Friday, October 07, 2016

THE REAL ISSUE...A Message From UCG Vice Chairman Trevor Merralls.


A message from Vice-Chairman Trevor Merralls. 

There was an issue raised on twitter yesterday by the LCDC, where they had been in contact with  TfL regarding Addison Lee using the term "Taxi" on their app.  We all know under the 1998 PH act this is illegal - that's the law of the land.

I think we are falling for a trap. They expect as to react on this. TfL want to divert our attention from the bigger issues.  

Grant Davis will go to Val Shrawcross she will confirm what is already law, they will pacify the trade by giving us a "victory" but what they are really doing is deflecting from the real issues, the bogus Medical certificates and the sexual assault figures. I think that TfL have done this deliberately to expect us to react the way we have reacted, we will waste all our energy on this and not the real issues.
TfL are playing us.

Let's fight TfL, let's fight them on our terms. The issue on the use of the word taxi, i'm no legal mind but I know we would win.

Let's keep our focus, let's keep our perspective. We have them on grounds they don't want to answer. 

So they have thrown out a little red herring, we are biting on it taking our energy away from the real issues, which TfL don't want you to fight on. 

This is a deliberate ploy in my opinion.

I do believe the word Taxi is ours and I do believe we should protect it and fight for it, but isn't it coincidence that this has happened now? When we are pressuring them on the medical certificates, sexual assualt figures, the letter to Hogan- Howe and an answer on whether the new PM advocates a cap on PH  numbers. 
The Ad Lee snippet is a deflection, a smokescreen. Let's not fall for TfL's tactics. 

Let's fight them on our terms and the real issues.

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Danny said...

To my mind the only issue is 600 vehicles be licenced a week thats the only way you can kill off the
Black taxi .when uber goes bust then someone else will take there place , there's all ways been cabs and always will but by flooding the market tfl are allowing the disintegration of the world's best taxi service