Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Steve McNamara Fails To Attend LTDA Central Branch Meeting To Answer Demands, Members Walk Out.

     Letter delivered to David Sparks at Taxi House on Monday.

Controversy reigned last night, at the LTDA's new Central Branch meeting, held at the Rugby Tavern in WC1.

As a prelude to the meeting, a letter contain g a list of demands had been taken and delivered by hand to LTDA accountant David Sparks at Taxi house. 

As their demands were serious, LTDA members had asked that General Secretary Steve McNamara attend the central branch meeting, to discuss the contents of the letter.

As the meeting convened, members were informed by the reps, that McNamara had gone to a meeting with the Clean Air For London group, and would probably not make it back in time to attend the branch. 
Members were also informed that the two reps in attendance had no knowledge of the contents of the delivered letter. 

Because of the severity of their demands, a spokesman for the members ask if the two reps in attendance could immediately contact the General Secretary and demand he attended. The two reps were then informed that the majority of members present did not recognise their positions of branch chair and branch secretary.

The spokesman also alleged that the whole election process at the last meeting held in Harlesden was bordering on illegality. 

A text was sent to Steve McNamara and he was given 15 minutes to reply. 
When no reply was forthcoming, the members arose en Masse and vacated the venue.

Taxi Leaks spoke to two attendees after the meeting, both said they felt extremely let down by the contempt shown to the branch members by the General Secretary. 


                     TO BE CONTINUED 

With thanks to London Taxi Radio.


Anonymous said...

Steve McNamara has wasted no time in proving he isn't up to the job.

It's ironic that the LTDA's weak point is representing their members interests with the regulator - Year upon year of under representation and complacency by a clueless council of management has finally caught up with the arrogant few that control the LTDA; the new blood has gathered momentum and the old guard must step asside to give the trade a fighting chance.

Unfortunately, this will not happen - why?

It is my opinion that the ageing LTDA COM has an allegiance to a higher body than their membership. McNamara may be the General Secretary of the LTDA, but his whole demeanor suggests he is not in control. Everything about Steve McNamara suggests he is a subserviant!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should question what that meeting was about Monday you was all fed bull shit yet you all still pay your subs each month dig deep and you will find what your looking for

Anonymous said...

Come on you bunch of fools don't mess this up your less that 30 days away from getting you new diaries and lanyard and who knows maybe a selfi with bogus bob in he's y fronts all jokes aside they wil, go down in history as a union that did not have a clue