Friday, October 28, 2016

Why Leave It To Just One London MP...Lets Get Parliament Involved.

 Want to know why the minicab sexual assaults and rapes statistics are being held back by TfL ?

TfL say they have the !
They were supposed to release them by the 20th September!
But we're still waiting..... Why ?

Are these statistic so shocking, they don't want the public to know?

Are they waiting for their partner Uber to be relicensed first, before releasing the stats?

Ask your MP to find out what's going on at TfLTPH and why this information is being held back. 

Don't know your MPs email address, find it here on the list below. 

With special thanks to Les Hoath.
London MP's
Name ConstituencyPartye-mail Address
Gavin BarwellCroydon
Bob BlackmanHarrow
Joan RyanEnfield
Rupa HuqEaling Central and
James BrokenshireOld Bexley and
David BurrowesEnfield
Iain Duncan SmithChingford and Woodford
David EvennettBexleyheath and
Mark FieldCities of London and
Mike FreerFinchley and Golders
Zac GoldsmithRichmond
Greg HandsChelsea and
Nick HurdRuislip, Northwood and
Ruth CadburyBrentford and
Bob NeillBromley and
Chris PhilpCroydon
Boris JohnsonUxbridge andSouth
Wes StreetingIlford
Angela WatkinsonHornchurch and
Theresa VilliersChipping
Diane AbbottHackney North and Stoke
Teresa Pearce Erith and
Lyn BrownWest 
Karen BuckRegent's Park and Kensington North
John CryerLeyton and
Jeremy CorbynIslington
Keir StarmerHolborn and Saint
Jim DowdLewisham
Jim FitzpatrickPoplar and Canning
Mike GapesIlford
Barry GardinerBrent
Harriet HarmenCamberwell and
Meg HillierHackney South and
Margaret Hodge
Tulip SiddiqHampstead and
Helen HayesDulwich and West
Seema MalhotraFeltham and
Siobhain McDonaghMitcham and
John McDonnellHayes and 
Stephen PoundEaling
Heidi AlexanderLewisham
Matthew PennycookGreenwich and
Vicky FoxcroftLewisham
Virendra Sharma Ealing 
Andy SlaughterEaling. Acton and Shepherd's Bush
Gareth ThomasHarrow
Emily ThornberryIslington South and Finsbury
Stephen TimmsEast
Steve ReedCroydon
Paul ScullySutton and
Tom Brake Calshalton and
James BerryKingston and
Catherine West Hornsey and Wood
Neil CoyleBermondsey and Old
Dawn ButlerBrent


Anonymous said...

we want to know, WHO:

authorised that ALL of the, Legislation, Rules & Regulations, be IGNORED, when it comes to uber?

WHO's, not stopping uber NOW, but allowing them to carry on, until the Legislation & Rules, are changed, in their favour?

and WHY!

it stinks of CORRUPTION!

you can't cure a cancer, without finding the cause

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
it has become clear that these figures are being witheld to protect Uber not the public.
This is a modern day disgrace.
I has also become aware that the general public just do not know,they are always shocked when told the scale of anti and no regulation for Uber,but you can hear gasps when you tell them the level of sexual crimes being commited to the people we are supossed to get home safely ,whether drunk or not,they need to be safe and not at the mercy of predators.
The upshot is we need mass awareness days,where 100's of cabbies could pass information leaflets to passengers at morning and evening rush hours and do that at least once a month.
Lets be honest here,most uber users are people who want a mini cab for the price of a bus or train fare.
We must also shame people into not useing this rapeing,non tax paying company and the only way to do that is educate the masses.
Demos are good,but the message gets lost in the corporation spin and the un willingness of the media and people in power to do anything about this ruthless company,who want to take over the world.
My plea is that a cross org effort is made to educate the public on mass and by doing that we will protect people from being sexuyally attacked because of their lack of information,to make the right choices.
Be lucky,james the proud london cabbie

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing so many cab drivers are hell bent on educating the public thinking this effort will draw the public back to using licensed taxis, it won't!

It's all about money with joe public, they want to get home cheap as chips without using cash.
Uber are undertaking jobs up to 60% cheaper than licensed taxis - this is why the public don't want us anymore. Ffs, get your heads around it!

The fight is with TFL about malfeasance, corruption and the filth they are giving PH licenses to.

One things for sure, when the sexual assualt figures get released, there will be no biographic profile of the perpetraitors. We know TFL have this information as part of the licensing paperwork contains a questionnaire - if the profiling is released Khan will be exposed as a world wide embarrassment.

eze said...

If Tfl can differentiate sexual assaults between Taxis and PH then it about time they also clearly define and show the differences between Taxi & PH regarding road traffic accidents.