Saturday, October 22, 2016

Midnight Flash Demo, Joined By Exciting New LED AdVan.

It's no big secret....the London Licensed Taxi Trade find their licensing authority an embarrassment !

Late last night, London's finest, decided to bring to public attention, the disgusting bias and scandalous agenda being waged against the Taxi trade by licensing authority TfL.

While TfL's PCOs visit mainline stations harassing hard working Taxi drivers with Badge and Bill checks and operation Neon officers casually saunter from McDonalds to Starbucks around Mayfair, illegal touts are openly touting, encouraged by TfL's lapsed attitude. One of the worse areas appear to be the Shoreditch High And surrounding streets.

It's been alleged for years by disgruntled Taxi drivers, that TfL, their COs and City police turn a blind eye, letting the touts clear the streets, because it's cheaper than actually policing the area and keeping the public safe. 

It's also alleged, 75% of all minicab sexual assault and rape victims, have been picked up outside clubs are bars in the Shoreditch area.

Concerned members of the Flash Demo group were joined by other groups such as the Dads Defending Daughters, Mayfair Mob and the ITA. Drivers assembled at Finsbury Square at 11:30 pm and on the stroke of midnight, made their way to Shoreditch, bringing the area to a complete standstill. 

The night time protest also saw the latest addition to the trades armoury, a LED screened AdVan. Financed by the brand new -driver owned, driver lead- TaxiApp. 


This latest Demo is the third in eight days. 
A spokesperson for the drivers said:
"We intend to step up our action now, and could be having three demos a week, eventually increasing to daily demos, if TfL keep choosing to ignore us."

The spokesperson went on to say:
"TfL must be worried, as all the different groups are uniting. The recent protests have also attracted support from the majority of trade representative orgs. The one thing TfL fear is our unity. There seems to be only one org who refuses to support the latest wave of action and there's no prizes for guessing which org that is.

"The police were initially caught out but were in good spirits and some even told protestors they supported our action."
"Initially the protests was kept between a small group of individual drivers, but by word of mouth, surprisingly we saw over 300 drivers turned up".

As the protest dispersed, drivers were adamant that more flash style action needs to take place, as a compliment to main line demonstrations.

Taxi Leaks Afterthought:
Do you find it disturbing, that some of our Orgs are now condemning drivers for doing what the Orgs used to do?


Anonymous said...

It seems our largest org has capitulated with done deals and hopes of board appointments.
The trade is fast drawing away from the sellouts.

Well done to the new blood

Bernard said...

Well done DDD, MM, ITA
Looking forward to the next one
Need to hit Mayfair hard !!

Anonymous said...

Upper street and Essex Road could do with a visit

Londonista said...

Last night Calpham and Brixtion openly awash with touting,just where are the existing complaince officers.

There's more law enforcement in Libya, Syria or Somalia.

Hogan-Howe pour it down to us 'not liking competition' what an attitude to protecting the public!

The sooner he's gone the better, how about a job in Pentonville for him?

Karen Menpes said...

Well done ! I work in the City during the evening and would be more than happy to attend any future demos !

Bullwinkle said...

At least one trade org has been convinced that no disruption demo's are what's needed.
Having said that some of the others are doing jack - TaxiApp has put them all to shame with their advan. They don't like it up em you know!

Anonymous said...

What we need is leaflets(say cabbies buying them eg100 for £5 or whatever they cost to print) than give them to people who you can see waiting for a phv on the streets. Telling about the rapes accidents ( pictures of these) the corruption none payment of tax so who's paying for the roads to be repaired. Ask them to ask there driver if he has a uk licence and to see he's insurance certificate there's loads of stuff to write. But keep it brief and to the point than the me topics you can put on there. Let them also know that they can to fixed price with our apps to go home. Maybe gett and halio can chip in to paying for these leaflets. If we can give them out and promote them that's the least they can do.

Anonymous said...

While our drivers are out protesting and promoting the trade with a driver owned, driver lead TaxiApp AdVan....

The LTDA sit back and collude with TfL, make secret done deals with third party companies and promote a minicab comparison App in their Taxi paper.
Makes you wonder just who's side they are on?

Anonymous said...

what an absolute disgrace, that to try & SAVE ourselves, we should have to do this

our Licencing Authority, should hang their heads in shame

Anonymous said...

No at tfl care in fact they laugh at you. People believe what they read on the net. Get leaflets printed hand them out. Let people know the truth. Imagine giving these out at Charlotte st shoreditch etc.

Anonymous said...

We need a new trade group to lead us all!