Thursday, October 06, 2016

LTDA Branch Meeting 13th October, A Call For Questions From Members To Be Answered.

The next LTDA branch meeting, will be held Primrose a Hill Community Association, 29 Hopkinsons Place NW1 8TN, on Thursday the 13th October at 7pm. 
Items on the agenda will include General Secretary's report, future branch guest speakers and most important answers to members questions. 

Below is a list of questions put together by w number of concerned members, who wold like full and comprehensive answers to be given at the Primrose hill meeting. the list was compiled because of time restraints. Therefore the list has now been delivered to Taxi house. We also ask that written answers to here important questions be available at the branch meeting on the 13th.


martyn oakley said...

i bet they brick themselves and end the meeting

Anonymous said...

Pointless to n going to be honest don't they have to have a certain amount of members before they can represent the trade someone need to check ????

Agent Provocateur said...

Yep, 'troublemakers' will suddenly disrupt the meeting and Bob & co will shut it done.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to call for a vote of no confidence for this shower of parasitic thieves. Let's have em all out. They've had a go and they are shite.

Judas Priest said...

Looks like a nerve has been touched

Anonymous said...

Harry Feigen is likely to be rolling in his grave, such a awful excuse for union representation exists these days... and its accounts anomalies are catching up too, I really hope some serious thinking returns to The LTDA and the malevolence within that personality driven organisation dissipates for popularity within its ranks because things are aiming downwards fast and serious changes are needed.

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