Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mythbuster on the Uber case : What It Means To Their Business Model

As Mark Twain said 'if I don't read the papers I am uninformed, if I do I am misinformed'.

So let's be clear:

1. Uber drivers can still drive as little or as flexibly as they want as they are 'workers' not employees or truly self employed, don't let Uber or their backers in the media tell you anything different.

2. Any work they do do however accrues annual leave, sick pay and must be on the minimum wage when logged on and that's Uber's beef it will increase cost to treat people properly and destroys their 'Buck an hour' business model.

3. They cant work more than 48 hours and Uber will need to have some kind of monitoring, we already have TfL registered drivers living in Bradford driving down from the North then a 16 hour shift then driving back, unsafe at any level and exploitative.

4. Section 2.2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to have in place a safe system of work for their employers and (crucially) all those affected by it, Look out Uber

References to the 'gig' economy, flexible workplace etc are entirely bogus (the judgement was scathing about all that), this is about modern day slavery and a 'work around' of years of hard fought worker protection.

So forget the hype from the media cheerleaders, they said the same thing about the Old Age Pension and the formation of the NHS.

As for the Cab trade our battles continue about Ehailing and the need to have a parliament enquiry into TfL actions and inactions (I dont have time to list them all).

If your out and about remind those Uber riders that it's now clear their 'consumer choice'  have facilitated exploitation and the undermining of lawful tax paying businesses, they don't like to hear it and the spilling of Fair Trade Organic Skinny Lattes in the back of the Prius has become an epidemic.

Let this be a lesson to us all, personal behaviour has consequences for society and let's keep up the pressure.

I'm Spartacus


Anonymous said...

I think that's 1-0 to decency and a kick in the nuts to Ubers Dickensian work house mentality.

Anonymous said...

These are direct quotes from the judgment of the Tribunal..........

The notion that Uber in London is a mosaic of 30,000 small businesses linked by a common platform is, to our minds, faintly ridiculous........
Jo Bertram spoke of Uber assisting the drivers to 'grow' their businesses but no driver is in a position to do anything of the kind, unless (this)
means spending more hours at the wheel.
It is not real to regard Uber as working 'for' drivers.......the only sensible interpretation is that the relationship is the other way around.

The Uber 'myth' has been exposed. The consequences for public safety are well known. The complicity and corruption within TfL so
blatantly obvious to anyone who cares to make a 'sensible interpretation' of the situation. More than ever before this is the time to increase the scale of the protest so that all working people can be protecting against the abuses of the 'gig' economy, phoney jobs and the predatory multi know it makes sense!