Monday, November 14, 2016

A Safer Solution, To Traveling With A Small Child In A Taxi.... From @beltupbaby

Taxi Leaks recently received this letter from Juliette Whiting, a young mother of two small children. 
As a regular Taxi user, she was dismayed to find the only solution to traveling in a Taxi, or on public transport with a small child (should you find yourself without a child seat) is to sit with the child on your lap.

She tried to find a safer option on the market, but there appeared to be nothing suitable. So Juliette along with friend Sharon Cave, decided to design their own solution. 

Please take a minute or two to read her letter and visit the website.

Letter To Editor:

My name is Juliette Whiting and I am a mother of two. I have travelled many times in a Taxi with nowhere but my lap to hold my young one.

As a responsible parent I always tried to take a car seat with me however, I regularly found myself in circumstances where this simply wasn’t feasible. 

I was often abroad and using a taxi to explore the local attractions or simply go shopping, knowing that it would be physically impossible to lug a car seat around with me, especially having a hundred and one other things to contend with! I was convinced that there had to be something on the market that would resolve this problem.  

However, after thorough searching to my surprise, there was nothing. I turned to my husband Charlie, who with his many years experience of developing safety systems in Formula 1, came up with an initial design.

I showed this to my friend Sharon who told me that she had also found herself in similar situations and, from there, we embarked on the Belt up Baby project and this is where our journey began.

We started by making a prototype on my kitchen table which, over time, was followed by some field trials, some initial sled testing and then full scale crash tests.


The tests were all carried out at TRL, the leading UK laboratory for child restraint system research.

We now have a product that has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of injury and can help save the lives of the ones most precious to us.


Belt up Baby are looking for 5 volunteers to try out the child restraint system. 
If you are interested, please contact them on their email account:
or through their Twitter account @beltupbaby.


Anonymous said...

Be careful Jim, don't give Chapman any mandate ideas.

Anonymous said...

Yes what happens to the little seat in the armrest? Surely LTC weren't saving costs were they?

Editorial said...

Actually I'm going to get one to keep in the cab
Already have a booster.
My own daughter 39 years ago was injured when she was 2. (Didn't have disc brakes back then)
I hit a lorry in crickkewood and she was thrown out of my wife's arms onto the side of the buggy.
We had to go to Edgeware general were her cut received 4 stitches

She has a scar now just above her eye brow.

Jim Thomas

Thefat Girl said...

I've got the seat in the armrest on my X reg, sadly it gets decommissioned in January and the newer cabs don't have it and we're supposed to be a safety vehicle! Still rear CC machine works