Saturday, November 26, 2016

Number of buses on Oxford Street could be slashed : Or maybe justshuffled about a bit?

London's Oxford Street has been labelled in the media as the most polluted street on earth, with 131 buses in each direction every hour. Today, Transport for London announced proposed changes to 23 routes to help deliver Mayor Sadiq Khan’s promise to remove vehicles from Oxford Street by 2020.

But here's the rub, buses won't be completely removed, instead they would be re-routed away from Oxford Street or have their routes cut short, with some terminating at Marble Arch or in Bloomsbury. Passengers wishing to travel across London will have to find alternate rout or use the underground. 

We've seen air pollution levels drop massively by over 50% on bus strikes days. So, all the clues are there!

This is a prelude to the lead up to full pedestrianisation which will happen around 2020. Shoppers worried about how they will access the top shopping street in the UK have been told to use CrossRail which is due to come on line around the same time. 

So what about the disabled and wheelchair users ?
There will be only 2 stations on Oxford street regarding CrossRail which is to be known as the Elizabeth Line, Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road. 

Well according to TfL board member Tanni Grey Thompson, she manages to get around Westfield by herself, so not interested in any campaign to allow fully wheelchair accessible Taxis access to Oxford Street....trouble is not every wheelchair user is a Paralympic athlete !

Reducing the amount of busses using Oxford street will have zero effect to London's pollution from traffic emissions as the buses will still be there, polluting other streets. The Mayor's new measure will increase congestion and pollution in the surrounding streets, a bit like sweeping dirt under the carpet. 

Leon Daniels said when the Elephant and Castle reverts back to two way working, the result will be a place people will want to be.....another Leon lie, as the result has caused a nightmare to through traffic adding to congestion and pollution.

Now we have the Lancaster Gate scheme which is causing two way 24 hour congestion along the Bayswater Road, resulting in many vehicles using side streets, which is upsetting locals with traffic noise and extra exhaust fumes. 

Sadiq Khan wants the world to know London is open.
But TfL's road network users will tell you, access to much of London is actually closing down.

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Chesty Morgan said...

If anyone apart from TfL (who we know are deranged) and asthma pump manufacturers think these schemes are a success, they should be sectioned for the public good!