Saturday, October 01, 2016

TfL Treats Veteran Cabby With 58 Years Service Deplorably.


I thought you might like to know the high esteem that TFL hold for the London cabbies.

I decided to retire from driving a cab in London after 58 years ( I got my badge in 1958 ), so I wrote to TFL to inform them expecting to get a polite letter back asking for the return of my licence, and what do I get.

I received a letter DEMANDING I returned my licence or action would be taken against me.
Not only that, they got my licence wrong and classed it as a private hire licence.

So after 58 years you get brushed aside with an insult.

Editorial Comment: 

Dear Dennis
Over the last few of years, some of my oldest and closest friends, each with well over half a century's service have also retired, with not so much as a thank you from TfLTPH. 

This is disgraceful behaviour from our licensing authority and as you say shows the low esteem they have for our extended service.
On behalf of my colleagues in the London Licensed Taxi Trade, I would like to personally thank you, for the 58 years of devoted service you've given to the traveling public in our great city.

Here's hoping you enjoy every minute of your well earned retirement.  

Jim Thomas
Taxi Leaks.


Dads Defending Daughters said...

Thank you, Sir.
Thank you for your professional contribution to this once great city of ours. And thank you for contributing financially to the upkeep of this once great country.
Tis a pity our regulator is not up to the standard you have set.
Enjoy your well earned retirement.
"Be lucky."

Anonymous said...

They might be on six figure salaries at TfL but it doesn't buy an ounce of class.

Disappointed but not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Dennis shold have just stopped driving. They don't contact you when you're bill expires. Enjoy your retirement, Dennis.

Chrissie1943 said...

They have a lot to learn in dealing with their biggest asset!

Anonymous said...

TFL, what do you expect from these prats!

Charlie Levy said...

enjoy your retirement from someone that has done 50yrs as far as tfl are concerned when I hang up my badge tfl can kiss my arse.

Danny. said...

Just realised I know you from 66.....You got out same year as my dad, when he retired in 1997 they sent a letter of congratulations, something stinks at TFL now........... stick 2 fingers back at them and feel proud of your contribution, good health.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful behaviour from TFL again.

Never met you but wish you all the best in retirement. God knows you deserve it after all them years.

It really is concerning, guys like you leaving the trade and the shower of shit coming in

All the best

Thefat Girl said...

Thank you for leading the way for us newbies. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

I've only been driving for 15 years and year on year the powers that be never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

TFL has the misconception of thinking they are our masters and not our servants, and reading how staff within this organisation try to dominate and defile London taxi drivers is really quite astonishing.

This story by a driver who was treated so badly completely underlines the poor standards & qualities of employees we in the trade have to deal with and manage every working day at TFL and how the protocol failed judgement of the management staff responsible for important issues has triggered disharmony throughout our entire business.

TFL has no true understanding of our existence within their own working structure and they wrongly assume they can treat us as cap-in-hand grateful job seeking employees who have gained employment through the simplest form filling job application process...but in truth, that is their own job description & those who drive pre-booked private hire vehicles, ... it is not our long and hard qualified titled working description and they know it.

But, If anyone needs reminding, We are fully qualified licencees and who by that qualification, have exclusive paid up rights to act as a self employed sole trader taxi driving businesses and by definition have sole parliamentary right to ply London's streets as Taxi drivers.

We can all see how tfl have trashed the qualities of customer service to us as a customer, but TFL's attempt to coerce and dominate qualified licence holders by their own high & mighty in-house job titles as form of fear factor over us, this dimply has no credential at all with the exception of if we have failed in our qualities, legal status, job endeavours or skills because we are not employees of tfl ..... mini cab driver are!

Whilst TFL are top of the UK "Made up job titles league" and truly hold themselves highly in the lofty world of lords of the high & mighty in the do as we tell you brigade, WE PAY THEM FOR PROVISION OF LICENSES, and to maintain 'our' business to yhe top standards we expect, but now the mass free for all the private hire licensing scramble has began which is clearly designed to earn income massive income for TFL and at the same time dissolve our markets by oversupply and even more worrying failing to re-license current reapplications in an ample 4 month time procedure whilst rushing through private hire drivers at the rate of 1000 drivers per month (The Guardian) TFL is no longer acceptable as a creditable Taxi licensing organisation.

The relationship we have (if you can honestly call it that) it completely broken, and we should all be demonstrating for an immediate divorce from this employee based monster organisation and seek governance of a separate London government department responsible for 25000 fee paying self employed business owners who pay a considerable amount financially .... and if anyone does the maths with our license fees alone could be run far more quicker and efficient than anything TFL are currently serving up to us in such a poor service and by no coincidence questions of corruption are running riot throughout an un-elected yet completely politicised overpaid and agenda ran organisation of TFL, so let TFL run the tubes,buses and other employee structured transportation,...Qualified London taxi drivers are only connected to TFL by vetting and License fees.... and by that connection alone we are being completely failed..AND WE WANT OUT!

be Lucky

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)