Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sadiq Khan threatened crackdown on Uber, saying allowing its "taxis" was a ‘mistake’...We are still waiting Sadiq!

Pre Mayoral election, back in March, Sadiq Khan tells James O'Brien on LBC: 
"The iconic Black Taxi is at risk. There are 100,000 private hire vehicles, black taxis are down to 23,000 and for the first time in a generation there are fewer people doing the knowledge".

He went on to say the mistake was made by TfL when they allowed Uber "Taxis" to come on stream. 

"Let me tell you what I will do" he said
"I will make sure we have proper regulation around PHVs
I want a cap on PHVs
I will bring about the renaissance of the black taxi
I don't want the black taxi to go the way of the red telephone box".


Now fast forward to Mayors Question time 16th November 2016, Khan, is questioned by David Kurten.
What happened to khan's one hit and your out policy.
What happened to, I will be the Mayor who runs Uber out of town. 

After the expose' by the Sun newspaper, we now know that hundreds if not thousands of Uber drivers held/hold fake medicals and topographical test passes. 

The recent stop and check operation by the Met in Camden over the weekend, shows that up to 22% of Uber drivers still do not have hire and reward insurance 

After Khan became Mayor, TfL removed certain parts of the PHV act 1998 to make it look as if Uber comply with all operator regulations -the need for an operator to have a landline for pre bookings- it's seems Khan has now done a complete U-turn.


We now know where we stand with the bullshit Mayor.

This from Twitter:

Uber license due to be reissued in May 2017, Google are now mates of Mayor Khan and who do Google 
fund ? .


Anonymous said...

By his response to David Kurten's question yesterday, he will 100% relicense them, UNLESS we stand up for trade, contact every conceivable journalist and media operators. We have proof of wrongdoing at the highest level at TfL, we have assault stats, we have 1000's of examples of the bad driving, abuse and hacking we need to make this stick. All the orgs and unions both taxi and private hire should make these facts stick. If we do nothing this trade will perish.

Stuart said...

He knows that he has the clout to revoke uber so , come on Sadiq, is your memory so short?, or have you been got at?.

Thefat Girl said...

We don't get enough mainstream media backing, they've been bribed with U***discounts. I go on every demo but the only publicity we get is how we are blocking the roads. Khan is looking for number 10, if he's backing one tax dodging multi national, he'll back another. Welcome to Post Brexit Britain!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 5:50pm. He is cleverly separating the words operator and licensee. Remember he's a lawyer. Uber the company/operator will not physically drive down one way streets or commit rape or sexual assaults. The driver/licensee could though. They can easily revoke the driver's licence but they won't revoke Ubers. The driver's should have operators licence as they are the ones that technically accept bookings as been proven by judge in Toronto case. Trust no one!!

Anonymous said...

Diversity verses knowledge...

I was at a personal function this evening and was talking to a few oldies in the taxi trade (im sure they would be happy with that description) and in a particular sense how proud they are to still have the ability to leave a taxi rank with a regular rider and end up at the destination with the lowest metered fare.

It is completely beyond their understanding why TFL are passing out 'Licensed' drivers who have 'apparently' passed a standard of knowledge which equates to the common regulated fare principle...whilst at the same time are allowed to use a sat nav?.. impossible.

I am a long time green badge driver and only once have I squared up to a fellow green badge driver who literally abandoned an couple of yanks in duke street by selfridges telling them 'greens oyster bar' was a short walk along 'down there'.. when any green badge driver knows only too well it is located in duke street 'mayfair'... sat navs cant distinguish between them but a a green badge driver knows only too well.

Any how back to the main point,If you hadn't already guessed the drivers I were talking too were predominantly Yellow badge drivers who struck a familiar note, one driver was talking about how he is instructed to take a passenger from brent cross rank to a local destination and does so for £7..but his diverse counterpart who uses a sat nav charges £11? the passenger openly admits to him that if they walk to the rank and see's a driver who clearly has no ability to drive them home without over charging them via a sat nav... the potential fare converts to using the local bus instead and deprives the knowledgeable drivers!

I know by another RMT driver how an attempt to attract 'diversity' by TFL to 'study' for the 'Barnet Bill' resulted in TFL tempting Luton taxi drivers come down to attain licenses for Brent Cross, but if they clearly have little knowledge of the potential fares except by using sat navs then the long term drivers who have worked the rank for years and have built up business over the years are going to be eventually replaced by all the prius's who are already stopping alongside the rank and whisking their fares away!

The duplicitous nature and failings of TFL knows no bounds... but I clearly remember back when a certain Ken Livingston created a temporary division of fellow knowledge students on diversity tactics under the auspices of the London development agency who gave free or subsidised knowledge assistance to all excluding the indigenous... it temporarily divided our trade, but now TFL seeks to create an easier route via back door sat nav usage... they know a human brain will always know the proper way especially from a regular positioned rank so they interfere with under qualified licenses...

I may be talking about suburban drivers now... but when you get a driver pull alongside you and ask you to point out the dorchester... you will understand where I am coming from.

Uber cant beat us soley from outside unless we implode from within... and TFL are creating that scenario by stealth...

Always try to explain your routes and reasons to your passengers especially in busy traffic conditions as sat nav drivers dont know how to and we will win the battle of quality over lost sat nav drivers & remember how you learned all you know through hard graft.. and not a political freebie!

Be Lucky


Anonymous said...

What surprises me is you lot act like its something new.
This twat will do has he's told same as the twat Livingstone and the slob Johnson.
They answer to higher up twats with an agenda.
So get real and stop bullshitting.

Anonymous said...

Greenbadgejohn you are totally missing the point 80 percent of your punters consider cost more important factor then your satnav rant! Understand a high percentage of your punters haven't had a pay increase in 10 years they consider cheapest form of travel paramount