Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ever Wondered Why TfL Are So Adamant That Taxis Must Take Credit Gerald Coba.

So a certain TfL board member Mr Ron Kalifa, is Deputy Chairman of credit card system provider WorldPay and is also a non executive director of Visa Europe.

WorldPay has a subsidiary called WorldPay Uk which makes the ingenico card machines which (among others) have been authorised by TfL for use in London Taxis.

It could be argued that Mr Kalifa has a strong financial interests in Taxi accepting could also be argued that he has a conflict of interest?

I bet @TheLTDA 's political advisers will be all over this....not.

This is what is on TfL's website, in regards to Mr Ron Kalifa

Ron Kalifa was appointed Deputy Chairman of Worldpay in 2013. Previously, he was Chief Executive Officer for over 10 years, building and leading Worldpay into the premier global payments company it is today. Worldpay is the pre-eminent FinTech company in Europe and is one of the largest payments companies globally.

Ron has been a driving figure behind the success of Worldpay, one of the world's largest payments companies, which last year became the UK's most significant FinTech IPO when it listed on the London Stock Exchange.

With over 15 years' experience within the global payments industry, Ron holds responsibility for the strategic direction of this FTSE 100 business which employs over 5,000 employees across 25 offices in 13 countries. Ron has extensive experience of the payments ecosystem - including card payments, cash management and trade finance and transaction banking.

Ron is also an independent consult to Advent and its advisers on a variety of issues, particularly in relation to new investment opportunities.

Ron has spent part of his career in the USA as well as Europe.


Chrissie1943 said...

In any other company or regulator there would be an investigation into or more likely a ban on this appointment. TFL must be urgently investigated because there is a whiff of corruption, growing by the day. This powerful company, which many do not know is a private, money making company, is failing London and putting lives at risk. The GLA must act now!

Anonymous said...

........but he has no idea of how the Taxi trade operates.

Anonymous said...

nice to know that at the end of the week, good old Ron puts his hand in our money bag and takes out his cut

colin said...

Even more of a case for Taxi & Ph to be taken away from local authority licensing & put back under police or a government department.

Deb said...

Taxi driver would have to give up badge to be a Tfl co due to conflict of interest so how come Ron can be on board?