Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pearl Harboured- Never Again!

Make no bones about it, the licensed taxi trade was hijacked, not by a cab company, but by financiers- the global kind-  of the likes we have never seen before. 

It mattered not that the new product didn’t meet the conditions of fitness or the driver come remotely close to acquiring the required standard necessary to work the ‘on demand’ market, TfL was intent on facilitating the government bidding and roll it out anyway. 

Stringent licensing conditions set in place to honour safety, liberty, and equality, meant our trade had never had to communicate the benefits and safeguards of using a licensed taxi. It also suffered from fragmentation and had no one to speak with a unified voice on its behalf. 

Not unlike the cross org work ethic employed by The Mayfair Mob or the principles of DDD, really hope that the team at Taxiapp can bring many fractions together and encourage everyone to get involved with their respective trade association or union. 

Members of taxiapp are aware that we need to be in long match conditioning, and that each and everyone of us has a role to play. One thing is for sure, we will go through hell and high water to make sure we do win back all that is rightfully ours. 

Never again will we soporifically trust our government, or  it’s regulators to insulate us from the free market’s rapacious risks. As with all extreme capitalists, their only concern is the bottom line. Their aim simply was to remove a state licensed product- traditionally based on socio-economics of supply and demand- and replace it with a corporate monopoly with no social concept whatsoever. Never again will we be caught sleeping at the wheel. 

To allow it would be something akin to a game of monopoly where  one person owns everything and everybody else (us)  trips around the board getting punished as we go. Shat we experienced was the systematic attempted takeover of a regulated trade. 

At times it felt like everything- including the kitchen sink-  was thrown at us. But you know what, we are still here, despite not having  any marketing, despite not having any PR or advertising links. We are here because we offer  a solid product that is vibrant, valid, and required by London and Londoners. 

Because of that, and because of you the drivers, the drivers that are seen every where doing what it takes for the trade,  the ones that refuse to be identified for all eternity by the cardinal sin committed by the 3 Amigo’s, are the ones that will never suffer the tiredness of defeat. 

For that- and I know I can speak on behalf of the whole team at Taxiapp- we are beyond grateful, we are truly humbled. Thank You 

Forward Facing Only 

Sean Paul Day


Chrissie1943 said...

A brilliant summary of what has happened. Together you can defeat them all. Be the best you can and unite!b

Marc Turner said...

Well said that beacon of light Sean Paul Day.

Anonymous said...

The sentiments are good, and if every taxi driver had the same zest and selfless ethic then we would not be in this mess. Unfortunately there are far too many selfish and apathetic taxi drivers out there thinking about no more than themselves and no further than today. The current situation should be used not as a time where we need to give away as little as possible, but as an opportunity to further strengthen our position. It would be a lot easier if everyone acted as one, for the greater good of the trade in both the present and future. The reality is the dangers will come not just from the dirty tricks and scheming of politicians, but equally from the narcissistic collaborators within.

Had enough of dickheads said...

You can produce as many verbose articles as you please, denial will get you nowhere.

Demo's by this org, demo's by that org, a demo a month or three times a week will not bring about change - And mark my words, defining private hire will be the final screw in the coffin that seals the fate of the London Taxi Trade; Our future has already been decided!

Calls for a public enquiry are years too late; as are the born again activists that took no interest several years ago when a select few were spilling their guts to get the message to deaf ears that were all to busy "getting their money", and now they are reaping the rewards and doing their bollocks because now they can't!
The author of this article is one of the worst offenders.

Marks and Spencers dominance was broken by Primark a competitor with inferior products sold at cut price. The public didn't care, why ? because they want cheap inferior toot.

Online shopping has had a massive impact on high street retailers and I'm willing to bet just about every cab driver has bought cheap toot online and slagged off high street retailers.

Did any of you care when the high street businesses disappeared when the supermarket chains put them out of business - Of course you didn't, why?
Because you all wanted cheap inferior products!

I'm just being realistic here - did the government do anything to stop the demise of high street retailers? No they didn't, they let them go bankrupt and paved over town centres with concrete.

And that is exactly what they will do to the London Taxi Trade, bury It.

It's the price the trade will pay for apathy.

Be lucky.

Thefat Girl said...

In the 15 years I've been driving I've never heard such a defeatist attitude. Are you suggesting that we do nothing? Mr Had enough of dickheads