Tuesday, November 15, 2016

An extra 60 Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell taxis for Paris

A taxi fleet of five Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell electric taxis run by Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien is about to grow by 60 and will soon reach hundreds.

Hyundai’s latest pitch for ‘Green’ motoring has focussed around the new Ioniq and its choice of Hybrid, plug-in hybrid or BEV powertrains.

But even if it looks like Hyundai are playing the BEV game, despite eschewing it back in 2011, that’s because they really have no choice but to pursue what others are pursuing, even if the core belief in BEVs is missing. A bit like Toyota, really.

But alongside the Ioniq BEV and hybrids, Hyundai are still producing the world’s first mass-produced, commercially available hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle in the Hyundai ix35 FCEV, and we’re about to see a chunk more on the roads of Paris.

The world’s largest FCEV taxi fleet currently consist of five ix35 FCEVs run by Société du Taxi Electrique Parisien (STEP ) in Paris, but at the opening of a new hydrogen refuelling centre at Hyundai’s European HQ in Germany an MOU has been signed to deliver a further 60 ix35 FCEVs as Paris taxis.

Thomas A. Schmid, Hyundai’s COO in Europe, said:

STEP and Hyundai Motor have committed to bring 60 additional ix35 Fuel Cell taxis to the streets of Paris. Not only will the fuel cell taxis provide a clean transportation solution for the city, they are also a practical, comfortable and reliable choice for drivers and passengers.

It’s a drop in the ocean of replacing the 17,000 predominantly diesel taxis roaming Paris streets in search of a fare, but even if you’re sceptical about the amount of damage CO2 does, you can’t deny it’s good to get rid of particulates from the atmosphere in cities produced by diesel-engined transport.

Paradoxically, despite long believing hydrogen power is the future, we’ve long believed the best place for BEVs is as taxis in city environments.

Editorial Comment, From Gerald Coba

So, is this a vehicle that could save the Taxi trade?

No wheelchair accommodation ! 
But then, TfLs two wheelchair using board members seem to be quit happy to see no considerate wheelchair access to a fully pedestrianised Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. 

Dr Alice Maynard CBE and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE.

In fact, when Taxi Leaks asked , Tanni Grey-Thompson to support a campaign against pedestrianisation, she said "well I have no trouble getting about Westfield and don't need to be dropped right outside each shop entrance". Nice words, from an ex-Paralympian Tanni ! Unfortunately not every wheelchair user is a Paralympic athlete. 

Only holds 4 passengers....hasn't put people off getting in a Prius !

No 25ft turning circle but with more and more no U-turn signs going up, perhaps the fact we could turn on a sixpence should be consigned to the past.

Having a hydrogen fuel cell zero emission vehicle has the added advantage of not having to queue up to connect to one of TfL board member Michael Liebreich's fast charging stations. 

It's may not be an iconic shape, but having an iconic shape is currently doing us no favours. 

We are a dying trade, and our iconic Taxi is not saving us, as passengers are deserting us in huge numbers for Prius'

They don't care about icons
They don't care about personal safety 
They don't care that the driver has no clue where he's going
They don't care about background checks 
They don't care about drivers mental health 
They don't care about the horrendous number of passenger sexual assaults and rapes. 

How much is it?

Price £53,105 OTR (Less government and EU green subsidies); Engine 100kW fuel cell stack & 24kW hybrid battery; Power 100kW (134bhp); Torque 221lb ft; 0-62mph 12.5sec; Top speed 100mph; Range 369 miles; Gearbox single-speed automatic; Kerb weight 1830kg; CO2 zero.


Anonymous said...

At last, someone has said it, they don't care!!

Wondermouth said...

That's about the same price as the new electric TX, no?

Thefat Girl said...

Why do black cabs have to be all electric several years before mini cabs? There are many electric vehicles on the road suitable for private hire and no electric black cabs yet, another thing that makes no sense!!!

Anonymous said...

In terms of Vehicles and Drivers...The uber race to the bottom strategy is clearly working in many stories I read as the clear erasure of any locational knowledge whatsoever and being replaced by untrained monkeys being paid peanuts who's attention absorbing sat nav screens clearly kill their road skills and driving signalling abilities but more importantly if you happen to be in a wheelchair you are clearly treated as a special case of vehicle supply by the whole private hire industry.... whereas all London taxi drivers know where they are, where they are going, and have 100% immediate supply of a wheelchair carrying vehicle... but in simple financial terms alone who gives a jot about that?

The distinctions of instantly recognisable London Taxi vehicle is sacrosanct particularly to the disabled and if this amenity were being erased as an instant hail from anyone but particularly the disabled who can be left stranded at the whim of the word "surge" clearly demonstrates how TFL and the Disability discrimination acts 1995 & 2005 have been deliberately overlooked for a financial convenience of both their own licence fees and other licensing anomalies which allows a purge being paid to drivers without discrimination and this is yet again another Law is rendered a grey area for TFL and private hire vehicles (meaningful private hire is laughable) but if a Taxi were to drive past a disabled hiring for financial "betterment" ... the Law is Black and white.

Putting it simply, our knowledge clearly creates a safer driving ability (we all know that) added to our current purpose built Vehicle which is now the only thin red line that distinguishes us from private hire and make no mistake of how many people choose us for this differing branded facility private hire cannot supply, so please dont talk along the saloon car ideology thereby erasing our worldwide instantly recognisable identity of Taxi vehicle branding as it really does separate the men (and ladies) from the rest... and lets hope the impending new line of electric vehicles do drive down emissions in line with competitive operating costs otherwise it will all be a complete waste of money we clearly cannot afford and could spell eventual disaster so take the glass is half full approach and continue to fight the good fight.

Be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)