Saturday, November 12, 2016

Are Uber Using TfL To Licensing Vehicles To Work In Areas Where They Can't Get An Operator's Licence ?

Flags of Convenience....remember that term?

It applied  to 'coffin' ships registered in jurisdictions where safety standards were low and employment protection non existent. 

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable seafarers killed, injured and underpaid.

Ring any bells?

We have TfL licensed PH operator encouraging drivers to go to cities and airports outside their licensing district to cover work at predatory rates below cost with the intention to kill off long standing local operators and taxi trades, forget any local democratic process or decisions, it matters not.

TFL state the law allows this (case law says it doesn't TfL) and many local authorities have just inserted a condition (just like our mandated acceptance of CC) that their licensed vehicles have to work exclusively or almost so in their area, you don't need an Act of Parliament just a notice changing the conditions.

If you tried Plying for Hire (and that IS what they are doing) outside the Met you would be nicked.

TfL won't act of course as its their (Dear Jo) favoured partner and it's my view that they are implementing national 'standards' for PH as proposed by the Law Commission by stealth with the tacit agreement of the Department of Transport and have found an operator willing to do so.

Of course release of the Sexual Assault statistics would cause a national outrage and could cause the agenda to hit the rocks, will they ever be published in any meaningful format?

Small matters as to the fiction of bookings taken in London (Uber's office isn't staffed 24/7 so it can't be true), and it's billed in Holland to avoid VAT despite HMRC guidance, other 'legal' tax avoidance, bogus MOT's and Medicals endangering the public are more casualties of the grand plan.

If any of that passes a 'Fit and Proper' test then the test surely isn't fit or proper?

100,000 plus licence fees plugs a big hole in the budget and tops up the bonus trough at TfL. 

Small local authorities fees and cab operators are again just collateral damage.

So the London scandal has gone nationwide, other countries are acting why not us?

On Sunday I will be on the Poppy Cab run with our valued ex service folk who we all are so very proud of.

Monday onwards I will be ashamed that the likes of the management of TfL are my fellow citizens.

Next up for TfL, licensing Pedicabs, waiting areas for them, ever more pollution and congestion, more sexual assaults etc etc.

'A land fit for heroes'

No longer.

I'm Spartacus

These Ubers being used in Brighton are licensed by TfL.... shame on you LTPH


Hi Jim
 Read your piece on Cambridge Uber being hackneys.

Cambridge unlike London is governed by the LGMPA Act of 1976.

Hackneys which use UBER's surge pricing are committing a CRIMINAL offense each time they do so.

I attach the relevant section of the 1976 act.

67 Hackney carriages used for private hire (1) No hackney carriage shall be used in the district under contract or purported contract for private hire except at a rate of fares or charges not greater than that fixed by the byelaws or table mentioned in section 66 of this Act, and, when any such hackney carriage is so used, the fare or charge shall be calculated from the point in the district at which the hirer commences his journey. 
(2) Any person who knowingly contravenes this section shall be guilty of an offence.



Anonymous said...

We have 20000 plus drivers lets print all this on a leaflet and hand them out. Let the public know. To pay for let let the drivers buy them of you if you get100 for a fiver no big deal. Good time to do this with Xmas coming up. Also put pressure on TfL to name ck cars on oxford st that should not be there. Put the cameras on

Anonymous said...

The public don't care. It's all about money and getting home cheaply. The issue is Ubers corrupt business partner TFL who churns out the licences to keep Uber in business.

Andrew Peters said...

Have a look at Brighton

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a petition to ask for a public enquiry.

Anonymous said...

Its called a PUblic INQUIRY not an enquiry. There is a difference and if you get an enquiry it will not change anything. A Public Inquiry will

Editorial said...

Thank you for pointing that out as we are only taxi drivers and not legal experts.

By the way it's Public and not PUblic