Saturday, October 29, 2016

Iain DunCam Smith Talks About His Support For Black Cabs , On LBC

Iain Duncan Smith savaged ride sharing app Uber, accusing it of operating an ‘unfair market’ against London’s black cabs.


Talking to LBC’s Andrew Castle the former DWP minister said that the app was not competing on a  a level playing field with London’s black cabs.

“In my view about this is that it is an unfair market. I've talked to a lot of black cab drivers. They are under huge restrictions, they have to have  as special kind of car, they have to have a special space, they have to have disability ramps, they have top be above board, they have to pay all their tax.”

“I think for the most part they are pretty brilliant. The reality is that it is not a fair market , because the Uber lot don't do any of that.”


Anonymous said...

The Department of Transports Taxi and Private Hire vehicle licencing: Best Practice Guidance March 2010 paragraph - THE ROLE OF LICENSING: POLICY JUSTIFICATION

8. The aim of local authority licensing of the taxi and PHV trades is to protect the public. Local licensing authorities will also be aware that the public should have reasonable access to taxi and PHV services, because of the part they play in local transport provision. Licensing requirements which are unduly stringent will tend unreasonably to restrict the supply of taxi and PHV services, by putting up the cost of operation or otherwise restricting entry to the trade. Local licensing authorities should recognise that too restrictive an approach can work against the public interest – and can, indeed, have safety implications.

These MP's are elected to see that parliaments legislation is carried out to the letter. They are the ones that can make the difference. The onus is on them.

Anonymous said...

The control over the fare also needs mentioning as taxis are blamed for being expensive this is tfl's fault not ours and uber can levi there fares to whatever and whenever!

Thefat Girl said...

The fairs are expensive because of the TFL made traffic jams, the last thing we need is a cut in the tariff. The price of diesel is going up and the price of buying a cab is unbelievable, we will end up double teaming just to make ends meet. Please think before asking for a pay cut!

Anonymous said...

Er he said I'm a fan of free enterprise and we need to decide what we want. A fan of free enterprise would de-regulate. Define ply for hire and oops e hailing via a phone is now legal. The end.