Thursday, October 27, 2016

Open Letter To MP Wes Streeting .....From Steve Kenton.


Wes, if this tweet is accurate (needs to be confirmed) then this represents a 341.5% increase on the previous years published figures regarding sexual assaults in PHVs. This accounts to TEN RAPES OR SEXUAL ASSAULTS PER WEEK. 

In any other industry, if figures like THAT were becoming apparent then that industry would be ripped apart until it had its house in order. 

In fact, I cannot think of one single industry nationwide that has a sexual assault figure this high.....and this is just confined to London.

If this alleged figure is 100% accurate and if TFL are aware of it and do nothing and then hide behind an alleged  manipulation of figures in relation to not recording assaults as assaults by PHV drivers if the victim has been touted......regardless of whether the PHV driver has a roundal or not, then TFL are actively complicit in perpetuating this epidemic. 

The PHV industry needs cleaning up NOW. not tomorrow,  not next week or next month but NOW. These victims are daughters, mothers and wives......and this may not be just confined to women, as men are being attacked as well.

Its about time TFL were made to take responsibility because in this instance they are the root of this problem. 

If you issue 115000 PHV licenses then statistically you WILL get 10 or 20 bad apples......if you dont do proper background checks,  full documentation checks, making sure that those documents aren't fake or fraudulently obtained (medical certificates and letters of good conduct)  and issue licenses to those who have serious mental health issues or have multiple criminal convictions (the Leytonstone attacker to name but one) then you WILL have a massive problem.

Wes, hopefully you will be able to help eradicate this problem or at least bring it to the fore. 

Well said Steve
We knew there had to be a problem like this with these statistics, otherwise (say they showed a drop) they would have been published much earlier. 

There have also been other allegations which have surfaced over the last 24 hours. 

It's been alleged that TfL are in a flap after receiving legal advice, they don't have a leg to stand on in regards to enforcing drivers having to accept credit payments. They can only insist that a vehicle has the ability to accept such payment, under conditions of fitness. 

It's also being pointed out that the front windscreen sticker is against DfT guild lines, which state it's illegal to put any advertising stickers on a windscreen which could obscure vision. As these stickers advertise Visa and MasterCard they fit into the illegal category. 

Taxi Leaks has asked TfLTPH to comment on these issues, but so far there has been no reply. 


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that this is just allowed to carry on!! Is there no one out there in the political world that actually gives a dam about this and wants to stop it. Is this really what London has become under the guidance of TFL. God help us all!!

Anonymous said...

does this mean that, I can continue using my little (free of charge) Izettle reader (which connects to my iPhone) & has always given me, excellent service?

it doesn't do Contactless, or have a printer, but can text or email, a receipt

in the whole time that I've had it, NOT one passenger has ever wanted either!

I'm Spartacus said...

As I and the always editor knew TfL could only fool some of the people some of the time, THIS is their nemesis.

Mason, Hendy, Daniels , Korski, DfT, Brown all have questions to answer and it's Parliament that must ask them.

Those who met with TfL (the UTG) also have questions to answer and it's their membership that must ask them.

Whatever happens TfL can't be let off the hook again, the victims deserve better.

Anonymous said...

If these sexual assault figures are proved to be correct, then the senior management at TFL who have unashamedly helped to promote Uber MUST be held responsible for their devious actions. This is a national scandal and the media, for once, must be on our side, and the side of the victims, as this is totally outrageous and unacceptable in any modern society.

Thefat Girl said...

How long did it take for anyone to take notice of what was happening within the Catholic Church, in Rotherham or at the BBC with Savile.
Before you think 'what's she on'. Big institutions and foreign men! This has both.

Keith the cab said...

We need to get a anti sexual assult,anti rape org on board,to get the message out there.if people knew they have not been insured whilst using uber which is a criminal offence,and uber and totally f?#/!@g london have a duty of care to their customers they would go mad
If they knew tfl would not give the statistics on sexual assaults and rapes
out because it would put people off of using them they would go ballistic.judicial review,keep fighting

spar ford said...

Another Rotherham type cover up!