Tuesday, November 08, 2016

'A clear and present danger'....Someone's Got To Warn The Public!

Whilst the TfL compliance officers harass working Taxi Drivers for the heinous act of not displaying or having credit card stickers in the right place, touting and those playing the 'fog lights game' continues seemingly without any let or hindrance.

If that's 'intelligence led' enforcement then I suggest they get some, intelligence that is.

If that's not bad enough, we have vehicles with bogus MOT's and PH drivers (who could have serious health conditions or be recently discharged from Broadmoor) carrying the public. Any sane person who doesn't live in the Alice in Wonderland (or is it bonus land of TfL) would think every resource would be deployed to stop the unfit vehicles and drivers, but no, apparently and unbelievably they can drive until they next renewal...

If that's not the case TfL aren't denying it.

If someone is injured or worst the lawyers of the victims know who to come for and who to contact for the evidence of this gross dereliction of duty.

We also have a well known PH operator with drivers working 90 plus hours a week to scratch a living whilst the operators proceeds of their exploitation disappear offshore, previously they have even sent messages along the lines of 'you have been logged on for 80 hours, keep it up'.

This alone should have led to an immediate revocation of the operators licence, but we all know it won't happen, Why?

TfL are fighting tooth and nail not to publish the horrendous sexual assault figures Why? 

Could it be it reflects badly on TfL, the police and their apparently favoured operator (see the 'Dear Jo' emails for evidence?)

So LTDA members if you want to know why we are all calling for a parliamentary enquiry, the above should be enough, more than enough.

PR companies won't make it happen nor will the 'comfortable men' at Woodfield Road or their supine associates, we will keep on until the enquiry happens and it will happen if we keep up the pressure.

See you in Whitehall and if you definitely can't make it, see you this Sunday on the Poppy Cabs event.

We are fighting for survival, let's be 'avin you!

I'm Spartacus

Editorial Comment:
It's perfectly clear what TfLTPH are doing here. They believe if they hit us with hard enforcement in regards to the credit card and no smoking stickers, we will forget all about their non-publication of the minicab related rape and sexual assault figures. 

It's also clear they intend to hold out until after Uber has been relicensed early next year, before they release the statistics. 

Well if TfL won't warn the public, then it's up to the trade to do it.


Legal Ombudsman said...

Mayor Khan, KHANT be trusted, he is public enemy No 1 and is a disgrace to the legal profession of this country, he Mayor Khan, is fully aware of the 8210 rapes and sexual assaults committed by licensed private Hire drivers, MINI CAB DRIVERS, licensed by TfL, he Mayor KHANT is the No 1 man at TfL and he is entirely responsible for these dispicable atrocities !


See you all at the demo !!!

lee ward said...

Could the council ombudsman not get involved to assist in sorting this matter out?

Anonymous said...

The other problem is there's so many girls using the U , probably because either they or they're friends daddy's are investors in U### , more dosh for daddy , cheaper rides for them , so long as these people earn & save money they don't care about anyone else , so yeah let's keep the demos going until there is a enquirey,