Saturday, November 19, 2016

Good Business Sense, Or A Race To The Bottom? .... By Gerald Coba.

Last year Uber, a global company with a valuation of $65 billion, paid the same amount of tax in the UK as four (yes four) London taxi drivers. 

Their 'employees' are paid less than the minimum wage with majority working excessive, unsafe  hours. Many sleeping in their vehicles. It's an all too common sight to see their Uber Eats 'employees' sleeping rough on the streets of London. 
This company has been securely ring fenced by Her Majesties Government, who have instructed successive London Mayors to leave this company alone.

Many in the taxi trade want to slash our prices to try to compete with this company....but be warned!!!

M&S, were renowned for quality, which their customers were happy to pay a little extra for. 
In a bid to increase profits, they decided to change most of their suppliers get stock from the Far East, made in sweatshops by children. 

They soon found, inspite of the quality drop to lower prices, therefore maximising profit, they couldn't compete on the high street with retailers such as Sports Direct and Primark.

The quality of most M&S garments has deteriorated and people, no longer willing to pay the premium for their goods, are shopping else where. 

Now M&S have announced it is to change many smaller branches over to food only stores. 

It was always going to be a race to the bottom.
People will pay for a premium, but must receive a premium service in return. Once the service deteriorates, they will shop elsewhere. 

Maths is a wonderful leveller, so they say.

We're told we need to spend £205 billion renewing trident, so that 30,000 people won't lose their jobs. 

So, why not give each of these people a million pounds each to retire!
That way, the country will save £175 billion 

Every year, UK tax payers meet an unemployment budget of around £3 billion, and yet Hugh Grosvenor Duke of Westminster has just avoided inheritance tax bill of £4 billion

Since moving its headquarters to Switzerland, Boots have avoided paying £1.2 billion in tax.
That's money which should have been spent on the NHS, Schools, Fire service, Police etc.

This money now has to be found by extra austerity cuts. 

We've just had another highly successful BBC children in need appeal, where tax dodging billionaires ask the poor to give what they can, till it hurts. 

If these disgusting people paid their tax, there would be no need to have these appeals.



Dads Defending Daughters said...

Well said, sir.
We have MPs condoning the exploitation of immigrants to drive down wages and undermine the workforce, to aid rich 'Owners'.
And a government which tells us it subsidises wages to aid the underpaid. Yet the underpaid are entitled to a minimum wage; therefore the subsidy is there to help the rich 'Owners' with their wage bill, not the poor.
They piss down our backs, telling us it's raining.
These are the non tax-paying mega rich 'Owners' who pay nothing into the UK or EU, but vote Remain, to keep us enslaved.
Now we have companies like Virgin running our NHS. Virgin, who can't get our trains to work properly, are now profiteering from people's misfortune. Let's hope life or death is not about profit margins.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Gerald