Sunday, November 20, 2016

UCG Excluded From TfL Meeting.... Is It All For One And One For All ? Should Trade Leaders Tell Mike Brown To Jog On.

It's been announced that there is to be an "all trade org" meeting at Windsor house this Monday afternoon.

 Sadly, we've heard from Deputy General Secretary Trevor Merralls that the UCG have not been invited to the meeting with Mike Brown. 

It is completely outrageous that a truly democratic voice of the London Taxi trade, has once again been excluded from engagement with TfL. 

This is an obvious attempt once again to divide the trade.
When TfL are backed into a corner, they immediately put into practise the divide and rule philosophy. 

The commissioner's reward to orgs/unions/groups who go along with exclusion, is a seat at the engagement table, giving a false impression of importance. 

This exclusion shows a weakness on behalf of Mike Brown who appears now to be running scared. 

It's time to stand up and be counted, time to man up. 
Lets do away with this temptation by smashing the table. 

All orgs need to unite on this and tell Mike Brown it's 'all for one and one for all'. 

Future invites must be for every representative group or it's no show from all. 

It's now up to you the driver, to show your disgust with this repugnant and shambolic attempt to wrong foot our trade. 

Phone your trade representatives on Monday and ask them to attend the meeting briefly, just to tell Mike Brown to his face how the trade feels about this tactic. Then get up en masse and walk out. 

Taxi Leaks has been informed that concerned drivers will be mounting a picket-line outside Windsor house on Monday between 4:00 and 5:30 pm, asking all trade leaders to walk out on the meeting.

Trade leaders wishing to stay behind and engage will have to walk passed their members in full view or the trade, on the way out. 

All this meeting will achieve is more division along with weakened trade representation. 

This action is not about the colour of a lanyard, it's about the survival of the badge that hangs from it. 

Taxi Leaks Extra :
This from Twitter yesterday.

The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.
-Martin Luther King Jr.


Paul said...

Uber update; it has come to light TFLs top directors are shareholders in an offshore company. They have received bonuses directly related to uber being licensed in London. An ally of the taxi trade is meeting with senior fraud squad detectives at Scotland Yard to hand over a dossier on Monday after the Right honourable Margaret hodge has also delivered an in depth report on the whole sordid affair. This whole scandal is about to blow up in the faces of the people who have accepted the big fat brown envelopes. I've banged on about the corruption for too long. Hopefully not much longer. TFL are rotten from top to bottom. The poison must be expelled and the sooner the better.

Barry Sergeant said...

Got to be last resort fo McNamara, Kelly, Norton and Davis

Do the right thing and support the trade, not your ego.

Editorial said...

Well done Grant.
The time has come for a someone to lead the trade from th front! no mor empire building.
Brown is on the back foot as Jimmy say's, and is desperate to divide the trade.
The other trade leaders must be made aware that if they split from what the rank and file want, their days receiving our money will be numbered.
Time has run out, and TfL are worried.

Gerald Coda

Dads Defending Daughters said...

Another great piece from Taxi Leaks.
I wish we had more notice, we would've had pertinent placards made up. But our old placards will have to do. After all, they tell the truth and demand a public inquiry into TfL's shenanigans.
Brown and his cohorts must never be allowed to divide us again. And Orgs must be made to understand it is in our interest to include the voice of all Orgs.
Hats off to the LCDC for being the first to come forward and announce that this underhanded behaviour from TfL is unacceptable.
We are UCG, LCDC, RMT, LTDA and Unite. We are one.
The LTDA should stop listening to their PR advisors and start speaking to them.
A PR company is there to work for you, not the other way around.
If a PR officer advises it is better not to demo, but you wish to demo through principle and unity, it is then the PR officers' job to work with that and advise how to go about it in the best possible way. Don't let the tail wag the dog!
No more standing behind a PR company,. Instead stand in from of your members!
It is time for the LTDA and Unite to stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution.
Unity and victory!

Veritas said...

Sorry, funny how Davis after years of going along with the 'engagement' policy seems to be having a u turn? His previous actions give him no credibility.

It's clear in the Mayor's strategy that the RMT and the UCG are on the list for consultations, can we see the correspondence from TfL to UCG not allowing them to attend?

Where is Len Martin?

Anonymous said...

So, the usual suspects are going down to Windsor House cap in hand to meet who exactly?
What's the point?
Nothing but bullshit and threats come out of TFL!
I was under the impression all of the trade org's collectively agree TFL's senior mananagement are corrupt and wrotten to the core. Let the the mugs sit down and get worked over again. There is nothing left to say to TFL, they are fully aware of what they are doing to the
trade. If the usual suspects want to go and get their faces laughed into by TFL senior management, let them!

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself a question?
Why were this bunch of miscreants in Delfino's restaurant at 9pm in the evening and why the guilty faces?

Non of them are mates, they are all movers and shakers at TFL, baring Malcolm Paice who is the top dog at ComCab and a Freemason flunky.

Answer: A sterile environment for them to discuss more corrupt treachery. You had better believe it!

Reading between the lines, I would hazard a guess changes to the taxi meter will feature heavily at Mondays meeting at Winsor house.

Why else would Malcolm Paice be present at this gathering of miscreants?

Hence the guilty faces!


Anonymous said...

The only intent and purpose of this meeting is as a distraction.
TFL are hoping that while Taxi Drivers and Orgs are arguing about who should be 'at the table'
they will forget about the recent campaign calling for a Public Inquiry into TFL.

The fact that Brown has called this meeting to try and distract people is confirmation that TFL are very worried about the prospect of their corruption being exposed in the format of a Public Inquiry.

This meeting will not expose the corruption at TFL (which is the root cause of all problems.) nor will any engagement with TFL expose their corruption.

There is no point in meeting with or engaging with TFL at all;they are corrupt

The only way to expose the corruption is in the format of a Statutory Public Inquiry

Ignore this meeting and focus on action calling for a Public Inquiry into TFL.
Contact your MP and ask for their support.

I have seen the recent comments of 'an ally of the taxi trade' claiming to be 'leading' or 'running' the Public Inquiry into TFL.
These claims are not based on facts because the only way a Public Inquiry can be initiated is by the Government and it would be carried out by a Judge not an individual.
It seems that this person is making these claims to draw attention to a failed business venture with an alleged improper procurement process by TFL.
Do not be mislead by this claim that a Public Inquiry is already underway; it is not

The Fraud Squad cannot initiate a Public Inquiry and an investigation by them will not resolve the issues affecting taxi drivers.
Only a Public Inquiry by the Government will expose TFL

Harry Wall said...

Mike Brown's called a meeting tomorrow with 4 orgs and UCG isn't one of them.

I don't know what the meeting's about but it doesn't matter, it's obviously trade so therefore ALL orgs should be invited to attend in order to represent their members, that's what democracy is all about.

I think the UCG should go regardless whether they're invited or not. I also think any trade org who willingly participates in that meeting without all orgs present is complicit in exposing our biggest weakness, fragmentation.
And that's something that should not go un-noticed.

A fragmented trade in complete disarray is music the TFLs ears.

It's a guarantee of success and I hope all the orgs recognise this cynical ploy for what it obviously is, divided and rule, and flat refuse to enter into any form of meeting or negotiation without an all inclusive presence of reps from across the trade. That being the case, the reputations of those orgs invited is now up for debate based on their decision tomorrow.

But once again we're being deflected from the real burning questions we're faced with e.g. What was going on in that restaurant?

How long do we wait for a definitive answer to the UCGs letter to no.10?

The fact that all but one in that restaurant shit themselves and went silent tells me skullduggery was afoot. Daniels, Brown and the cornerman sat silent wishing to be swallowed up by the floor.

Opposite the cornerman was apparently Malcolm Paice who looked defiant with his big cigar, perhaps they were wining and dining him?

He's a Master of the WCHCD, but he's not a cab driver. He was general manager at Comcab, then CEO of Cityfleet Networks (PH company) and now he's at Keystone Employment and recently called for rate 3 to be scrapped.

Why is a Master of WCHCD having a cozy dinner with TFL?
If it's him at all, which he's since denied.

There are 2 unknown men at that table but names put forward are Ian Nunn who's Chief Finance Officer, £280k per year and Vernon Everett who's MD Customer Experience,Marketing and Communications, £250k per year.

Men like these don't have work mates they have colleagues, so something or things we're being discussed in that restaurant and I think we were part of that discussion given the shock and silence that was instant the second they were tumbled.

Any real man would have told the cameraman to piss off... but instead of that they all shut up quick hoping it would end soon.

Ian Nunn was on the 2012 Olympic Organising Committee and Vernon Everitt "led the successful pan-government and transport industry marketing and communications strategy for the London games". So whether it's them or not these two dogs should be added to the hate list anyway for carving the Olympics work up for the PH sector, we didn't get a morsel.

I don't suppose we'll ever find out but please keep an eye out for these rats, they're all clearly running scared and I'm sure sooner or later one will crack.

But that said, look at Daniels response when asked how many deaths have occurred this week.

I don't know how long we have to wait for a response from no.10 re. UCGs letter and I've no idea how long the UCG are going to wait either is the honest and straight answer to that question, but like you probably, I'm not good at waiting but we've got no choice at the moment so watch this space.

Be lucky.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at @watchingAjitc

Sean Day said...

So much for political redirection at TfL. It's a mighty shame that the taxi industry has waited 8 long years for a shift in policy only to find the same old agenda is being rigidly adhered to. One thing is for sure, all those involved in the previous engagement policy were complicit in bringing the cab trade to its knees. I eagerly await to hear how this engagement policy will differ from the last one?

Anonymous said...

LCDC will be attending, as will LTDA and Unite. All sounds familiar doesn't it.
Don't forget what these seasoned nogotiators have negotiated for the trade:

The acceptance of the engagement policy.

The legitimisation of satellite offices.

The Taxi Age Limit.

The credit card mandate.

And if the revocation of rate 3 is on the agenda it's a foregone conclusion what will happen!