Anonymous said...

It appears that the LTDA BoM are taking more notice of political advisers that they are the members who pay their salaries.

Anonymous said...

They will be known as the trade union that has no BALLS clueless out of touch fuck wits

Anonymous said...

Quite apt that the LTDA should take an approach that cannot be scrutinised by its members, or anyone else for that matter.

It's all going on in the background, honestly. Be patient the wheels are turning in high places.

No evidence or proof required.

They are a disgrace to the trade.

lee ward said...

Who are the political advisors, and what other political advise have they given in the past? I hope Uber are not on the books !!!

Anonymous said...

I know and speak to drivers some who have joined this trade quite recently and some who are 40 years plus veterans, .... and the common man the older ones remember and speak of is a man long gone but who fought tooth & nail for the creation of the Harry Feigen,

How he would now be turning in his grave over what is going on now...shame on the Current LTDA as a spineless species who are now happy to swim along the bottom of the proverbial London Taxi pond sucking up any crap thrown in by TFL and at the same time ashamedly making it known how politically beneficial life this way really is....?

I think it maybe Time to Change and Rename your building away from "Taxi House" To the "TFL Malevolent Society" also The common abbreviation LTDA should maybe also interpreted as "Lets Toss Demonstration Away! it really is an astonishing lack of trade camaraderie!

TFL may have given the LTDA a certain preferential pally wink over many many years... and at the same time periodically shafted the whole taxi trade with clinical and hypnotic trickery but remember this... The LTDA are only as good as their word.... and as we all see how the recent "done deal" interpretation of your word is now levelling out and which is legally outside common uk statutory law.. Many LTDA drivers and others are now questioning LTDA'S ability to rationalise and understand right from wrong without a back room TFL greasy deal for its own personal betterment and this political nonsense excuse by LTDA is a complete red herring designed to kid their own members or non member demonstrators alike that there is another solution to our trades dire situation but strangely will not state any alternative remedy or solution they believe might be the answer and are therefore happy to simply sit on their hands...Just as Michael Caine said in the final scene of the film The Italian Job as the coach dangles dangerously over the edge of the mountain...and he says "Ive got a great idea... err... err"

This is an important demo so Make this demonstration count, talk to every media representative you can and explain our grief and remind everyone how the LTDA do not consider all the underhanded corrupt dealings committed by TFL is good a enough reason to demonstrate... "you just cant make it up"... can you Steve?


Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)

Berkeley Sq at midnight tonight. said...

Totally agree !

S V said...

Came across this on TFL website.

Cab enforcement
Cab enforcement
We're taking measures against unbooked minicabs.
Touting and associated dangers of unbooked minicabs
Reporting touting and illegal cab activity

Touting and associated dangers of unbooked minicabs
While London is safe for most people travelling at night, we still have major concerns over the dangers of travelling in unbooked minicabs.

Your minicab is classified as unbooked and unsafe, if:

A private hire or minicab driver approaches you on the street
You approach a minicab driver on the street directly, and they accept your journey without a booking - even if the driver is licensed by us
A bouncer, or somebody with a high visibility jacket and clipboard, hails you a minicab on the street
Even minicabs lined up outside pubs and clubs are breaking the law if they accept your fare without a booking first.

Only taxis (black cabs) can be hailed and pick customers up on the street without a booking.

Drivers who tout are committing a criminal offence under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. If drivers are arrested and charged with touting, they are also charged with having no valid insurance (for carrying passengers.

We work closely with the Taxi and Private Hire trade, the MPS and the City of London Police to ensure the safety of passengers using London's taxi and private hire services, tackle touting, and unlawful plying for hire. Over 400 officers are mobilised for major operations, such as Safer Travel at Night.

We directly fund 68 dedicated police cab enforcement officers, 41 TfL compliance officers, and 32 vehicle inspection staff. The operations also use Safer Transport Team officers and a group of 290 female police officers are called upon as part of covert anti-touting operations.

They tackle touting and other cab-related offences in a number of ways. These include covert and high visitility operations across London, which aim to detect, disrupt and deter touts.

Reporting touting and illegal cab activity
Licensed and law abiding taxi and private hire drivers and other members of the public often have valuable information on touting and other cab-related offences across London.

Let us know if you have information.

Taxi driver identifiers

All taxi drivers are required to display driver identifiers when plying for hire as a condition of licence.

If you witness a driver not displaying their identifiers, displaying the wrong identifiers or you suspect displaying fake identifiers, or who may be plying for hire outside of their licence area, report this to us.

So when did the text in bold type become official?

Is this game over for the traditional cab game?

Is it open season for anyone to swarm London with app drivers using platforms that don't differentiate the separate licensing authorities around the country?

What say ye?