Friday, November 04, 2016

TfL COs Coming a down Hard On Taxis. But Are They Exceeding Their Authority.... By Paul Sweeney.

Word coming back to us from the front line that these COs have been instructed by TFL to really get in our faces.

Considering its alleged lots of these COs were/are ticket inspectors or PHV drivers, then you can see we are going to face a few issues. 

We've heard reports COs getting heavy at Kings Cross and Waterloo. 

One driver a old boy, was totally confused with this new mandate and did not have the required TFL stickers. The COs started to get heavy and when other drivers became involved, the driver was told to leave the rank. 

These COs do not have the authority to ask you to leave the rank. TfLTPH have said openly stops are not being dished out, just warning letters sent through the post.

This is what Taxi Leaks have been told, so we must take them at their word.

Drivers then pointed out to the COs the Ubers parked and openly touting at the St Pancras drop off. 
A CO replied "we have been instructed to focus on Taxi Trade". 
This is going to continue and whilst we are receiving the heavy treatment, the untouchable PHV trade continues to bring London towards Anarchy.  

Editorial Comment : 
Where are the Orgs on this matter?
The LTDA have posted many times about being in attendance at St Pancras and yet when the COs turned up, not one LTDA marshal insight.  

The Orgs need to wake up and do something united. Any Org who does not want to unite on the discrimination being inflicted on our trade by TFL, should be removed from your patronage. 



Anonymous said...

lets branch off on the 8th of November and head to woodfield road .tell them useless
people they are officially OUT of BUSINESS.They WANT the taxi trade to fail so the four owners of LTDA enterprises can sell the deed to TAXI house and the canal side plot for £16.2 million and BIN IT.
Tonight we must rally and head to WAPPING to a undisclosed location.
Lets see how they like it....

Anonymous said...

Look at the state of those Tfl muppets. The one at the front is a heart attack waiting to happen. I bet they were bullied at school.

Anonymous said...

our ship is sinking & the band plays on

out time is running out

Anonymous said...

Seems like Valerie doesn't care anymore.It's gonna take a bit more than a few handbags and a twitter account to sort out the trades problems... You can always pay £15 a month for the boys with bigger handbags to represent you. That's if you can drag them away from playing dressing up.

You couldn't make it up !

Be lucky.