Thursday, October 13, 2016

Taxi Drivers Protest Over Corrupt Medicals For Private Hire Driver Jim Thomas.

Over 300 irate Taxi drivers, turned out to protest over the inaction from TfL over the latest scandalous news revealed in an undercover operation by the Sun newspaper, that Private hire drivers have been buying their medical passes from bent doctors. 

TfL admit there could be thousands of such cases, but refuse to take any action against the drivers who have been given medical passes by the doctors involved.

At a meeting with the regulator yesterday, the chairman of the LCDC Grant Davis, was told TfL intend to take no action over the bought medicals and will leave the public at risk to getting into a car with possible schizophrenics for epileptics. 

TfL say they will wait until the drivers licenses run out after 3 years, then ask them to take new medicals.

TfL are still refusing to publish the latest minicab sexual assault(including rapes) statistics ask for by freedom of information request by a member of the Mayfair Mob. 

We resently had statistics released by the Met Police, but these results only covered 6 of the 32 London Boroughs. 

This just isn't good enough, surely the public deserve better protection. Another sign that TfL are bending over backwards to facilitate this company. 

We need a public inquiry into TfL
And we need it now. 

Well done to all the drivers who took time off work to take part in today's protest.



Anonymous said...

Ok in my previous post I said maybe 50 would be the turn out but there were a few hundred including myself I still believe thay were up there laughing at us'and that the only way to demonstrate our anger in block the airports it will cause chaos and the knock on effect will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds ' make sure your wearing your badges tomorrow because we all know that will be out in force tomorrow 'I'm proud to be a cabby and I did my bit today did you? God bless be lucky.

Anonymous said...

Should anyone be killed, maimed or injured by a London licenced private hire drive who it is found to be one of those who submitted a false document to gain their licence, then TfL the licencing authority in London who issued that licence should also be sued as it is they that have a duty of care regarding the residents and visitors of London.

What are the Mayor Sadiq Khan and his deputy Transport Mayor Val Shawcross thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

I think there might have been a typo somewhere. Surely you meant 3000 rather than 300 drivers attending? That is just a presumption considering there are around 25,000 taxi drivers?

Super Bob said...

I came along! Was great to see so many turn up! Name the date and time for the next one, I'll be there!

Editorial said...

Getting Taxi drivers out of their vehicles to protest has always been hard.
The first time I personally went on a static protest was with the RMT under the brilliant leadership of John Kennedy.
But politics is a dirty business and John was stabbed in the back by others on the committee with their own agendas.

The result of this is that the RMT Taxi branch are now no more than a joke.

To get over 300 drivers out of their cabs and outside TfL's Taxi and Private Hire department HQ was a tremendous achievement.

This was just the start and there's another mass drive by of Palestra this coming Monday.
If TfL and the met block access to the road like they have in the past, it will only add to the frustration felt by Taxi drivers and will lead to bigger more disruptive protests such as blocking all London bridges, blocking the city, blocking E14 and Heathrow airport.

What is clear is that drivers have had enough of the corruption and bias from a regulator who is failing to regulate.
A regulator who us putting profit and agenda in front of public safety.

What today showed was that the gloves are now off.
After years of our trad fighting fair and getting nowhere, it's time for us to fight dirty.
It seems to be the only way to figh a dirty, corrupt regulator.

Anonymous said...

Well done Grant.
This is a serious problem that TfL are trying to shrug off.
Thousands of schizophrenic psychopath's could be out there, with a fake medical.
Just think about it
If you are fit and proper person, why would you buy a fake medical?
Thousands have and TfL are going to do nothing about it.

lee ward said...

I can give a honest, true and perfect example of this...because it happened to me this year.

i went to a Doctor on the list that Sheffield City Council supply, these are the only doctors that you can use for the medical and apparently all police surgeons.

The doctor did a quick exam, checked my history and gave me an eye test by asking me to read a reg in the car park from his window, I actually said "read it or piss on it" because it was that close....

Which brings me onto the urine sample, I never had one taken.

This was all in April this year, and now, after an overnight stay in the hospital because I had the sense to go to my local GP when I could not focus on a BILLBOARD advert that was 25 feet in front of me at a T junction, I take several tablets a day for Type 2 Diabetes, which is one of the things that the urine sample is taken for.

Bent does not come into it...

I am glad that I took myself off the road, how many others would do that?

Trust me when I say I lost my vision, it was brown pants frightening...

And the TfL are taking no action, well thats going to be blood on their hands for sure.