Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another Bad Decision Sees TfL Shot In The Foot At Windsor House Demo ...By Jim Thomas

Going by the odds against, yesterday's static demo should have been a complete disaster, but TfL tried to be too clever and ended up shooting themselves in the foot.

Many were put off by the weather, plus the demo was initially wrong footed by a certain 'Union committee member' lying, instead of telling the truth, when asked a serious question !

But even so, enough drivers turned up to make our presence felt.

Drivers and friends from Dads Defending Daughters and the Mayfair Mob, made up the bulk of the protest, which looked impressive outside Windsor House. 

We then received word, TfL had changed the venue for the meeting at the last minute, to Palestra.
Protesters jumped into a procession of taxis and were at Blackfriars road within minutes.

TfL's tactical decision, actually done us a right favour as the weather had taken a turn for the worse and Windsor House has no protection from the rain. 
Palestra on the other hand, has a portico entrance, offering shelter.

Drivers seemed in fine voice, calling for Leon Daniels to be sacked and for Mike Brown to come out and speak to us. 

Thing got a bit heated when security guards menacingly came forward, asking to whom they had to speak, to get the crowd to step back onto the pavement and out into the heavy rain. 

They were informed, "You will need to speak to each and every driver in turn, as this is not an organised demo but a spontaneous protest".

It was also pointed out, that moving backwards onto the pavement, would cause a major obstruction to the public walkway, obviously the objective. 
But the security decided to back down.

The meeting overran by an hour and first to come out was LTDA General Secretary, Steve McNamara.

He was handed a microphone to address the crowd, but what little he had to say didn't go down well and drivers, who made their feeling known by awkward heckling.

As soon as Grant Davis emerged, the microphone was taken away from Steve in mid-sentence and given to the LCDC chairman.

Grant immediately ran through the agenda to an almost silent crowd, explaining in detail what he, on behalf of the LCDC members had put to the TfL commissioner.

We've been asked not to report in too great a detail as much of the agenda is subject to an embargo, which Taxi Leaks will of course respect.

However, we can confirm that the issue of driver safety, in regards to the rear fitting of CC readers, was talked about in detail. As predicted, incidents have now started to appear and two separate cases have already been reported to Police where drivers have been assaulted, after being asked to get in the back to sort out problems with the CC reader unit. 

We were told Mike Brown has given his word that the full 32 borough (including the City of London) minicab related sexual assault statistic break-down, will be publish by next week.

Grant put it to Mike Brown that Uber had been licensed under collusion and corruption. The commissioner wanted it to go on record that he knew nothing about this, as the licence wasn't granted under has watch. By making this extraordinary statement, Brown is admitting that someone somewhere has done something wrong and he's trying to distance himself from it.
Finally Grant went through the catalogue of lies and deceit we've had to suffer from Leon Daniels, asking the question, 
"Why has this man still got a job with TfL".

Jim Kelly of Unite, slipped away unnoticed by the drivers.

A big thank you to all who willingly gave up their afternoon to attend and support the protest.

As they say, actions speak louder than words





Anonymous said...

Its a waste of time engaging at all with TFL or the Mayor or even speaking to them. They are corrupt and dishonest. The LTDA and LCDC are giving credibilty to TFL by engaging with them and distracting attention fron the only course of action which will expose TFL ; A PUBLIC INQUIR6.
Write to , email or call your MP asking them to take action
Any driver who pays the LTDA every month is insane

Anonymous said...

Would that be the agenda posted on Twitter by a representative that has an embargo?
And is it the same Daniels whose dismissal was embargoed?
Do you think the embargo excuse is being overplayed?

Anonymous said...

when does the Embargo expire?

Dads Defending Daughters said...

For those who shied away or couldn't attend, this is exactly how the peaceful protest transpired.
TfL have to get up a lot earlier to catch DDD napping.

Anonymous said...

It's a great shame Grant Davis didn't show the same passion for the trade and his members 6 years ago instead of rolling over for what he thought were his friends at TFL - It's only taken him 6 years to wake up and smell the coffee.

How many cab drivers have joined the LCDC and been told "I like your passion" and how many good men later left the LCDC when they realised he ain't all he makes out to be - Had Davis adopted more militant stance years ago with senior management at TFL the LCDC wouldn't have been labled LTDA poodles and TFL lackies.

As for Steve McNamara's political strategy; I would compare it to a gnat trying to give an elephant a seeing to!

Anonymous said...

was McNamara tackled regarding his son working for a Credit Card company?

Anonymous said...

Confirmation from @TfL say 154 minicab rape statistics were from only 6 of the 32 London boroughs
Thats 25.66 from each borough which means there were possibly 821.33.
Now factor in, that only 1 in 10 reported.
TfL's announcement is going to be very interesting next week if they publish as promised.

Anonymous said...

we're not interested in Brown's excuses, about it not being under his watch - we want to know, what is he going to do NOW

Gerald Coba said...

It's a shame you lot never bothered to turn up
You could of asked Grant all these questions yourself in stead of just using your key board.

Still you are living proof of why this trade is in the state it's in
Leave it all to others, then complain about what ever they do or say, anonymously of course

Eric the red said...

One thing everyone's missed is, these cabbies cabinet meetings are supposed to be with the mayor
He is obviously swerving us now, just like deputy mayor Shawcross.

They've moved on and left us in Brown's hands
Mayor will keep his distance now he's in office and all the promises will jus melt away.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, know you do your best mate but loads of drivers put out a request for trade support with a flash demo at Palestra
That never happened.
Drivers who just carried on working are a disgrace.
They don't deserve your undying efforts.