Sunday, October 16, 2016

Independent Taxi Alliance Demo Statement : TfL....We're Coming For You.


It's perfectly clear to us all, TFL have an agenda to destroy the London Taxi Trade. There has been widespread incompetence and alleged corruption at TFL and by taking part in demos, we are showing TFL we have had enough. 

The message behind the protest is simple:

If you care about the survival of your job, please turn up and support your colleagues in the fight for the continuance of this iconic trade. 

We are now at the tipping point where doing nothing is no longer an option anymore. Groups like ITA,  DDD, MM, SaveTaxi, A4C, LCDC and the UCG, are openly working together more and more, to fight the aggressive agendas coming from TfL.

For those who promote the misnomer that demos don't work, see the LCDC's badge out on Monday and read about TfL's U Turn over the fake medicals issue, after Thursdays on foot demo on Blackfriars Road.

Please tell your friends and family to come along on Monday afternoon and support this action. 
DO NOTHING and we will be gone within a few years. 
Only you can make the difference.

Editorial Comment:
Taxi Leaks has been informed that the Independent Taxi Alliance (ITA) are calling upon the trade to assemble, on
Monday 17/10/16 at Palestra on foot or cab. 
From 3pm until 7pm. 


Darren said...

All leaflets regarding Demo have mysteriously vanished from
Feeder Park
Right outside LTDA office
Draw your own conclusions

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up Steve

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's all them doggie meetings he's been having with side show bob and that mysterious person ??????