Monday, October 24, 2016

Taxi Leaks Readers Give Opinion On The Dave Davies Letter.

Formally seconded, some along with yourself have been campaigning for years for an inquiry.

The UTG didn't want to know, in my opinion in case they were excluded from the now proven meaningless consultations or in the case of the LTDA the lucrative recruitment opportunity of badge day, in effect they allowed TfL to corrupt their representative remit and render themselves impotent.

Others have come together, fallen out etc etc, some support policies publicly such as defining plying for hire or WAV yet undermine it in the shadows, you have either got a policy or you haven't, don't get your 'orchestras' caught on the fence!

Tariffs, cross border hirings, bogus documents, sexual assaults, tax avoidance, political interference and lots more all are subjects to be looked into.

I have previously called for a proper trade summit with an independent chair where surely no one would not want to sign up to our demand for an enquiry, let's have an all trades demo outside DfT, questions in the house etc etc. 

No bleating 'don't want to inconvenience anyone', or 'if their there we ain't coming' and all the rest of the tired old bullshit, all because someone might cancel their membership or yet another trade organisation' spring up.

Forget 'London is different' let's get the entire country involved for maximum impact, let's be clear the threat is existential to us all.



I won't say the time is now, it's well overdue, will the leadership step up,? If not sweep them away! 

I'm Spartacus.
Great post, I will forward adjusted template letter on to my MP without fail.

I also agree with a fellow post responder about the tight arses who didn't pay into the crowd funding petition to raise funds for an enquiry but now think the time has come for a second serious crowdfunding collection petition especially with all the serious happenings at TFL since the last one and I am convinced that the mood in our workplace has driven a greater sense of fighting spirit and taxi trade camaraderie higher than it has been in all the time I can remember in the past.

A £25 fighting fund donation per cabdriver donation should sought & a numbered sticker should be issued similar to the ones cab drivers displayed after earlier drive-ins (I was there in the square etc) just to make each drivers donation feel significant, proud & displayed with pride... as it really has now become a seriously desperate fight for survival and that cannot be stated any louder.

Be Lucky



Dear Sir,  
I am not a london black taxi driver but I fully support your trade.
I have on previous occasions sent letters to my MP Joan Ryan, expressing my concerns regarding the huge number of PH and the way uber and its 'partners' have been allowed to operate in our city.
Today, I have forwarded the letter by Dave Davies to her as my MP as requested on Taxileaks. 

Yours in support, 

Rosemarie Odell

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