Saturday, October 29, 2016

Spartacus Gives His View On 'That' Verdict.

What's for sure, this verdict has exposed Uber and TfL for what we already knew they were.

The GMB took this action supported by other unions as it affects so many workers in the slave economy.
This judgement calls into question almost every decision TfL made in regards to Uber. It makes the 'Dear Jo' leaked emails an essential part of the inevitable parliamentary enquiry.

As we knew, this was not about technology, we heard all about that years before....this
is about exploitation, predatory pricing, lobbying and more.

Defining plying for hire is the next vital safeguard!
We also need the 'pre booking' interval looked at and that exhibition of immediate availability of the screens dealt with as well.

I spent an enjoyable evening last night, asking Uber punters as they were getting in, or at the lights 'no doubt you're  glad the driver's now getting sick and holiday pay, of course fares will rise but what's not to like?'

Should have seen the looks I got, give it a go, it does wonder for the soul. 

They now know as riders, the exploitative nature of the whole thing. If Uber appeals, that's another PR own goal. 
Personally, I think they will either cut and run or their backers will pull out.

TfL and Uber are on the run, so let's get after them! 

I'm Spartacus...


Anonymous said...

There is no need for a definition of what plying for hire means as it is written in law. It is an act that only a licensed hackney carriage can do as stated in the Metropolitan Public Carriage Act 1869 s6(1) Transport for London shall have the function of licensing to ply for hire within the limits of this Act hackney carriages, to be distinguished in such manner as may be prescribed.

Anonymous said...

Cut and run? No chance, they will weasel out of it some way and change their terms and conditions, whilst TFL will STILL continue to aid and abet. We need a new regulator that actually regulates to see the end of them......

Malcolm Whitton said...

That last sentence is the most important of the whole blog. We must keep the pressure up.
TFL have a whole lot of questions to answer. let's keep asking the questions....

Anonymous said...

Shame that the LTDA did not do something like this instead of sticking there heads in the clouds where will this leave the radio circuit now we are classed as self employed ????

Dads Defending Daughters said...

Spot on, sir.
Her Majesty's government, the DfT, TfL, Mason, Hendy, Blake, Chapman, Emmerson, Daniels, Dedring, Whetstone, Bertram, Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, Javid, CityAM, Evening Standard, Peter Anderson, Bob Oddy, and all those who shamelessly promoted Uber, while rapes and sexual assaults were allowed to continue, and are STILL allowed to continue on Khan and Shawcross's watch, should be hunted down and dragged into court.
The above are guilty of putting their own personal profit and gain before the safety and wellbeing of the traveling public.
An average estimate of over 8000 sex attacks occurred last year in London alone, by Uber and minicab drivers, due to deregulation and relaxation of licensing requirements.
TfL rewrote basic regulations and safety guidelines to appease Uber. Opening the floodgates for unvetted strangers to pick uninformed Londoners up off the street.
And even now TfL and the Mayor of London are suppressing a legitimate FOI request for the actual rape and sexual assault figures to be published.
Remember this, the police and rape crisis estimate that on average only 10% of victims report their abuse.
It is also worthy of a mention that 26 of the 32 London boroughs asked to participate in last year's FOI, refused to comply.
After Rotherham and Rochdale, our local governing bodies have learned nothing!

Anonymous said...

Well said that man

Anonymous said...

As others have said .... NOW is the time

to finish them .. who knows but I doubt it ... but to definitely stick the boot in hard while there nose is bloodied

Its there first bite back in the UK and they are squealing like a pig, luckily TFL were nowhere near this piece of work or you know what the outcome would have been.

Just see what happens with an appeal now.

They will be emailing there loyal (till price rises) customer base to get another petition im sure.

Anonymous said...

They are still plying for hire.

Thefat Girl said...

I wonder if all of those signing the petition buy fair trade coffee and bananas?

Anonymous said...

Uber were on the radio last night and the presenter explained that what sets uber apart is when they hit setbacks they don't give up, they just find a way around them. At the moment all that has happened is that the politicians, police and regulators have an excuse that allows them to do nothing for a couple of years because there is an appeal on the horizon. This is not a sport, you do not stop hitting someone because you knocked them down. You run over and kick them in the head with your steel toe caps. Do you think uber wouldn't if the steelies were on the other foot?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think is this a government cover up ??????? Just to cover the trails of coroupt people and that meeting at 230 blackfries road last week lots of questions still need to be answered ????? You know who you are

Anonymous said...

The verdict is an attack on company exploitation of lowly paid workers and is more recently described as those who are working in the "gig economy"

This description is summarised and explained:
A Gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

This can (and is) adjoined with the deliberate business structure of a "loss leading" service the eventual strategy of undercutting thus destroying all competition whilst at the same time the base company thrives on a parasitical percentage cut.

The driver automatically pays a % sum of money to Uber regardless of his expenses outlay, time, or effort, and this is why the most desperate, dangerous and inexplicable cost cutting means are pursued by the driver...he simply has no choice although the licensing authority continually allows it to happen, ...and Uber continually and publicly insists they are not responsible for either?.

TFL as the main Licensing authority (I use the word authority with deep regret and sorrow) clearly has the most obvious duty to the people of London without any excuses whatsoever and that is to harness a control of all passenger transportation business providers within London (TFL... the clue is in the name) so rule out all possibility of any ambiguity or doubts but it constantly refuses to do so by action.

The clear dereliction of TFL's moral public duty coupled with Ubers constant public insistence how they are simply a tech provider and therefore only a means of connecting a passenger with a driver so are not until this recent judgement responsible for the driver what so ever, but TFL surely on receiving £250 per P/hire application and without proof of 12 months proper insurance TFL are receiving a licensing fee under false pretences?

This is The United Kingdom, and our laws are our unique identity to which many have been adopted throughout the world including America, but the exportation of many American laws in trades senses have predominantly been based on self protectionist and a race to the bottom ideology with a middle man sucking out a profit.

We as London cab drivers have one of the most iconic recognisable business brands known throughout planet earth, and this is why we fight a tyrannical invader clearly helped by our Licensing authority who are clearly and financially accessed at the right price.

I will be out again on 8th November in a public lawful disobedience protest on what will now one of the most rewarding exercises we have ever held now the unravelling process of TFL & Uber has began.... and we have all known for years this joint unravelling would never happen coincidentally and time will show this all to be true.

Be Lucky.... and be there in the square...

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)